By: Andy Wheeler


So I’m going to be that writer. I’m going to write the article about what I’m thankful for. And I’ll aim it towards sports. And of course some personal stuff, because I’m not just thankful for sports.

I’m thankful for my family and my friends. I had leftovers today from a meal my mom made to be ready at 1 pm Thanksgiving Day so we could be together as a family due to my less than ideal work schedule.

Then, I did some Black Friday shopping, and spent money on little old me. And I was in and out of Best Buy in less than 10 minutes. If you slept out to shop… you are either a sucker or a person that is really really prepared and enjoys it. Either way I think “You are crazy!!!!” applies either way.

Then I went and played with my niece and nephew for a while. Watched “Get Him to the Greek” with The Spida, as he’s recovering from back surgery. Apparently I set back his recovery for a few days because he was laughing so hard.

On the way home, I stopped at my favorite bar…and here I am talking to you. Tomorrow I am going to work and I HAVE to watch sports to earn my keep. I am most thankful for my life. That right there is a good day.

And we should all be thankful for the last 20 years of sports here… I guess even 30.

We are blessed here, and we should all be thankful.

As for our current teams:


I’m thankful for every single one of you. Yes, even you David Herndon. What an amazing run this is. Bitter defeat maybe… but I’m a glass half full guy. I look at it as fuel to the fire. Nothing gets a group like this going like failure. Next year is going to be a good year I think.

I’m thankful for the Radio broadcast team, The Phanatic and God Help me Ruben Amaro Jr. As many mistakes as Ruben has made… and there have been a few, the success that he’s had is to be applauded. I think he’ll fix things this off season.


Somewhere Dr. Bob is about to choke on something… but I’m thankful for Andy Reid. I’ll give you a few moments if you need them… that may shock you to hear.

This is a team that I thought could do no better than 8-8… and here we are. Good player personal moves… like moving Donovan… have paid off. Probably better than the Eagles expected but they’ll never admit that.

To me, I think we’ve all been a little hard on this guy. And as much as we can’t stand some of the mistakes he makes, we have to realize that despite them he keeps winning. And we looked primed, despite the tough match up this week, for another run.

He’s taken a quarterback that everyone thought was uncoachable, and revived a sleeping refined giant. So much talent on offense they are down right frightening to watch… if you’re an opponent.

The O-Line is a problem, and I don’t think the defense is as good as it’s played… so it remains to be seen. But I for one will tone down my Andy Reid dislike… at least for a while. He’s a winner… he just hasn’t made it work yet.

Man am I in the holiday spirit or what!


I love Ed Snider. I really do. Words can not describe my admiration for this guy. Every single year, every single season they go for it.

But I’m most thankful that Ed had the good sense to hire Paul Holmgren. Some of the talent that he’s put together is incredible. He has made what I think is the early cup favorite on a bunch of shrewd moves and good scouting.

I mean to think that a guy named Sergei Bobrovsky…or Bob as he’s more commonly known would be playing well like this…have we finally got the guy to stop the endless goalie controversy?

I am thankful that the Flyers have played in my town…simple as that.


I’m going to have to dig really deep for this one. There is not much good going on for the Sixers right now. But I am thankful. The Sixers have finally decided to rebuild from the bottom up. A decision that I think took about 4 years too long.
We have what looks to be a talented young core…with plenty of holes. Right now what you are seeing is Doug Collins doing the hard part of the job. Figuring out who can play, and who can’t. So it will be tough to watch.

And honestly, I think Iggy and even Brand could be traded before the year is out. Elton is playing great ball…and somebody might need him. But somebody will definitely need Iggy. He’s miscast and out of place…and there is no future for him here. Somebody is going to get a really good player though.


Every morning when I wake up, I think of Temple. For some reason or another it comes up in my head. And I thank God every day for Al Golden. He’s not going to stick around forever…but he’s made miracles happen.

But for thanksgiving, I’ll give thanks to those involved with the hiring of Fran Dunphy. The guy can just flat out coach. And he apparently can recruit pretty well too.

What are you thankful for with our teams? Comment below.

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