PLANNED PARENTHOOD SHOOTING: Standoff Ends; 1 Officer, 2 Civilians Dead

Analysis: New Local Congressmen Will Have Global Issues On The Agenda

(CBS) – The holiday season is approaching and so is a big sea change for many area congressmen-elect.

In an overseas situation, much of which was ignored during the election campaign, anything can happen. Our area Congressmen, including four new ones, suddenly face the frightening reality that North Korea has a super sized nuclear plant, the START arms treaty with Russia may die because of one Senator’s opposition, and that overseas foreign policy experts forecast an Iranian bomb sooner than expected.

Congressmen-elect Meehan and Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania, Carney from Delaware, and Runyan from New Jersey plus Pennsylvania Senator-elect Toomey will have to study up quickly. The economy is issue number one but danger lurks across the seas.

Reported by: Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio

  • bottomline

    I hate to have to admit there are always people who will kick a man when he’s down. Uncle Sam better get smart and get his nose out of affairs of others and devote those resources and energies to our own national security. Thanks largely to our middle-east involvements, our resources, military strength and national solidarity are diminishing and those whom would kick us while were down are keenly aware of this. An ugly friend is better then a handsome enemy.

  • Johan

    These guys are going to find out that politics is more than a 30 second sound bite.

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