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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It is one of the busiest travel days of the year, but some of those travelers are upset about new security measures which could cause headaches for everyone.

In a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, 64-percent of Americans approved of the new and controversial full body scans, but only half of those polled said the pat-downs were okay.

An internet movement is urging people to opt out of the body scans and ask for those pat-downs and that could slow things down at security check points which will already be much busier than usual.

At least one passenger at Philadelphia International Airport hates that idea:

“They’re just looking for 15 minutes of fame, stir up some trouble. It’s holding everybody else up. People that make a fuss, just do it. You know what it is when they have to fly.”

This traveler has a message for those who don’t want to comply with security measures:

“They should go talk to somebody on the Lockerbie, Scotland plane or their families or people that were on the airplane on 9/11.”

AAA’s annual survey estimates just over 1.62-million travellers will take to the skies this holiday, a 3.5-percent increase from last year, but that poll was done before all the hoopla about the scans and pat-downs.

Traffic is brisk, but flowing on the New Jersey Turnpike. AAA predicts an increase in New Jersey drivers this Thanksgiving holiday. That’s the first increase since 2005. The travel club predicts a 12-percent jump, nearly 40-million people will be driving with an average trip of 816 miles over the long weekend.

Drivers are taking the extra volume in stride, but they’re facing some frustration as well. Frank from Long Island, N.Y. is heading down to North Carolina with his girlfriend Gina to his sister’s house. His holiday driving pet peeve is roadwork:

“When there’s construction on the busiest day to travel. Tell them to go travel it themsleves! They want overtime so they can get some Christmas money!”

Maybe they can spend it on gasoline. It’s $2.82 a gallon for unleaded regular here at the Walt Whitman rest stop — that’s up about a quarter over last year’s prices.

Reported by Jim Melwert and Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio

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