Parents Demand Action Following Violent Confrontation At Lincoln High School

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Following a violent confrontation at Lincoln High School, the Philadelphia School District is facing tough questions from parents. Some parents told Eyewitness News, violence at Lincoln is an ongoing problem and they are fed up.

Eyewitness News obtained the cell phone video of the confrontation exclusively. Sources say the video was considered so violent and vulgar, even Youtube would not allow it on its website. The video did make it onto Facebook but has since been taken off.

“It’s crazy. It’s just nuts.”

A concerned father spoke to Eyewitness News but wished to remain anonymous. He says he pulled his daughter out of Lincoln on Friday after hearing rumors of another fight planned in retaliation for last week’s fight.

“I don’t know what it is. Why do they act like that?”

Eyewitness News learned from some students, the fight last Friday was over boys. A female Philadelphia police officer is seen in the video getting punched in the face while trying to break up the fight. Police say at least 6 girls were arrested.

Then on Monday, police sources say another fight broke out after school and on Wednesday, 4 adults snuck into school wearing Lincoln uniforms to try to settle an unrelated argument.

Cleo Kennedy, a Lincoln High School Junior, said, “With polo hats on, they looked very dangerous and they were just sitting there with our uniforms on like they went there.”

Police say the 4 adults were immediately apprehended and arrested.

“Obviously, I was not aware of that. That’s scary. I hope that’s the end of it and we can move on from here,” Joe DeFlice said.

DeFelice is the president of Mayfair Civic Association. He says he has been in constant communication with the school principal and he is aware the district is working on addressing neighborhood concerns.

According to district officials, they are working closely with the Philadelphia police to identify all the students involved and the responsible students will face appropriate disciplinary actions including expulsion.

In addition, officials say because 60% of the 1700 students take public transportation, officials know residents are concerned about that many students walking through their neighborhood to catch the bus. In response, work is underway to widen the school driveway to allow Septa buses to pull right up to the school and pick up students on school grounds.

Lastly, officials say to address any additional concerns residents may have, the school will have a staff member available to answer any questions until 4pm at Lincoln High School. You may voice your concerns or complaints by calling (215) 335-5653.

Reported By: Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3


One Comment

  1. grayfrier says:

    Gee! Nobody even thought to blame the Parents of these students.
    These kids are only repeating what they are taught at home and allowed to get away with.
    If I had seen any of my kids in that video believe me they would be standing for dinner for a week.To many parents condone what their children do and some like the few that faked being students are a case in point.
    In this case if any of them have children in that school then they need to be removed from that school and all should be charged with attempting to harm a Minor and sent to prison see how they like that following them the rest of their lives try getting a decent job with that kind of record!

  2. bottomline says:

    This is just a rubber stamp story which will be treated with the same rubber stamp solutions and rhetoric. When these kids grow up, they’ll be the next group of adults, donning school shirts invading the schools to fight their personal battles, like they do in the streets. I call it dunce democracy. If the democratic process is ignored and the “might makes right” mentality prevails, then why do they need an education in the first place, except for learning how to fire a gun. Remove the offenders from our schools permanently.

  3. C. Graham says:

    Where’s my previous comment? Why are the posts here being censored?? My comment was informative and correct-there was nothing inappropriate in the content. Now I know it’s true. You don’t want the public to know the truth !!

  4. Falcon says:

    I love how the actions of 1% of a school’s population make it a dangerous school.

  5. Maeve says:

    First of all, not all of Lincoln’s students live within its catchment boundaries. As a District counselor who processes high school applications, any student from Philadelphia can apply to Lincoln and be accepted on a space-available basis. Also, as we all know, many parent use addresses of relatives to enroll their children in Northeast schools because they don’t want their children attending high schools such as Germantown, South Philly, King, etc. NOTHING will change with the violence in Philly schools until the District gets its act together and cracks down on falsified addresses and parents who support their children in retaliation schemes (such as the ones who entered Lincoln dressed as students.) Statistics on increased safety are routinely FALSIFIED by principals under duress not to report serious incidents. The rot in the District starts at the top and flows downward, as exemplified by an out of touch, self-aggrandizing Superintendent who refuses to see the nonsense going on under her nose because it might (and SHOULD) cost her her job.

    1. Deserving says:

      Maeve–Thank you for your shared knowledge and comment!! This is just the kind of valuable information needed to facilitate change!!

  6. Chuck says:

    Future Obama supporters right there!

  7. mike says:

    just think, thats are future! i hope they are proud.

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