WPHT To Launch New Lineup With Chris Stigall Hosting Morning Drive

Michael Smerconish To Contribute Exclusive Live Afternoon Program;
Respected Philadelphia Radio Personality Dom Giordano Takes Over Middays

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — CBS RADIO’s The Big Talker 1210 AM announced today an enhanced lineup of personality based programs which will begin to rollout on Monday, January 3, 2011. Leading off the day on-air and online at http://www.CBSPhilly.com will be one of America’s up and coming talk show hosts, Chris Stigall who joins the station from KCMO Talk Radio 710 in Kansas City where he has hosted morning drive since 2006. From 5:30-9:00AM Stigall will discuss local and national policy, the economy, the biggest news stories and issues that affect all Philadelphians, coupled with interviews of the day’s news and decision makers.

Stigall’s hiring is the result of Michael Smerconish’s decision to discontinue his morning program so he can focus on his popular nationally syndicated midday program. He will continue to be heard on WPHT weekdays from 3:00-700PM with the first hour of the show dedicated exclusively to the Philadelphia audience. Smerconish will debut in his new time period on Monday, January 17, 2011.

“Michael has been the crown jewel in WPHT’s lineup for many years and we respect his decision to shift his focus to afternoons,” said Marc Rayfield, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, CBS RADIO Philadelphia. “We’re thrilled he’ll remain an important voice on the station, shaping the political dialogue of Philadelphia for many years to come.

“We searched high and low before offering Chris mornings at WPHT. He is a bona fide star who can tackle a variety of issues that relate to his audience. Philadelphians have never been shy about sharing their views which will make for some engaging conversations in morning drive.”

Smerconish added, “First and foremost, I wanted to remain on our flagship station WPHT, but to put forth the best program I need to refocus my commitments. This move allows me to continue with my other radio and television opportunities, as well as my books and newspaper columns, while at the same time maintaining contact with my loyal fans in Philadelphia who have been with me since the beginning.”

“We are in an exciting and historic time in our country and I couldn’t be more proud to be broadcasting in the birthplace of American democracy on the legendary WPHT,” said Stigall. “Philadelphia listeners are very discerning, which places a premium on a show that unpacks the news of the day in a thoughtful and entertaining way. Our job is to address the topics on everyone’s minds with input from those in the know and the listeners dealing directly with the issues.”

Rounding out the daytime schedule launching on Monday, Jan. 17, 2011 is long time Big Talker host Dom Giordano (weekdays, 9:00AM-12:00Noon), and Rush Limbaugh (weekdays, 12:00Noon-3:00PM). Play-by-play coverage of the Phillies will dominate the lineup most weekday evenings when the regular season begins in April 2011. Additional programming will be announced at a later date.

In addition to hosting morning drive at KCMO, Stigall has been a contributor to CNN and serves as a guest host for the country’s top radio talk show hosts including Senator Fred Thompson, Michael Savage, Lou Dobbs, Rusty Humphries and Jerry Doyle.  He also regularly contributes print and on-line columns for publications across the country. His diverse background also includes Stigall’s work as a representative and press assistant to U.S. Congressman Sam Graves (MO-06).

Stigall received a degree in broadcasting and journalism from Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville.  During that time, he also studied comedy writing and television production as an intern with The Late Show with David Letterman broadcast on the CBS Television Network. Stigall, his wife, Christine, and their three children will relocate to Philadelphia.

* * *

Press Contact: Marc Rayfield


One Comment

  1. Mary says:

    I got to listen you on Friday morning, Feb 17, 2011, taking about the reporter who got sick in the air a week or so ago. I got to tell you should be ashamed of making fun (actually laughing!!!) about what happened to her. Even if the coverage of this thing annoys you, what kind of person would be having fun on the air at the expense of his you can say colleague (!!!) sickness? Just turn the radio or TV off. It was disgusting and unkind; I hope your mother was listening. And for the CBS, hopefully this “Glen Beck-Junior” won’t stay long in Philly and go back to wherever he came from.

  2. Waltsprincess says:

    I’ve been listening to Glenn and Sean on a Charlotte, NC station via my ipod, and it’s working out well, the reception is much better.
    The only problem is, i get the wrong weather reports…their weather sounds much nicer in the winter. :)

  3. pattie (naked) tate says:

    You can’t be serious!
    You are trading all your Glenn Beck cards for one Michael Smerconish.
    Even though he is a lawyer he’s a nice guy. His mom is a top quality person.
    BUT FOR GOD’S SHAKE! His show is boring compared to Beck’s.
    It must be true what everyone is saying about CBS. Or CBS is dum as dirt.

    1. jane says:

      Pattie,,, the GLenn beck Cards were traded for Glenn Beck WannaBe, Dom Giordano, and I agree Dom is not only boring but very predictable. – That being said, I think you are confused about CBS being dumB as dirt,,,, I think it’s the Beckerheads and Bimbaughs without a single bulb burning.

      Smerconish replaced Hannity,,,, and I know of no-one crying for Sean’s Screech.

    2. Philip says:

      Well, this BIG TALKER now has me back in the mornings from 6AM until 3 PM.
      I agree thatSmerconish is boring but to me a sell out.(his afternoon drive rating will sink like stones in a pond).
      So now I switch on Medved for the ride home. Reasoned calming talk radio.
      Chris S. and Dom G. make conservative conversation interesting in both the local and national sense. Both guys are men of good cheer and great interviewers;
      Glenn tired me out with his ability to FEEL the presence of a bogeyman behind every door lurking in every dark. So MUCH GLOOM AND DOOM and too preachy. It was 3 hour depress fest. Goodbye and Good riddance.

  4. Jane says:

    I am so happy to have Smerconish back,,, and have reached a point where I just don’t listen in the AM – It’s like a Frick and Frack Morning,,,,, – one’s a Mouth full of Mush, Baby Rush,,,,, and the other has been a Beck Wanna Be for years. (Scared to Death of the Tea Party,)

    Daryll and Daryll – Frick and Frack — Jack and Smack – Whatever you call them,,,, – It’s simply more of the same. –

  5. Brian says:

    Micheal lost me when he voted for “Obama” He’s become a wimpy moderate, lost his prinipals, just like Joe Scarbrough, once a conservative now a “sell-out” I guess when you work with left wing nut jobs you become one yourself. Loved the Glen, Rush, Sean line-up, Good Luck with your new line-up WPHT your gonna need it. I think you just shot yourselfs in the foot or the microphone.

  6. Chris S says:

    I’m still in shock about WPHT dropping Beck and Hannity. I’m more of a Rush listener, but it was nice to tune in to Beck’s show in the morning and Hannity on the way home from work. Satellite radio is looking better and better of an option these days.

    So far, I’ve given Chris Stigall a chance, but found him to be just as dull as Smerconish.

  7. judy says:

    I liked listening to Sean Hannity even if I didn’t always agree with him.
    Michael Smirconish was boring and lackluster no matter when you had
    him on during the day. Whoever made this change and for whatever reason,
    it was poor. You have lost me as a listener. Michael Medved here I
    come. Please bring back Sean Hannity.

  8. TFMKELLER says:

    Great move WPHT for Dropping Beck……..I always had bad reception…..now I hope
    he is on a FM Station so that I can get the other side of the argument…..Thank you again…….I have one new preset…

  9. Not Fooled says:

    WOW! You’ve gotta be kiddin me. You mean to tell me that CBS is willing to take a hit in their pocket book just to meet an agenda? That’s scary! Gee, I guess Beck and Hannity are on to something or they would have been ignored. Thanks CBS for another confirmation of “Controled Press” and “Big Brother”. You haven’t fooled anyone. Oh, by the way, Take a pill Jane. I’m sure your employeed by CBS.

    1. Jane says:

      You have been fooled,,, I am a retired Employee of a Large Computer Company based in the area – 42 years with the same corporation has allowed me to see lots of “You’s” come and go, and I don’t need a pill to recognize a “Pill” –

      THe agenda that was “met” is Beck was replaced with Dom,,,,,, Hannity was replaced with Smerconish,,,, Smerconish was replaced by Stigall, and Dom’s spot was replaced with R’Nel who was replaced with Zeroilla/Grimaldi. Help me understand what “big brother” controls WPT – Net Gain — One more talking head for the right, named Chris Stigall.

      What’s really scarey is that “you’re” (Proper abbreviation for You are) actually parrotting the talking ponts of “Controlled Press andBig Brother” – right from whining wizards of WPHT.

      The only thing confirmed in yor post is you are a Beckerheaded Bimbaugh Bobbling Bunk with great Bravado. Have a lovely day — and remember, they are watching you!!!!

  10. Guy Ulmer says:

    I gave up on Smerconish a few years ago after he agreed to the murder of Terry Schiavo. I really enjoy Dom Giordano but how do you rationalize getting rid of Beck and Hannity? Was it a cost issue or is it another agenda? I prefer to flip around the dial but other than Rush it looks like I will be hanging out with 990 until the Phillies kick it into gear. At least your not “Air America”

    1. chriss says:

      Do any of you Back or Hannity lovers know what kind of ratings they were getting on PHT ? My guess is they were not doing so well so stop bashing PHT. Beck was let go by WOR in NYC, reason: Poor ratings. Beck isn’t selling everywhere.

      1. Jack D. says:

        And Dom Giordano – a guy who couldn’t get ratings on the late night shift – is the answer? Doubtful.

    2. Guy says:

      Well if it’s ratings that’s fine although I find it a little odd that the replacements would fare better.

  11. KEN says:

    You lost me. You had the line-up and blew it. Smirconish is a dud and Giordano is a snooze. They belong on the weekend and night slots. 990 is now the station of choice and I hope they pick up Beck and Hannity. Rush should also follow suit.

    You blew it! DITTO!!!!!!!!

  12. Joe Rogers says:

    You lost me. You had the line-up and blew it. Smirconish is a dud and Giordano is a snooze. They belong on the weekend and night slots. 990 is now the station of choice and I hope they pick up Beck and Hannity. Rush should also follow suit.

    You blew it!

    1. Jane says:

      I am happy Smerconish is back – I actually Learned more listening to Smerconish for one hour than I have for the last two weeks. — There were nothing but the same Talking Points all day every day — It was like a “Sara Palin and the Seven Stooges” movie on Repeat – Over and Over and Over again.

