Skipping Thanksgiving For Air Jordans

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Serious sneaker shoppers know Thursday was not just Thanksgiving; it was Air Jordan Eve. The famous shoes have another new limited-edition design hitting stores on Black Friday. A South Philadelphia man is getting his kicks early.

“We got flints, we got sea mints, we got cool grays, we got fire reds, we got quagmires,” HK of South Philadelphia said.

Have no idea what HK is talking about? Then you probably don’t understand why he’s willing to camp out overnight in front of Ubiq on Walnut Street on Thanksgiving to get his hands on a pair of the latest Air Jordan Bin 23s.

“It’s pretty rare,” HK said. “There are only two thousand in the world.”

Hk is holding down the fort for his other sneaker-head buddies while they enjoy Thanksgiving with loved ones. His love is for his Jordans. He already has more than 500, and his feet rarely sport anything else, no matter what the event.

A wedding? “Yes,” HK said.

A funeral? “Yes,” he said.

If you were meeting the president of the United States?

“I would wear the nicest ones ever,” he said.

This is not the craziest thing he’s done for the flashy footwear. HK claims five years ago, he hid in the fountain at Christiana Mall in Delaware.

“I snuck in the mall and stayed in the pond area where they throw the pennies at, and I stayed there with my head afloat just to make sure I was first in line,” he said.

Anne-Marie Green reports

Yep, for sneakers — a bit of canvas, rubber and leather. But not when HK talks about them.

“Just like anybody who collects paintings or antique cars. That is the car to have? This is the shoe to have,” he said.

Much like an antique car, rare Jordans can increase in value substantially. Some used Air Jordans are going for $700 on eBay. But HK holds onto his. He’s putting Thanksgiving on hold, but for him it’s well worth it.

“I’ll be thankful when I get the shoes,” he said. “You can have turkey any day.”



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  1. stupid comments says:

    bunch of haters who can afford good sneaks on here …who are you to say when and where someone spends their money atleast he pays full price unlike the animals who fight for one of 2 discounted tvs in target…just BECAUSE someone likes jordans their unemployed? yet u cant spell unemployment LOSER…get a life

  2. South Philly Girl says:

    Materialistic goods over family time? Shame on him.

  3. loser says:

    …meanwhile, our taxes are paying for him to be on unempployment, and his kids are starving

    1. jscott27 says:

      actually, his kids aren’t starving, they also have a jordan collection and he has a job…..

  4. Justin Blank says:

    What an idiot.

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