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Study Says Exercise May Or May Not Matter

(CBS) – Is it possible that some people just don’t respond to physical exercise? Researchers in Finland believe this may be the case.

They studied 175 adults and followed them for 21 weeks. According to their findings there were those who had no response and those who had excessive response to the exercise.

Genetics play a key role in exercise training but the researchers say genetics don’t tell the whole story. In fact, they believe that diet, exercise, and the type of exercise play a role depending on who the person is.

The bottom line is that the study tells us more or less what we already know. Some of us do far better with exercise than others. Ultimately, this is not a big deal but what matters is that we are consistently trying to exercise and achieving those basic goals for a healthy heart and a long life.

Reported by: Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio

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  • bottomline

    Again, NEW research contradicts old medical advice. Common sense is the greatest and most reliable medical advice anyone needs to be healthy and I‘m not alone with this opinion. According to the medical guru’s I should have been pushing up roses 20 years ago. Currently I don’t even have a vitamin deficiency I can discuss with someone, it’s getting rather lonely while I watch those roses grow, with the help of my medically correct friends.

    This is off topic: Can some one tell me why, after 50 or more years of medical advice about preventing Diabetes, the disease is more prevalent then ever? Same thing about high blood pressure.

  • Mel K

    Uh, what exactly do they mean by “response?” Emotional or physical? Did some people feel better. Did some lose more weight and gained more muscle? Not a very informative article.

  • Jim Beatty, CSCS, CPT

    We all know that the type of exercise matters. There are a lot of variables in exercise and nutrition, and bio-individuality is a BIG thing. We absolutely have to keep trying and aim for a healthy heart, but that conclusion is not the main one. The immediate conclusion that I draw from your report is that people should speak to a qualified professional to determine what type of exercise, as well as how much and at what intensity is appropriate for them, in order to reach their health goals… not just keep trying.

    • ZZBAR

      “people should speak to a qualified professional to determine what type of exercise, as well as how much and at what intensity is appropriate for them”, You forgot to put in how many $$$s you will get ripped off by these professionals.

  • Study Says Exercise May Or May Not Matter | Diet Guide World

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