      Say what you will but to not hear the same talking points being read to us for fourhours is so refreshing.

      Really,,, you don’t need to be an Einstein to figure out the Assignment of the Day – It is clear by 6AM every morning…….. at least now we have a break for a few minutes.

  13. Jane Yavis says:

    Leon, speak for yourself. I am in the camp that I would like to learn something more than assigned Talking Points every once in a while.

    Perhaps you, too, were entertained when the Leader of the Right Wing Squirells dug up some more nuts and the discussion at about 2″30 with Rush Limbaugh yesterday was that the little girl that lost her life – it was the fault of her parents – “She should have been playing ball with her friends instead of being indoctrinated by Liberals and raised like “HITLER’S YOUTH” with last phrase flowing of both the squirell and hist nut’s lips quite freely. if you like that kind of demented sick, cowardly piece of humanity that ges pleasure out of that type of talk – have at it,,,,And if you like the Spine of those you mention who would never dare go against the Don of the Media Mob,,,, Good for you –

    As these Wanna-Be’s BEG for a caller,,, those asking uncomfortable callers are simply ignored… — The few that get thru are Meltdown Moments followed by hang ups and cheap shots. That’s Patriotiioc How??? and while we are at it,,, perhaps you can tell e which one of these Patriots ever served their country when they were asked.

    Except for four hours a day, and until yesterday,,,,, that’s what you have – Wanna-Be’s in Training. The Assigned Topic for all of them is clear by 5:45AM —

    What NEW do you actually learn by say 7AM… N O T H I N G —- Iit’s simply a Mutual Admiration Society of Wanna-Be’s.

    I am an avid TalkRadio Listener who has been sickened at what I hear for at least three years I have called the Station Programming Manager, who is quite comfortable to be ratings driven, for him it doesn’t really matter that there isn’t a single conversation that doesn’t go back to either race, or taxes that only they pay. They are victims of “Everything” and “Everyone”. They are illl-informed and like rabid squirells, they live off all the nuts they unearth, but as I was told “It’s ratings driven.”.

    Why do I listen,,,,,About the Youth the Coward spoke of,,,,, wasn’t most of the recruiting actually done on the radio??

    I make no apologies — the remark that not a single person will have the courage to “adknowledge” let alone ask “what’s wrong with him” — is simply the last straw.

    Like I say,,,,, except for four hours ion mid-day — you re welcome to listen to all the Wanna-Be’s of those you mentioned,

    And that includes an almost pitiful Michael Reagon who is on the “Dad Liked me Better” book Tour. ….

  14. D McNabb says:

    Well its day two of the new format and I really don’t know what 1210 was thinking. Stigall stinks, plain and simple. The morning time slot in Philly is brutal, and even Smerconish has trouble competing with comedy shows like Preston and Steve. Stigall’s only cance would have been to keep Beck so that his last hour would get bleed over ratings.

    Dom Giordano 9 to 12…seriously. He is a decent late night and weekend host, but he is simply a snooze at 9 to 12. What were they thinking. Typical CBS radio stupidity. Remember how 94 wysp fell when Stern left all the stupid shifting and moving. The same is going to happen to 1210.

    If I were the owners of 990 am , I would pick up Beck and Hannity and start an heavy ad campaign. iIn about a year the mighty big talker 1210 will look like just another pathetic AM station.

  15. Todd Kimmel says:

    Chris Stigall giving a voice to a purveyor of superstition and fraud. My joke for the day: A man in a ball gown and a man sans cheveux walk into a bar… hilarity, ignorance and intolerance ensues. David Letterman must have been high when he hired this nut.

    1. Jane says:

      Todd – What happens when a Wanna Be and a Look at Me are finally off the air????? ANSWER:::: It’s Lunch time!!!!!!

  16. Dave Smith says:

    Chris Stigall, another right wing nut hammering the same ole issues over and over. What a boring show. Good bye 1210.

    1. Jane says:

      Dave, How about today’s meltdown with Joe the Nerd – I too, had a point to make and was on hold for 1 hr 48 min till I had to leave for work. Same classic begging for callers over and over again,,, his Screener comes from the 6P show and is a master and screeing. If they don’t want that view on – they simply leave the caller on hold. – Speaker Phones are great,,, you can go on doing something productive while having them imagine you actually think your point will be heard.

      Good Lord,,,, Stigall and his Parrotts have been defending Sara the Shrinking Violet Palin and her First Ammendment Rights in a way that makes Laffy Flynnt look like a piker when using the same “Free Speech” to justify porn.

      Now it’s just the same assigned talking points from 5:30 AM thru Midnight,,, all hosted by a local Mutual Admiration Society that protects their own at all cost. So don’t look for any changes.

    2. Todd Kimmel says:

      Angry weird bald man. Unlettered and ill-informed. The faux hatred for the left is a tired premise for a radio show. Please leave my city.

  17. John says:

    Chris Stigall appears to be an upgrade from the previous early am host. For now, I will stay with WPHT in Stigall’s slot. The previous host lost me as a listener with his left-learning politics and his ‘spongebob’ fascination with celebrity. (Oops, sorry about the ‘label’…)
    As for the other changes, CBS is free to make their choices in programming and we are free to make our choices and look elsewhere. Neither of us will miss the other.

  18. Jane says:

    Anyone see the comment from the English Teacher??? I have a feeling he was forced from that occupation to one far more his “Feel” – It appears to vbe a classic hit and run insult not allowing a reply. Well I have a feeling We know who it is,,, and Stigall does make him look Legit — Something like Hannity picking Clucker Carlson for a Sub. – Typical of Talk Radio, he doesn’t want a reply,,,, perhaps his attorney set that up for him.
    |but at any rate Nito ,,, I am not angry – I am sickened by what Talk Radio has turned into — Let’s give some t hough as to who it is that is able to be successful outside his own safe enviorns.

    1. Todd Kimmel says:


      Are you from this country? Is English a second language for you? You need an English Teacher! You write as if you were a first grader. What, exactly, are you trying to convey in this rant? Spell check is free and available in most browsers, FYI.



  19. Joe says:

    Administration* and the media are in the tank with each other and its sad to see where this country is heading! Bye Bye and good luck with your new format!

  20. JP says:

    Its bad enough this adminastration has taken over most of the media but they want it all and its a matter of time until they make us get a chip so they can keep track of all of us! Land of the free,yea right!!!

    1. Todd Kimmel says:


      Your sentence is a run-on. You display your ignorance proudly. That is an odd trait for a proud Americsn. Please revisit your middle school English text books. Punctuation is free. Spell check is also free. I’d suggest you use them, like the proud literate American right-wing nut that you are.



  21. Joe says:

    Done with this station,whats next on the agenda??

  22. GR says:

    I am officially done with WPHT. Let me see… it is ok to have Smercomish (sp? but who cares how he spells it), who has a show in several markets to be a quote “local” guy but anyone else who has a show in multiple markets that doesn’t back the current administration should be cancelled. All fans of free talk should go to WPHT in the morning and search out stations on the internet that carry Beck, Rush, Savage, Levin while it is still legal… but sometimes tells me that the FCC is working on stoping that now.

  23. Scott says:

    I am LOVING my Sirius-XM.

    On the Patriot channel is:

    Glenn Beck — live 9-12
    Hannity — live 3-6

    and…..Mark Levin (my favorite) — live 6-9

    1210 — I haven’t turned you on since your November announcement.
    Enjoy your liberal listeners, low ratings and low ad revenue.

    1. Jane Yavis says:

      Scott,,, about those “PATRIOTS” – any of them serve their country when they were asked to do so???

    2. Candace says:

      Program turned into drive by media. Listening to 990am. Remember air America.

      Same thing will happen with 1210. Real dumb move. Smerkonish is not worth changing times. I turned him off because he is an egomaniac and liberal

  24. Chris says:

    I for one am so excited about Stigall leaving KC. It is clear that he has a following of lemmings here in KC….all the mre good reason for him to leave so these zombies will break out of their trance that phony Stigall has placed them in.. In time, you all will see what a charlatan he truly is.

    1. Bob says:

      That’s the best you can do? We are all zombies in a trance? That comment says more about your mentality than ours. Can’t you give a more intelligent argument than that? How meaningless.

      1. Jane says:

        Bob, help me understand the “meaningful” part of your argument. What is intelligent about a group of grown men who have made a career out of making the worst Nightmare ANGRY Mother-In-Law look mild.

        Please tell me what it is that Stigall delivers we hadn’t been hearing from 9A to Midnight every day,,,,, all day. The only difference is that now,,,,, the assigned topic is clear at 5:30 instead of 9A –

        First day – by 6:08 Stigal managed to include “Obamacare/Socialist/Unions/Michelle Obbama and the girls AND the poor Republicans and Tea Party into one sentance,,,,,, Some people would call that Birlliant,,,,, others would call it “the assignment”.

        It all just gets so old,,,,, so very, very old.

      2. The English Teacher says:

        Jane, at least Bob can spell. Either you were so irate and out of control and idealogically driven you couldn’t think straight (which appears to be the case for most Liberals). Or perhaps your level of intelligence was fully on display.
        Finally it seems to be lucky for Mr Obama that he wasn’t a write in candidate or your vote wouldn’t have counted (see “Michelle Obbama”)..

  25. Bill Jones says:

    I’m sorry to hear of your new line-up. I started to lose interest with Michael Smerconish a while back when he started to “Lean” a little more left than I care for and started to listen to Bill Bennett more and more till now it’s become “Michael WHO”. I always turned back to you for Glenn Beck and stayed for Rush and then Sean Hannity although some time I’ll turn to Michael Medved show. Finish with Dom Giordano most nights on the way home.

    I’m going to miss Dom but where Glenn Beck goes I’ll me listening and if that means XM or Sirius than that’s how I’ll get Rush as well and no need for 1210 WPHT.

    If you ever decide to come back to your senses let me know and I’ll check out what you plan.

