By Suzanne Monaghan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some activists are planning a demonstration Wednesday night at Philadelphia International Airport to voice their opposition to the new TSA security measures. 

Upwards of 50 people plan to gather at Philly international to warn travelers of what they call the dangers inside the airport.  And they’re encouraging people to avoid flying altogether.

Co-founder of WeWon’tFly.Com, Jim Babb says, “We’re going to be passing out flyers and we’re going to let them know so they can make an informed decision when they get into the  airport, whether they want to be irradiated or they want to be touched in a very intimate way, by a government agent”

Babb says they don’t want to cause delays or block travel.  They do want the demonstration to put pressure on the airline industry to make changes to the screening process. 

Reported by Suzanne Monaghan, KYW Newsradio

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