  26. Michael says:

    Wow… WPHT and it’s parent company, CBS, has clearly bent a knee to the FCC and it’s Fairness Doctrine. So long ‘PHT. I’ll be listening to Sean & Glenn on other stations. Assuming, of course, other station owners do not submit to the FCC. I am stunned that the remaining years of my life (I am 45 y’s/o) are going to be spent battling my own Gov’t. in my sincere desire to remain the “boss of me”…

    1. Jane Yavis says:

      Michael, don’t worry about anyone being the “boss of you” – Glenn and Sean have already done that. – A moderate has been replaced with a Wanna Be Yocal that makes the Locals look smart,,,, and you are complaining about the “Fairness Doctrine” — Do you even know how stupid that sounds.
      from 530 AM we have Stigall,,, a Conservative Beck Wannbe,,,, then there’s Beck waiting for the world to end,,, the thrice married Rush tells us how to raise kids then Hannity doesn his Fish wife Hooked on phonics, the giordano tell us how smart he is, and share all his lack of knowledge while begging people to call in,,, then like Giordano, grimaldin comes on and takes a nano-second to intorduce race just like the rest do,, and R’nel actually thinks people beliieve he is an independant – who simply hates Democrats — and it starts all over. and all you can parrott is the “Fairness Doctrine??? Good Heavens,,, have you lost your mind????

      1. Craig - Downingtown says:

        Jane to answer your question.
        Q. “Do you know how stupid that sounds ?”
        A. Not quite as stupid as the things stated by Jane on this comment page.
        What brainiac would take off thw #2 and #3 most popular shows and roll the dice with Semrcanish ? Perhaps you can think of a good business reason and post it. I think Bob may have the most popular answer though.

    2. sue says:

      Wow, I agree with most of the comments here. Michael Smish seems to try daily to whip up controversy about stupid issues I don’t care about.
      I have loved listening to Glenn Beck.
      I hope 580 out of Harrisburg will still be carrying him.
      WPHT, you lost me. Whooses

  27. joe55 says:

    Now comes word that WOR in NYC is dropping Beck come Jan. 17 due to low ratings, he will be replaced by Mike Gallagher.


    1. Jane says:

      Joe, isn’t it amazing,,, Beck is being dropped for ratings,,,, and the very same group that Sings the “Let the market Sort it Out” song all day long whines about a “Fairness Doctrine”.?? And that’s the best they have.

  28. beckfan013 says:

    What a dim witted decision. I feel bad for Dom, who always puts on a quality program. To be on the air during Glenn’s live time will not be good for him. Looks like I’ll be spending most of my listening time on the internet now. Let’s watch and pay our respects to another dying Phila talk radio station. RIP WPHT, WWDB .

  29. Bruce says:

    Sorry to see this but will now stay with 990. Smerconish might be national but not my type Looks like you have chosen to be New but not want I wanted to hear.

  30. Bill says:

    ATTENTION all you MAS lovers, his 4pm to 7pm show will not be live, it will be a re-broadcast from his live noon to 3 show. That means no one in the listening area will be able to call him live frrom 4 to 7pm.


    1. Missy says:

      Thanks for the info. So much for “live and local” I’ll be listening to Michael Medved on 990am for the drive home.

    2. Anna says:

      Bill, a rebroadcast of his live Show from noon to 3 is fine with me. – What difference does that make,,,, at least we will HEAR something different,,,,, not some Wanna Be Begging people to call them,,,, but only accepting those calls pre-screened by his “Assistant”. —

      What is the difference between hearing three hour old news from Smerconish or the same old news day after day afater day from the local Wanna-Be’s –

      There’s a reason by locals on that station all cut from the same cloth have and never will be “National” – We hear it all day anyway —

    3. Hopeto says:

      And that will be fine with Smerc – he gives short thrift to his listeners anyway, if not not outright rude when they disagree. Good riddance to him. He’s been soooo boring since bowing to Obama.

  31. Patrica Ricci says:


    Sorry. But you guys just lost me. Your lineup was great – now, not so much. Can only tolerate a little of Smerconish. Is Friday with Frank out of your lineup, too? Will be changing channels.

  32. Mario says:

    Great, all we need is another right wing Sean-Rush-Glen Beck clone to remind everyone Obama is the cause for the last 10 years of our economic meltdown. Not listening to 1210 again unless it Smerconish or baseball.

    1. Jane Yavis says:

      Mario, I agree – WPHT 1210 has just rounded out their local Mutual Admiration Society Team with Chris Stigall. The only time we learn anything is when Bobby Kelly give us the traffic report. Don’t bother calling their Management,,,,,He’s been enjoying his place in that little love Fest ever since they sponsored a Trip to the Border City of Charlotte NC. –

  33. Dan says:

    SEE YA 1210! I won’t be tuning in anymore to listen. I will find out how to get Glenn and Sean on my car radio somewhere else!!

  34. Bob says:

    NEWS TALK 990 AM is Great! Dennis Prager from 12-3 is fantastic. Try it oit. You’ll love it. Now that Beck is gone there is no reason to give 1210 and CBS your money by listening to them

  35. NoPC...Just ConstitutionalTruth says:

    The Big Talker 1210 lost a listener when Beck and Hannity were axed from the lineup. Sounds like the media bosses at 1210 caved to pressure to provide a more liberal lineup.

    Perhaps after suffering in the ratings for these moves 1210 will see the light. Kiss your ad revenues goodbye when the ratings come out!

  36. Bill says:

    I stopped listening to Michael Smerconish, when he went all our for Obama and then appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball. He seems to me to be a self serving hypocrite. He support Obama, who tried to make Van Jones the green czar, all the while saying he supported Officer Dan Faulkner. Van Jones for one wants Mumia to get a new trial and be let out of jail for killing Daniel Faulkner. Van Jones also believes 9/11 was done by the government, but smerconish tries collecting money for memorial in PA. Smerconish’s pricture should be in the dictionary as the poster child of the word hypocrite.

  37. MOLLY says:

    NO BECK ? NO HANNITY ? NO ME ! ! ! ! !

  38. firstHat says:

    Bought my satellite radio last week and am all set up. I’ll miss fresh Rush at noon, but will live listening to podcasts from the day before. I will NOT give 1210 any of my listening time ever again. Hope they go down the drain along with the current administration and that Rush and Dom will find a new home soon.

  39. Thomas McAnn says:

    I will listen again. I have heard Stigall fill in on The Michael Savage Show and was impressed with his maiden broadcast on WPHT. I left when bowed down one too many times.

    1. Thomas McAnn says:

      I left out Smerconish’s name in last sentence. He’s why I started listening elsewhere.

  40. Beth says:

    Hard to lose Smerconish in the morning but well worth it to lose One Note Hannity and the Lunatic Beck.
    Love the Smerconish show.

    1. Jane Yavis says:

      Beth, I could not agree with you more. This morning was simply painful,,, I think Chris Stigall has a Man Crush on Chris Christie,,, and he went Pbulic this morning. Three hour Chris Christie Love Fest with all the necessary buzz words inter-twined. I too, love the Smerconish Show,,, and will miss him in the AM – At least we learned something — Now the only new thing we will learn will be from Bobby Kelly when he tells us how things are going on the Conshohocken Curve. – It’s the only pleasant voice I heard all morning!!!!!

      1. Craig - Downingtown says:

        Both of the Smerconish supporters are obviously very happy.

    2. Jennifer says:

      Here! Here!

      1. Anna says:

        Maybe the Smerconish Supporters are “Working”? ==

        Craig, and Jennifer who is the ONLY Local Host who has gone NATIONAL????
        I never knew I had so much Clout!!!!! WHy is it try though they may,,,, the are still Locals Only???

  41. Jane Yavis says:

    Tocco,,,,,, Look at the Photo,,,, what we saw is what we got,,,, and it was a very long morning. Opening assignments taken, he was able before his sidekick bobbled her head, to do the cheap shot attack on Obama, blame the Unions for not polwing, defend Chris Christie’s poor managment skills, AND praise TOOMEY for his Moderation. – Let’s be honest,,,,, any of us with better things to do, should just go out and do them,,,,,,,,, the Gospel is sent out at 6AM,,, it is will be read all the way thru midnight until January 16.

  42. PocoCharlie says:

    I lost interest in the mornings when Imus was bumped off years ago.

    Now that you’ve dropped Beck and Hannity, I may as well keep WAEB/790AM on all from 9AM on.

    1. David B. Soriano says:

      Thank you for removing Beck from the program!! I feel that over the past year or two, his program wentway over the top with his religious focus and beliefs.You lost me as a listener for that time slot. I am catholic and spiritual but I can turn on a different station if I want to hear three hours on that subject matter. I will miss Mike in the morning however, I’m sure I can make the adjustment.
      Thank You

  43. Don - Exton says:

    I too am dismayed at the new line-up. I stopped listening to the MS and Greg show (TC seemed good) when he for some reason endorsed the current president after listening to his speech at the Constitution Center. I will never understand why he did so. I guess he was sucked up into the rage at the time which bothered me since he should have been politically savvy enough to see through the fog.

    I will give Chris a try, but I am dismayed at the loss of Glenn and Hannity. I too will likely switch to 990 for the afternoon drive home.

    Perhaps CBS had an influence in the decision, but it is really hard to understand these decisions….

  44. FG says:

    A move like this does wonders for satellite service / sales. Been a long-time 1210 listener who will now find a new home. Smerconish has been unlistenable for years.

  45. Jimbo says:

    So with Glen Beck gone, we won’t have to listen to his “survival foods” sponsor? Here’s a tip: go to Shop Rite this week and stock up on the canned food if you are of this ilk. Won’t miss Glen or Hannity, both seem to repeat the same theme and I am more inclined to listen to Smerconish, I applaud his approach to not be as extreme as the others. A good business move for WPHT as they can keep the ad revenue from Dom’s show and not have to split it with Glen Beck’s syndicator. I also listen to Michael Medved, so now I will have to decide between the two Michaels.

  46. Thom says:

    So Long 1210 – Dom, good luck. Smerconish lost me when he started his blind love affair with BHO, ignoring such things as his gross inexperience and affiliation with terrorist, radicals and communists. (all verifiable if he would have just looked!). Too bad.

  47. ClayBonics says:

    This is a big mistake for 1210. I for one will not listen to Smerconish. I used to litsen to himback in the day but not anymore. Getting rid of Beck and Hannity is a huge mistake. Looks like 1210 will no longer be my primary station. Sad

  48. king pain says:

    i just called into Glenn Beck show to find out what is going on. The guest host was one of Glenn’s men Pat. he was kind of evasive and said he didnt have anymore info at this time. i asked him if this is something he cant speak about (because of legal reasons) but just said he didnt have any info. ive called the station multiple times but no response from program director or press front person.

    1. Gordon Radix says:

      WPHT is dumping the Beck Show (9am -12pm), It will be Dom time, every weekday.
      At least that’s what was planned BEFORE Christmas Holidays….

      Who Knows?

    2. KB says:

      I really don’t understand why some people get so caught up in who’s talking, at what time, on what station. We have the ability to change the station whenever we want if the person talking doesn’t impact us. I am a long time listener of 1210 and will continue to listen. However, I will also navigate other stations to hear voices I enjoy and am familiar with. Good luck 1210 with the changes and thanks for keeping the Phillies on. I never miss a game!

  49. Andy says:

    WPHT is the new WWDB
    Management made two very dumb business decisions.
    I think 990 am listenership is going to go through the roof.

  50. Scott L says:

    It is obvious from these posts that I am in the minority, but I enjoy Smerconish and have for many years – I think he’s fair and does not come to the airwaves spouting a talking point agenda. Attempted to listen to Chris Stigall this morning, but he’s just another Hannity/Beck/Limbaugh wannabe. I can’t spend my mornings listening to black/white, good/evil radio after all these years of Smerconish’s balanced and thoughtful show. Nice move, WPHT – kowtowing to conservative radio has lost you this listener…

  51. John D. says:


    I liked the old Michael S. the best, but he’s been gone for a few years now. And I won’t miss his two obnoxious friends eaither.

    I will miss Glenn Beck, but thank God for the Internet.

    Perhaps WPHT would be happier in California?

    I am now a former lisener.

    1. Sparky says:


      Chris Stigall is not exactly a liberal Democrat.
      Dom G, liberal? Not by any stretch of the imagination.
      Rush? No comment needed.

      Smerconish isn’t a liberal, either. He’s very passionate about every topic he discusses. The problem most of the complainers here seem to have is that his passions don’t match up lock-step with theirs.

      1. Craig - Downingtown says:

        Read the comments more carefully, self centered, arrogant, etc. Most complainers here are just advising the station to watch out for the next round of ratings. They’ll need to look lower down the list or even on the second page for their ratings in the future.

  52. joseph says:

    WOW PHT!!!! what a bone head move. In the next few weeks…if you be still…and really quiet…you’ll be able to hear all the pre-sets being changed

  53. John Butera says:

    Are you people INSANE?????!!!!! I’m joining the Exodus!! No Beck, no Hannity, no ME!!!!! You can KEEP Smerconish!! I came to this website today to find out what was going on with Beck, specifically…..
    John B

  54. Fred says:

    Lost me as a listener too. Bye Bye WPHT

  55. bob says:

    Big Talker is now Small Listeners

  56. EHC says:

    what a dumb ass move! Hope your ratings plummet along with Smerconish!

  57. Kathleen says:

    I and many of my family WERE avid 1210 listeners (except Smerconish – he is a pompous, self-absorbed individual). We will NO LONGER LISTEN to 1210, nor will we support any of it’s sponsors. Removing Glenn, Sean and Rush, I predict, will prove to be a death blow to 1210. Also, as someone commented earlier, I would love to know the rationale behind this scheduling change. Good business sense, it is not. The scheduling change is simply an absurd move by 1210 executives.

    1. Sparky says:

      Try reading a little closer. Rush, the King of Self-Absorbed Pomp, isn’t going anywhere.

      One piece of the puzzle of, “Why?” is the “Live and Local” piece. There has been a call for more live, local programming for years.

  58. Gretchen says:

    I won’t be listening – getting rid of Beck was a bad idea.

  59. John says:

    The only shows worth listening to were Limbaugh , Hannity and Giordano. Now a third of them are gone. Thank God for News talk 990.

    1. Sparky says:

      So, you’re going to throw the whole station away because of the loss of one third of what you like? And, Dom will get fewer sports interruptions in the 9-Rush slot, which means you’ll actually get more of what you like.

  60. chris says:

    I am also one of the many deleting 1210 from my preset channels. Looks like 990 am and 770 am will be the big winners. If i wanted MS mentality I would tune in to NPR.

    1. Dolores says:

      One more listener has defected to the other channels.

      1. BARB says:

        Can’t stand Smerconish…he’s so full of himself and he’s a lapdog for Obama! Won’t be listening to 1210 anymore. 990 will be my new daytime radio station from now on! Something tells me this move is payback from the higher-ups because of the Fox connection! Call me paranoid, but that’s how I feel. So long 1210!

    2. Sparky says:

      How, on God’s Green Earth, is a pro cop, pro death penalty point of view appropriate for NPR?

  61. Wyatt says:

    Tomorrow is the big day! The day I enjoy 990-AM WNTP! The day I erase 1210 from my preset channels! The day I help put WPHT out of business!

    Hope you are comfortable with your decision, 1210, because it will lead to a ratings plummet. Replacing the third most listened to host in America with Dom Giordano is your idea of a smart move? Good luck with that. Idiots.

  62. Aimee says:

    I don’t understand why you won’t state the reasons for letting Beck and Hannity go. Were you pressured from outside sources to do this? Don’t you think out of consideration for the large viewership these two hosts developed, and as listeners of WPHT you owe it to us to let us know your reasons?

    When my husband and I moved to New Jersey from New York, we were glad to find a radio station that had Beck and Hannity. Now we’ll have to go back to listen to a New York station.

    Very disappointing and really crazy move on your part!

    1. Gordon says:

      Might be the Bucks-$$$ for nationally syndicated shows, that WPHT, NOW a CBS Station, doesn’t want to pay or doesn’t have…..Follow the money. Most stations aren’t in the game for ideology. It’s the moola – greenbacks – the dollar!

  63. Deb W. says:

    WNTP you have me for the whole day now. Stopped listening to Smerconish 2 years ago. I’ll find Glenn elsewhere I’m sure. I will miss Dom, but i’m hooked on Prager and Medved in the afternoon.

    1. mary says:

      Deb, so glad you mentioned Prager. I just love him, and Dr. Bennett is good, too. I used to listen the Beck in between, but now??? Classic Rock??? Looking at the feedbak, and sharing the general sentiment regarding MAS, it’s hard to imagine this ruckus is a good business decision.

      1. Wyatt says:

        Let them mire in terrible ratings, Mary. Smerconish cannot carry a radio station, and this decision will lead to 1210’s demise.

  64. Bill says:

    C Crane does sell a radio AM/FM, that is suppose to let you pick up long distance stations eaisier.


    1. Bill Keating says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I haven’t tuned in michael Smerconish for two years now, I enjoy Glenn and Sean. What a shame …

  65. Frank G. says:

    ccrane.com has some nice am radio’s,also they have after market antenna’s that will pull in out of area stations.

  66. John says:

    I used to listen to MS until He endorsed Obama but listened to Beck. Rush and Hannity . I may listen to Stigall and give him a try and then change to anoter staion for the reat of theday

    1. Craig - Downingtown says:

      Wow. I never realized so many people dropped MS on 1210 when i did during the election of 2008. I like Bill Bennett on 990 instead, I’ve never listened to him since a caller said he’d stop listening and MS said “OK talk to you tomorrow” such arrogance. I listened to Sean on my drive home. Guess the 990 equivalent at the 5-7pm slot will pick up a ton of listeners based on these comments. I know I’m dropping them from my programmed stations.

  67. JohnB says:

    I used to listen to MAS when his head was not so big but stopped when it became evident that he was into MAS additionally his support of Obama completely turned me off but being on in the early slot was an easy no listen.. Now that you are moving him to the 3PM slot you have lost another listener. You are off my dial in the car and I will listen to Rush via streaming audio and the rest of the time WNTP.

    1. JS says:

      I was “politically challenged” before I discovered Chris’ show in KC. He broke down the issues in a way that challenged me, educated me, and made me more aware of my own political responsibilities. Our KC loss is definitely Philly’s gain. Do yourselves a favor, and check him out. If not, send him home……he’ll be hard to replace!!!

  68. Bill says:

    Liberals don’t read comments, they do what they want to do and if they fail, they call on the government to bail them out. So here at WPHT, the government has a lot of bailing to do.

  69. VP says:

    WPHT… Are you even reading these comments? What a bone headed move you are making! Your listeners are fleeing! Now watch your sponsors do the same! What the heck were you thinking?!

    1. Sparky says:

      The fact that so many of you are promising to flee without even giving the new host or new lineup a chance is very telling.

      You may be surprised to know that Chris Stigall is not exactly a whining little liberal cry-baby.

  70. Mike says:

    I am wondering what station management is thinking now after reading all of the negative comments about Smerconish on this message board? Where are Smerconish’s supporters? I wish the new morning guy success and I do like Dom Giordono, but Smerconish, due to his training as a lawyer will take any position based on how it benefits himself. New station drive home for Sean will be 1450 and 1410.

    1. JohnB says:

      Thanks for the info on 1450 and 1410…I am off of PHT

    2. Sparky says:

      People are many times more likely to voice their complaints than to either voice praise or argue against the whiners.

      MAS obviously believes what he says, or he would take the safe route and play along with the Rush-pioneered “Conservative Talk Radio Format”.

    3. Diva says:

      You can also listen to Sean on 790 Lehigh Valley Station

  71. Drew says:

    I don’t care about the morning program. I watch Imus on Fox Business. But to remove Beck and Hannity is a terrible decision. With Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity I would listen to 1210 all day from 9 til I got home at night. Without Beck and Hannity, I am going elsewhere.

    1. Toni says:

      I totally agree with Drew. I’m going elsewhere also.

  72. Frank G. says:

    Frank I will find rush somewhere else, you just lost another listener.

  73. Dale Carns says:

    Im wiilling to give this guy Stigall a chance,and I always listen to Rush,but Smirconish has had an Ego problem that is through the roof! All he did was re-runs of his program over the holidays? OLD NEWS! Without Glenn and Hanity, Im going elsewhere!

  74. mike says:

    I do not particularly like Hannity or Beck. However, I am not in the majority in that regard. In my mind they are both pompous a–es. But, to replace pompous a–es with another pompous a– seems quite appropriate. Evidently public opinion has very little to do with station programming when station programming is dictated by the left leaning liberal media progressives such as Soros.

    1. Sparky says:

      Programming is dictated by MONEY. Radio is a profit-driven medium. That is why Liberal Talk has been such a miserable failure.

      The majority of the country is neither ‘hard left’ nor ‘hard right’. Rather, most people have opinions that are more conservative on some issues and more liberal on other issues.

      It is refreshing to hear someone who voices his feelings no matter what is ‘expected’.

  75. ROBERT WHITE says:

    cant take mike smerconish and those two idiots tc and greg.The show sucks and mas has his head so far up obamas ass its sickening.wow no hannity for this hack lawyer.Its ASHAME

    1. Sparky says:

      What is this illiterate rambling trying to convey?

  76. John S says:

    I live in KC and have been a Stigall fan for some time. He spoke at several Tea Party events and I think Philly will enjoy him. If you don’t send him back here. We miss him already!

    1. Missy says:

      I don’t think any of the conversation is about Stigall. It’s really about getting rid of Beck and Hannity. Too bad Stigall is stuck in this mess.

  77. William Mumbauer says:

    Used to listen every day from Glenn to Hannity. MAS lost me years ago when he came out of the liberal closet. Will only listen now between 12 and 3 for Rush. 990 and whoever broadcasts GB and SH will get my loyalty. What a bunch of idiots!!!!!

    1. LeedsDevil says:

      You could try WDOV out of Dover DE…you can stream that through your computer…

  78. Steve M says:

    I changed the dial when Smerconish drank the “liberal” kool-aid in ’08! Now the whole station has gone liberal. The new broadcaster looks like a “minnie-me” of Smerconish. Will it ever end? I’m staying outta here since Beck & Hannity will be takne from us. I’ll go elsewhere (XM radio) or FAX Radio 990 (in Phila) for conservative, mature conversation!

  79. Ray Vitale says:

    I have removed WPHT from all of my presets car, computer, ipod. I will not support any sponsors that advertise on PHT. Sad thzat they bow down to the leftists that want to suppress conservative talk. Smerconish is a joke, I hope the program director is fired for this foolish decision

    1. Sparky says:

      Why waste money paying guest hosts to fill in for a program that is not returning? Re-play some of the segments that actual fans of the show enjoyed and pave the way for a clean start with a new host in the new year.

      The PM program was not all re-broadcasts. The live MAS show continued for a few days, and there were guest hosts after that.

  80. Bill says:

    How foolish, I notice that all this week Beck and Hannity had guest host filling in live for them, not Smerconish, he was running reruns. This is the fool you want on your station, the man that couldn’t find guest hosts. Perhaps your next step to bankruptcy will be to put Sharpton on from noon to 3. How much money did you get from Soros to can Beck and Hannity?

  81. wsk says:

    “crown Jewel” ? More like cubic zirconium. Yiu know, a piece of junk , trying to fool people into thinking its something better.

  82. wsk says:

    Hannity, Beck and Levin are on the Patiot channel on Sirius and XM. Where can you find Rush on satelite? Anyone?

    1. LeedsDevil says:

      I don’t believe Rush is on satellite…yet…but he is covered by just about every state’s radio markets…so I guess you can pick out channels for just about everywhere you travel in the Great 50 of the USA!

  83. wsk says:

    What are you guys smoking? This decision will be a programming and marketing disaster. Lost interest in MAS ever since he pulled off his RINO mask and endorsed Obama. Don’t have anything against Chris, but getting rid of Beck and Hannity is a bad move…..

  84. Terry says:

    What a shock! I loved listening to Sean on WPHT each afternoon. Definitely will not listen to Smerconish. His egotism is annoying and I switch channels as soon as I hear his voice.
    I do not like Mas, do like Giordano and LOVE Rush!

  85. Bill says:

    I can’t believe that anyone would sign a contract with MAS, I took notice this week, that Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, both had guest host filling in for them while they were off. I also took notice that all we got from Smerconish were RERUNS. I guess if you want to run a radio station with reruns thats good for business. You at WPHT are absolute idiots.

    1. Joe says:


    2. Sparky says:

      The MAS PM show continued live, then had guest hosts.

      WPHT made a local decision to not bring in guest hosts. They made it clear that Chris Stigall would start a new program on Jan. 3rd with many promos, and apparently decided to save money and give the true fans of MAS a last round of AM programming.

      1. Jane Yavis says:

        Sparky, I am an MAS Fan, even when I don’t agree with his politicis,,, at least he has the courage to step outside the rigid box the rest of the 1210 local Wannbe’s would never do. He has guests that are interesting, and frankly a curiosity I just have never seen in any of the other hosts. It’s just the same thing all day every day.

        Right now we are subject to a 14 hour Chris Christie Love Fest with a little Pat Toome Thrown in. But we LEARN nothing.

  86. Judy Tomsko says:

    I stopped listening to MAS about 3 years ago when he made a comment about waiting for “his ship to come in” as if it hadn’t already. I decided at that moment that I would not give away my precious time to someone so arrogant, ungrateful & pretentious. Now that GB & Hannity are removed, I will no longer be a WPHT listener.

  87. Bill says:

    Looks to me like WPHT is going the way of WWDB, GB out Hannity out and MAS in looks like a disaster to me. When MAS came out and endorsed Obama that was it for me listening to him. I guess he wants a job at MSNBC.

    1. Michael Ripp says:

      I agree, Bill. When he joined MSNBC on a regular basis, he changed his stripes.

      1. wsk says:

        Mike, My suspicion is that these are his real stripes. I always had the feeling that MAS was a fraud and was a “opportunist conservative”.

  88. Roslyn Campagna says:

    Stopped listening to MAS when (1) he made on air dergoatory comments about Bill Bennett (which MAS & his sidekicks thought were hysterical), and (2) when he finally “came out of the closet” & endorsed Comrade Obama. Those 2 vie for the most arrogant award! Became sick to death of MAS’s exploding ego, and hearing about his wife, his neighbor Pat Croce, and his SONS. He NEVER talked about his daughter.Stopped listening to Dom G. because he constantly had Joe Sestak on as a guest, & Sestak is one annoying individual. Switched to WNTP and love it. Those guys are smart, intelligent & not abraive. Listen to Hannity & The Great One on line.

  89. Jenny says:

    Chris can ALWAYS come back to kc. sounds like philly isn’t ready for him.

    1. wsk says:

      It’s nothing against Chris. MAS has been a total jacka$$.

      1. Sparky says:

        One would think that if wsk is correct, and so many people are sick of MAS, that more people would be *praising* the AM changes.

        It sounds more like an opportunity for a bunch of whiners to exercise their lungs (via their fingers).

    2. king pain says:

      if Chris had replaced smerconish and smerconish was off this station, he would be one of the most popular people in Philly

  90. road warrior says:

    wpht? 1210? smerconish? stigall? radio suicide folks. beck and hannity will surface on a new fm talk station and will be joined by levin, stein and others

  91. Dan says:

    I stopped listening to Smirconish when he evdorsed Obama.Now I am done with 1210 am all together. Its time to give the folks at Sirrius radio a call.

  92. Jesse Barnhart says:

    One post in general to conservatives in Phillie – Once Stigall gets established, Obama supporter Smerconish will look like a cheap, plaid, suit and likely be looking for work elsewhere.

  93. Jeremiah Nichol says:

    Chris Stigall good luck! Philly should and will embrace you man!

  94. Jeremiah Nichol says:

    Yup…Another TRUE comment from KC. I’m happy for Chris and sad for KC. Stigall’s message is much beefier and well thought out than Rush or Beck or whoever you can think of. He’s also been a regular on Michael Savage. Not a liberal bone in his body. Just the “right” bone to pick on anyone who is a threat to freedoms and the entreprenurial spirit. Philly, don’t count Chris out! He’s wonderful for talk radio!

  95. LC says:

    Good job, WPHT, you have jumped the shark, just like WWDB did. I hope another station with better reception opens up to fill the gap.

    1. Kuz says:

      The Big Talker? The BigBrother Talker.

  96. LC says:

    Stupid move, WPHT. You should have dropped Smerconish, he is nothing but an embarrassment any more… out-of-control ego, and never covers any important political stories any more since he backed Obama and now has egg on his face. You could have put the new guy in the Smerconish slot, and then KEPT Beck and Hannity – along with Rush, they are the only good reasons to listen to your station.

  97. Ken K. says:

    When did KC become a city in Pennsylvania that so many KC listener would suddenly comment on a Philly station, No Glenn, No Hannity, I guess it’s OK to somebody in front office who’s triing to get 1 step ahead of the FCC. I guess listeners don’t count though, I thought my brother-in-law was pulling about this change, I guess not. The Big Talker changed I guess it’s time for me to change, stations that is. Good Bye WPHT

    1. LC says:

      Good point, why would any KC people get on this site? The question isn’t even why is Stigall coming on, the question is why are you getting rid of Rush and Sean? And that Michael should be relegated to maybe 1 hour after 6pm.

  98. Bleeds Orange in KC says:

    No Kidding, Tim! The new guy here in KC is Ok, but he is no Stigall. You guys will enjoy listening to him as much as watching the Flyers beat the Pens. Well, maybe not that much but he is really worth a listen.

  99. firstHat says:

    Well, I never thought I”d pay for satellite radio, but you’ve forced me into it. I’m taking your station off my radios and will be happy to continue to miss Michael S. (who has been like nails down the chalkboard anyway).

    Sorry I’ll miss Dom, but he just isn’t worth hanging around for.

  100. Paul says:

    Good luck CBS and 1210 when your ratings and revenue drop because you don’t have Beck or Hannity on anymore.

    I will no longer listen to your station or support any of your sponsors.


    1. Bob in KC says:

      @Paul – If you like Beck and Hannity – you’ll like Stigall. Listen first – then decide.

  101. Connor says:

    I just can’t figure if Smerconish is a liar now or before.

  102. Shara says:

    I didn’t stop listening to MAS cuz he voted for Obama. I stopped cuz he didn’t man up about the real reasons – he’s a sell out. Can’t respect him. Article states his “popular” show…..really????? Hate to say it tho, wpht won’t be hurt by this. Their bread & butter is the phillies. I’ll be alternating b/w Dom & Glenn. And Medved @ 3

  103. Scott says:

    How funny is it that all of a sudden there are so many pro-Stigall and pro-1210 emails coming from Kansas City.

    Does 1210 really think that we’re so stupid to think that folks in Kansas City are really posting on 1210’s website. Really??? Give me a break :-)

    Nice try, 1210. Stop posting these FAKE messages– all being so positive saying that Stigall is the GREATEST radio host ever in the world.

    You know you blew it……so now liive with it.

    I just got myself Sirius-XM and Beck, Rush and Hannity sound WONDERFUL on the Patriot channel.

    1. Jesse Barnhart says:

      These messages from KC are not FAKE, Scott. We are posting here because guys like Stigall are rare and well worth listening to. Heck, I’m thinking of figuring out some way to stream his show over here so I can listen to him on my hour drive to work.

    2. wsk says:

      Where can I find Rush on satellite radio? Beck, Hannity and Levin are on Patriot

  104. AMT says:

    Can’t you just remove Smerconish alltogether??? He is a narcissistic name dropper who is LOVES himself. He’s sold his soul to the pop culture world and sounds like he spits when he talks. I’m going to really miss Glenn Beck and Hannity. Looks like it’s 990 all the time. I’ll give the new guy a chance but I really like Bill Bennett.

  105. Tim says:

    I was one of those “folks” in KC who posted a comment and can assure you that the comments about Chris are true and heart-felt. Our subsequent fill-in hosts only serve to illustrate what a great talent Chris was and is. He is sorely missed.

    1. JZ says:

      I couldn’t agree more!

  106. russell says:

    You wussie liberals in Philly are going to hate Chris, because he is a real conservative. Even though he is under orders to hide his conservatism now, I don’t think he can. Liberal heads will be exploding and you compassionate Libs will run him out of town in a fit of rage because you can’t stand to be confronted with the truth if it conflicts with your silly utopian ideas you want to fund with other people’s money.

  107. 2mbGrd361 says:

    You guys don’t know what you have in Stigall. KC will be LOST without him. Give him a fair shake and I guarantee you will love his humor and analysis. He’s a true conservative and an amazing radio talent. I’m happy as hell for Stigall getting the bump, mad as hell at Philly for getting him. :-) Ya’ll better treat him right up there or a fleet of redneck conservative patriots (or terrorists depending on whether you accept the current administration’s view or not) will descend upon you!

  108. Steff Hedenkamp says:

    Chris Stigall is a national treasure! We have had him here in Middle Earth for a lovely stretch, and now he is off to the East Coast for bigger audiences, which we all knew would happen one day or another. I for one am VERY sad to see him go, but it is only my own selfishness talking.

    It is clear that Chris will do a stellar job no matter where he goes, and he will do it with style, humor, and a razor-sharp intellect. Here’s a little secret: I was once a Liberal (NO!) … and while it is my dear husband who is largely responsible for turning this battleship, I’ll tell you that Chris Stigall is the one who put some fire in my belly to actually DO something about my newly, deeply held Conservative beliefs. At a time of the Tea Party’s rise, Chris was right there with us, helping us to find our voices, and give expression to our beliefs in a public and powerful way.

    Philly listeners, you must know that Chris is something very special … he is not slick, he is real. He tells it like it is, he pushes the envelope, he asks the tough questions, and he has made me think hard about what is happening in our world every day, and how I can help make things better. That, and he really is genuinely funny, and you definitely get the sense that he cares for his fellow man very much.

    Ah, Philly! You are so fortunate to have our Chris!! I advise that you recognize the gem that is coming to you, and appreciate him while you have him! Those of us who love him here in the City of Fountains know that in time his star will take him even farther than the City of Brotherly Love.


  109. DaveKC says:

    Merry Christmas to all of you on the east Coast! We in Kansas City certainly feel like you received an early Christmas present. Loved listening to Chris Stigall’s take on the national AND local issues here in Kansas City. I will miss him! . Please give him a chance. I have marked his on-air date with 1210 and will be listening on-line….Be safe and remember the “reason for the season…..”

  110. nm says:

    Ciao, week-day 1210. I’ve listened for years but now it’s time to go. I’ve been put off by some Smerconish comments and antics in the past, but still I listened. Wednesday’s anti-God comments by his sidekick made me turn the dial forever. I’m sure Chris deserves a chance, but 1210 does not. I’ve been disappointed with the direction they are headed for some time. The only reason I will tune back in is for Sid Mark on weekends — the classiest guy around.

  111. Blind Mule says:

    I organized the first Tea Party in KC and Stigall was right there with me promoting it on the air. I was then joined by others to organize 4 more Tea Parties and Stigall was on board and on air promoting each and everyone. Chris was the MC of two of those events and did a fabulous job.

    You folks in Philly need to get your heads out and give Chris a chance to show you all what a true conservative is. or are there any in Philly?

    P.S. Go Eagles, love my boy’s in green
    P.S.S. Go Chiefs
    If they ever meet in a Super Bowl I win and so will Philly with Chris Stigall

  112. Courtenay says:

    Chris Stigall made my commute in KC enjoyable. He’s better than Savage, Ingram, Hannity – you name it – he’s better. I listened to him every day and quoted him often. He’s smart, quick, witty and engaging. I’m sick that he’s leaving, but I’m not surprised. A talent like that can’t stay in a small midwest market long. He’s a rising star and I’m happy for him. I just hope he goes national soon so I can hear him again. Best of luck, Chris!

  113. therantinggeek says:

    It’s been said by many of us here in Kansas City – we miss Chris Stigall terribly. Our loss is Philadelphia’s gain. Reading through the comments posted so far by you folks in the City of Brotherly Love, and I have to agree with my fellow Conservatives in KC: We just ask that you give Chris a fair shot before ditching 1210 altogether.

  114. Linda says:

    Another reason not to tune into the Big Talker anymore. I can listen to Glenn and Rush out of NY, and I stopped listening to Mike Smerconish a long time, ago.
    What kind of line up is this, anyway? Better yet, who was the brainchild behind this?

    1. Steve NJ says:

      Guess Smerc had the same effect on a lot of us…..

  115. Richard says:

    Hey WPHT, We’ll make a trade with you, We have a Donnie and Marie show or a Batman and Robin show and we’ll take Stigall back?

    Chris will have more Kansas City Listeners then Philly Listeners!

    1. Tim says:

      Chris will be sorely missed on the air in K.C. He was always consistent, extremely articulate and could always see and point out all of the comical disconnects between what politicians say and what they ultimately vote for.

  116. Pat G. says:

    Well, you just lost another listener. Why you would replace Glenn Beck with this fruitcake, I’ll never know. You should just get rid of Smerconish. I turned him off once he voted for Obama. He’s another Chris Matthews. So long WPHT, RIP.

    1. Harry Joyce says:

      I would like to thank 1210 for the many years of radio enjoyment you have given me. However, i will follow Mr. Beck and Mr. Hannity wherever that appear on the Philadelphia radio waves. Not a move made with blind right rage but as informed choice. I wish you well, but you have lost some that just does not count as someone you want as a listener any longer.

  117. dean jacobs says:

    Boy oh boy my wife and I are really confused,why in the world would you toss a money maker of a radio show?let alone two. this is almost as depressing as when DB stopped talking.on FM no less.I guess I’ll have to find a station that will carry Beck and Hannity’s shows and it won’t be easy where I’m at in SE Delco.I guess Rush will be the next to go elsewhere.and after that WPHT.

    1. M. Nielson says:

      Kansas City’s loss is Philly’s gain. Stigall is going to be a national talent sooner rather than later. He’s a winner!

  118. Maria S. says:

    Oh Philadelphia, you’ll love Chris S. He’s a very, very funny guy. You can tell by how hard he laughs at his own jokes.

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for hiring this tiresome 40something adolescent away from Kansas City. The air here feels fresher already!

    1. Mike L says:

      Maria S…he is 30 something and adolescents don’t lead the charge against lying politicians like Clever or phonies like our mayor Funkhouser. They also don’t raise huge amounts of money for local charities and give voice to local conservatives with liberal representatives. The fresh air you smell is in Philly!

    2. atiano says:

      WPHT loses on this one I like Dom Giordano but not in place of Glenn Beck.
      Smerconish instead of Hannnity.

  119. fire099 says:

    What a joke 1210 looking at your new lineup, shows that you have no idea who your base is. Smerconish, after supporting Obama, lost me in the morning.
    Will be removing you from my dial and switching over to satellite radio.
    Also will not support companies or local business that advertise on your station.

    1. Mike L says:

      fire099 you are going to enjoy Chris. I lost Smerconish myself after he moved from RINO to the left. Chris is good, honest, commonsensical, and the bast part….he will talk about Philly problems and Penn problems and not national. He is going to give the locals a voice.

  120. Larry KC says:

    We are not all sick that he is leaving. I say good riddence. He is stupid not funny and can do nothing but critisize without foundation. His little girl giggle will drive you crazy. He tries to cover up his lack of intelligence with comedy that just doesn’t work. I’ll give him 6 weeks at best in your town. Someone there made a stupid choice.

    1. Mike L says:

      Hey Larry, whats the matter, Chris catch you in a liberal lie? Philly, don’t call him if you don’t have your facts.

    2. Jesse Barnhart says:

      Like the 6 weeks he was here in KC, Larry KC?

  121. Charlie B says:

    Hey whats with the Smerconish Look a like, hopefully this one has a spine !!
    Oh that’s right I DONT CARE ANYMORE!!!
    WAEB 790 Allentown here I come

  122. Charlie B says:

    Left Smerconish when he pulled a blatant career move and endorsed Obama, what a joke that guy has become. I’ll get Glenn Rush and Sean on WAEB here in Upper Bucks. Dumb move WPHT and it’s going to cost you. All my friends and family feel the same as I do.
    1210 has been removed from my dial

  123. Diane Holtz says:

    Chris is a wonderful, intelligent conservative voice! We wil miss him so much in Kansas City!

  124. Kim Daily Clark says:

    Philly, You are in for a real treat. Our loss is for sure your gain. Enjoy as we have! We will truely miss Chris on the Morning Show in KC.

  125. JoeInKC says:

    KC’s loss is Philly’s gain. Chris will be missed in KC. I’ve listened to his show for the last 4 years and have loved it.

  126. Diana says:

    Note to all in Philly: Give Chris a chance before you change the station. I don’t know what I will be listening to in the mornings now. The decision to get rid of Hanniety and Beck had nothing to do with Chris. That was the suits at your station. I am already having Stigall withdrawal. We would welcome him back in a minute…I have expected we would lose him because he is good. He subs for Michael Savage, Rusty Humphries and Lou Dobbs among others so he can’t be too bad…take a listen…

  127. Ted says:

    You owe it to yourself to listen to Chris Stigall and you will love him. He is very funny and a strong conservative, our loss is your gain. He totally bags on local/state Democrats when they deserve it and holds them accountable. And he will hold Republicans accountable as well, he doesn’t pull any punches. I don’t know what I will listen to in the morning, I am really bummed out he’s leaving but he has earned and deserves the “promotion”. Enjoy! — Ted in Kansas City

  128. teresamnj says:

    Have already contacted the station manager regarding my thoughts on this stupid, foolish move. Can NOT stand Smerconish, the Obama water carrier that he is. Will just take my listening elsewhere. Hopefully Rush will leave of his own accord. Thankfully, with Sirius, my iphone, and the internet, I DO NOT have to listen to 1210, which is owned by CBS, now known as the Communist Broadcasting System!

    1. Steve NJ says:

      The day the smerc came out for BHO I turned him off and have not heard his voice since. He is a phony.

  129. Merle Bowers says:

    WPHT listeners,
    I believe you will enjoy Chris Stigall. I have enjoyed listening to him on KCMO. I and many of his fans in Kansas City will continue listening on streaming audio. If he appears to waiver from his conservative roots, we will help you hold his feet to the fire.
    He is entertaining and thought provoking and will be missed in Kansas City.

  130. Brennon says:

    Hey, Philly. Our loss is your gain. Stigall is one of the best hosts I have ever heard, and we get all the national guys here in KC. You guys will be in good hands. We’ll miss Chris.

  131. Linda G. says:

    Took advise of some KC listeners and went to Stigalls’s FB pg…appears he just might be worth giving a listen to at least once. Just a shame WPHT didn’t boot Obama lover Smerconish & ADD Stigall if he’s that good! Don’t like missing Beck & Hannity at all.

  132. Givmeh20 says:

    2 things the navy taught me, 1) IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT! and 2) LET COMMON SENSE RULE YOUR THOUGHT PROSSESS!! 1210 LOST BOTH!!! Called them up to express my thoughts on the moves and the young lady on the other end said “this is being done for more local programming”. I told her that they should just get rid of that idea and the Bald Ego! She didn’t have any response as to what I said. She wasn’t phased when I let her know that all of the people that listen to 1210 that I know said they were going to listen and take their business elsewhere. I guess SOROS MUST HAVE BOUGHT OFF ANOTHER MEDIA OUTLET!!!

    1. firstHat says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. How did this announcement time out with the Soros expose by Beck? Hmmmm.

  133. Chad Maag says:

    Philly your mornings are in good hands with Stigall – he will be dearly missed here in KC. A true conservative voice and an absolute riot to listen to in the am – my morning commute won’t be the same without his show.

  134. Gary says:

    You folks in PHL don’t know how lucky you are to get Stigall!!! He has put the KC Mayor in his place, a Missouri Senator (D) will not speak to him, and various liberals fear him. He is actually 2 steps to the right of Hannity and Beck! If you wish, send him back to us in KC.

    1. teresamnj says:

      Forgive me if I prefer to keep Glenn & Sean. I’m sure your guy is very good. I’d take him in place of Smerconish, which is the problem here!

      1. Eliza says:

        Stigall is better than Glenn and Sean! We’re just thankful here in KC that we can at least listen to him on the web. In another year he will be national. He is that good.

  135. Sherylyn Sanders says:

    Trust me, Philly. Chris Stigal is no Lib. or Mod. He is a true Conservative. Here in KC he used to have the Mayor, Mark Funkhauser on every Friday, up until Mayor Funky decided to say publicly that AZ was wrong for passing it’s law to get tough against Illegals. The mayor has not been on the show, since.
    Here is his Facebook page:
    Check him out, you;ll like.

  136. Michael Dahl says:

    You all are getting the best radio personality…Chris is the better than Beck and Hannity combined. I wake up to him every morning and am truly crushed that he will no longer be a KC icon. Trust me when I say, you too will love him. Don’t get to comfortable though, he is going to go national soon…he is that good. We knew it was only a matter of time! Enjoy him…he will be terribly missed here in KC.

    1. Patriotmom says:

      I1. Congrats to Chris Stigall & to Philly!! I was blown away at our KC announcement this morning. I yelled out (as I often do while listening to certain things) ‘NOOO!!!”, but I am extremely proud of Stigall. I ditto Michael Dahl; we will intensely miss him entirely; & yes, I also do think this man will be going places nationally. His intellect & wisdom, his wit, his right-on visions of what is going on right now in our country, & he’s NOT afraid to say what he thinks; he’s no weenie, & we’lll miss him at all of our Tea Parties. We will miss his hilarious insight on the ignorant KC city government, on our local Senator ‘Pearls’ Claire McCaskill’s or Congressman Emanuel Cleaver’s delusional stunts. As for the comments about not wanting to listen to Chris Stigall, I HIGHLY recommend that you @least give him a try. As for an BHO endorsement, a big ‘Hell No’; for Chris is NOT. Stigall is the 1st thing that I’ve turned on in the mornings getting ready for work on 3 diff radios so I’d not miss anything while getting ready for work in the mornings! No one WILL fill his shoes here . I guess I’ll now just have to turn on FoxNews on the tube in the mornings…. ‘Jill’

  137. KidDanger says:

    Stigall is smart and hilarious. We will miss him in KC.

  138. Mike L says:

    You guys are luck to get Chris. He is a functional conservative. He promotes the kind of conservatism that is blue collar and works in the real world. We will miss him in KC.

    1. Scott Curry says:

      Wow Philly, sounds like you guys are pretty ticked off regarding your program change. Trust me on this one, I know Hannity and Beck are bigwigs but Stigall will blow you away. Stay open minded, give him a chance and you will be impressed. We knew this day was gonna come, Stigall is too good not to move up. For those of you who say you will not listen, shame on you, you’re conservatives, you’re better than that. Listen to Chris for a week or two and I guarantee you will be thanking KC for sending Chris your way.

  139. Terri says:

    Wow…it’s like when 96.5FM changed formats….for those of you old enough to remember. I don’t know if I’m up for all this change again. I didn’t honestly like Hannity that much. ALL politics wears me out. I don’t get it – WPHT, where are you going? Could you have at least added a female host if you were going to do all this changing!? We’ll see…

  140. SandyB says:

    Can not believe the direction you are going in. What the heck are you thinking? With Beck & Hannity gone, so am I. I will highly encourage Rush to leave your station on his own. This country is moving right because of the conservatives you have been carrying. Now you are going in the opposite direction. Looking forward to your bankruptcy filing!

    1. Lisa S says:

      Give Chris a chance –you may change your mind. I’ve listened to him in KC since he started here in ’06, and the only host I think equals him is Rush. The other guys are good, but Chris is a solid conservative, a clear thinker, and darn funny at times! Kansas City will not be the same without his voice. Truly, Sandy, he will add to the conservative quality of your station. (And if you decide you don’t like him, KC will take him back in a heartbeat!)

  141. Shawn says:

    Terrible, terrible move. I gave you a second chance after Smerconish switched parties to buy a national identity. I ignored his program, but loved the rest of the lineup. No longer. I notice how you don’t have the stones to oust Rush – since he’s the station’s meal ticket.

    I have already deleted 1210 from my pre-set in the car. I’ll listen to Rush on 770 WABC and try to find Beck somewhere else. The rest of the day? I’ll spend it listening to 990 WNTP. I will never, EVER listen to 1210 again.

    1. firstHat says:

      Shawn, If you can get Rush on 770 ABC then you can get Beck at 710 WOR. Unfortunately, I can’t get NYC from work, so I’m going to have to get Satellite

  142. Vaughan says:

    Sorry to hear that Smerconish is your stations brightest star. The “Bald Ego” is not someone to whom I would hitch my wagon. I feel sorry for the new guy coming into such a foolish radio statiion. I’m checking to see what stations I will be able to get all three together (Rush, Hannity, Beck) so I don’t have to keep changing stations.
    I hope I remember to tune back in for the Phillies.

    1. Jodie says:

      I don’t understand how anyone can dislike Smerconish. He is the most reasonable personality on the air. No one else gives all sides of a story or a position. I believe those who dislike him are caught up in this cult-like thinking and buy into anything so many mean-spirited, hate-filled political pundits spew. It’s time to start questioning much of what is said.

  143. Michael Kazmar says:

    I have always had a problem with WPHT preempting Rush and Sean for the Phillies.Put the Phillies games on 610 and leave 1210 for the talk. I listen at work to the big three shows (stopped listening to Smerconish after his Obama endorsement). I would love to see an FM talker in Philadelphia.
    I’ll go to WNTP also, until Rush is on.

    1. PhillyJoeP says:

      Just send the keys to the station to WNTP.They apparently know how to win an audience.

  144. Keith M. says:

    I have listened to the Smerconish Show every morning for the past 7 years – Love It! Don’t bother getting anyone to fill his shoes – just re-broadcast the afternoon show on the following morning and all will be well (at least for me). Michael in the morning works perfectly for me…..
    Hate Beck
    Hate Dom
    Like Rush
    but Love the Smerconisch program!

    1. Shawn says:

      Smerconish made his name (and fame) thanks in large part to his conservative audience. The second he started getting invited on national shows, he dropped us like a bad wig and changed parties. Way to thank your base, Mikey.

      If that’s your idea of a lovable host, that’s cool, but try and understand how most of us feel about this snake.

  145. kathy says:

    I will not listen to your show anymore, used to listen all day at work 8am to 5pm.Guess i’ll have to go else where ,what a big mistake.

    1. Tony Migs says:

      Kinda gotta agree with Kathy,Krazy Joe (who doesn’t sound so crazy. Sorry Joe)
      Seems like the “fairness doctrine” is making it’s mark in Philly.
      I guess 990 will get a lot more listeners come Jan. 2011.
      Out of 78 posts only 73 disagree with your move to drop Glenn and Sean. Guess the Delaware Valley’s not as left as you think.
      Really it’s just a move to the left, which is the minority amount of people in the U.S., despite what you read or see on 3,6 or 10.
      If I had the money,I’d buy a little radio station and put Glenn, Sean and Rush on with more CONSERVATIVES on.
      Hey PHT, don’t be surprised if someone does that.

    2. tmbrwlvs says:

      Kathy, trust me………. give Stigall at least a week to get to know him and his strong conservative ways. He is witty and serious as well at what he does. We here in Kansas City are just sick to hear he is leaving us. But I must warn you, he will be going national soon and very soon I predict. That will be a good thing, hopefully on Sirius. When that time comes, I’m sure the true conservatives in your area will have the same sorrow that we have here in KC with him leaving and heading your way. Until that time, I will stream WPHT to listen to Chris. Enjoy him while you have him………

    3. Jane says:

      But, pardon me for asking Kathy,,,, of “WE will no longer listen fame” but should you be listening oto the radio in work???.

  146. K. Berman says:

    this sucks!!!!

  147. Carmen H says:

    I don’t like Smerconish of Hannity but LOVE Dom Giordano. However, it will be hard to listen to him while Beck is on. So I guess it will be Limbaugh and the Phillies for me. WPHT – I wonder if you know what you’re doing. Domn, I’m going to miss you, amigo!

  148. Givmeh20 says:

    BYE-BYE! Smerconish-MSNBC, Stigall-CNN, Limbaugh should look for a more Conservative Station. Thank God I can get 770wabc! How MUCH $$$$$ DID SOROS GIVE YOU GUYS TO FOLD LIKE A CHEAP LAWN CHAIR????!!!!!!!

  149. elmer says:

    Wow! What a colossally stupid idea! Goodbye WPHT.

    1. Linda Stauffer says:

      already deleted the preset. Glad my car came with sirrius radio.

      1. Linda Stauffer says:

        here in upper bucks we can get WAEB 790 AM and they have Glenn, Rush and Sean

  150. Krazy Joe says:

    The truth is I had never heard of Chris Stigall before, so I looked him up. He actually sounds good. Wikipedia says he’s very conservative AND a former comedy writer, so his show should be entertaining.

    That being said, THEY DROPPED HANNITY AND BECK!!!!!!! Therefore I will not listen to the station AT ALL. I officially boycott 1210. Even though Chris Stigall sounds pretty good, I won’t listen to him out of protest. I won’t give 1210 any time on my dial at all. AND I will contact their advertisers and inform them that I won’t be supporting their businesses.

    A much better idea: Keep Stigall on mornings, Keep Glenn Beck, Rush, Hannity, and Dom and DROP SMERCONISH !!!!!!!!

    1. tmbrwlvs says:

      Krazy Joe, do yourself a favor………… it will be your loss if you don’t tune to Stigall. I rate him up there with the great one – Levin……… However, it won’t be long before you hear Stigall on national radio. Hopefully Sirius…………

  151. Linda G says:

    What could Smerconish possibally have done or offered WPHT that would encourage WPHT to completely re-arrange the programming schedule, ditch heavy-weights Beck & Hannity, just accommodate Smerconish??? Besides being a local boy, who the h*ll is Smerconish in the big picture? Here’s a news flash: I turned off Smerconish when he endorsed Obama and haven’t looked back. Obviously a Lib worm infiltrated the network!! Sorry to say but Mr. Stigall, don’t unpack all your moving boxes!

  152. Vince says:

    Smirconish? I don’t get it.
    Now, Dom I’ll miss. Who can listen to the radio during work hours?

    1. Jane says:

      Vince, who will listen to Dom in the AM??? the same people who make Rush, Glenn and Beck MILLIONAIRES — will listen to Dom at 9 – People who are out of work and want to blame someone else for their troubles.

      Perfect place for the ever Persecuted Dom,,,,, The ultimate Hyporcite. Who makes a living hating UNIONS, TEACHERS and GOvernment Workers,,,, but has never lived in a home that didn’t benefit from UNIONS, TEACHERS and Government Workers Salary and Benefits. You know the son of a retired Policeman, who once taught, married a teacher and benefitted from “TAXPAYER PAID HEALTH CARE and SALARY ALL HIS LIFE”. Yea,,, Vince,,,, there is one in every crowd. Philadelphia’s Chris Christie

      The guy is a GALLOOTT!! WITH A CHIP ,a MICROPHONE, and DREAM to be on TV someday.

      1. Vaughan says:

        Oh stop your making me blush saying that I’m listening to “…people who make Rush, Glenn and Beck MILLIONAIRES…” by the way who is GLENN AND BECK??? Just asking…..

        “…Persecuted Dom…” are you doing that too???

        You’re so silly…you make me laugh. Silly Liberal…thinking is for adults.

  153. Tony C. says:

    I have to echo most of the comments here. This station is repeating the same mistakes made by WWDB. Never understood why the “BIG TALKER” played the Phillies games (love the Phillies, but could just as easily hear the game on the “SPORTS” station 610.

    Bye Bye 1210!

  154. Gina says:

    WPHT do you know anything about business? Dropping the #2 and #3 radio shows!!! You must have failed business 101. This is a kick in the face to loyal listeners! All I can say is bye bye!

  155. Lady Joanne says:

    I WILL BOYCOTT ANY ADIVERTISMENT ON THE BIGTALKER and i will pass this on to everyone i know, dont you see what is happening are so blind they are shutting us up controling us . soilders died to us the right to disagree for freedom to say it like it is. they have the right to put on what they want. but i have the right to boycott too. can you really trust what SMERCONISH PROMISE TO KEEP IS JOB Beck silenced at Philadelphia’s 1210 ‘Big Talker’!

    And in accommodating Michael Smerconish,

    they dump Sean Hannity as well!

  156. medmom says:

    No longer have 1210 programmed in my car- Smerconish as your featured host? you are kidding right?

    This is a foolish, foolish business decision – kiss your ratings goodbye.

  157. Scott says:

    Point #1 —

    770AM out of New York comes in very clearly in South Jersey. I’ve been listening to Imus, Rush, Sean and Mark Levin all week. Give a listen. Plus, no Sinatra ALL weekend. Just Conservative talk all weekend!!

    #2 — 990AM has a wonderful Conservative line-up: Gallagher, Prager, Medved.
    Very good conservative hosts. Backed by Townhall and Foxnews.

    #3 — Doesn’t Chris Stigall look a lot like a younger Smerconish??? Check out their photos. Same look?!?! Hmmmmmm. Very interesting……………..

  158. Robert S Miller says:

    1210 is no longer a preset on my radios.

  159. mike says:

    are you insane! lemmings marching to the sea!! smerconish, you’ve got to be kidding!! when beck leaves, so do i!!

  160. Charlie says:

    WPHT truly does bit the hand that feeds it. Soon there will most likely be another station to pick up these shows and thrives. Good luck trying to stay a lot with liberal talk radio. The sound you are about to hear is me turning you off. ADIOS!!!

  161. Angry listener says:

    You just lost 3 households. We turned Smerconish off when he turned on his listeners and backed Obama just to get some gigs on TV. 1210 is going under real quick. Hope George Soros has paid you well to be his puppet!

  162. Republiman says:

    Michael Smerconnish is just like the guy currently holding the White House, an Affirmative Action Hire,,, Thought your station was better than that ? Getting rid of the 2nd and 3rd rated shows on radio for a Rachel Maddow want to be.. Can you spell M I S T A K E

  163. ebow says:

    Goodbye WPHT. Dumbest move ever.

  164. Nick says:

    I’m pretty much in line with most of the other commenters here. I left Michael when it became sickeningly obvious that he placed the chance to get a national MSNBC slot over any integrity he had and started kissing up to Obama. Anyone with his intellignece could certainly not have been fooled by Obama’s empty rhetoric so it was clear that his endorsement was more of a calculation than a sincere belief. His endless egotisim and self-promotion was wearing very thin as well. Rush’s so-called egotism is actually a satire of egotism, as most of his listeners well know, but Michael’s sadly is all too real. I have been listening to more and more WNPT anyway–I still love Glenn and Sean, but Mike Gallagher will do until I can find Beck elsewhere (wish they still carried Laura Ingraham!) I also believe PHT’s PD will soon be looking elsewhere for a job–this is one of the dumbest moves of all time–sort of like the Phillies throwing in Ryne Sandberg when they traded Bowa for Ivan DeJesus! I like Dom but will miss him in the evenings–oh well, more time for Mark Levin!!

    1. JOANNE says:


    2. tmbrwlvs says:

      Nick, you are in for a treat with Stigall. I have known him for years. He went to high school with my daughter. If you like Levin, you’ll like Stigall. He is very conservative. He is a straight shooter. Please give him a chance Philly and you too will be sad when he leaves for the national spotlight in due time. Enjoy him while you have him…. like we have in KC for the last 4 years!

      1. Derek says:

        Stigall was great here in Kansas City. Yeah, some of his jokes were abit over the top, but they were still done well. He has ripped into both Republican and Democrats during the past 4 years.

        He spoke at the 2009 and 2010 tax day tea parties here in Kansas City. I wish him the best in Philly.

        If one of my uncles (hopefully still in Doylestown) is still alive, I wonder if he listens to talk radio (like this station).

  165. Jon says:

    Wow, the big wigs at 1210 must be complete morons. I already don’t listen to Smerconish. He is absolutely terrible. Now they are taking the number two and three most popular radio shows in the nation off their stations. Talk about idiotic. Once Januray comes I will no longer to 1210 any more. I will find another way to listen to Rush, but I will not rewards 1210’s idiotic and irrational behavior be rewarded with my ratings. Good bye 1210. Hello 990 and/or whatever station picks up Beck and Hannity. I don’t see this new format working out too well for 1210. Oh well. I have no idea what they are thinking with this one.

  166. Lynn says:

    I will never listen to 1210 again! You just removed the No. 2 most popular show in the country. Did Soros give you money???

  167. Chantal says:

    Any station manager who considers Smerconish their crown jewel is in serious trouble. Smerconish, Giordano, and Chris Matthews are media personalities who have and will not accept the fact they will never, ever be a Tim Russert, Glenn Beck, or Bill O’Reilly. Bending to the pressure of George Soros and Van Jones will lead WPHT down the same path followed by other Liberal/Progressives; i.e., into oblivion! Who better to lead them than Smericonish – both Bloom/WPHT and Smerconish are legends only in their own minds.

  168. RICHARD A STEVENS says:

    Good bye 1210
    your done
    thanks for showing us exactly what the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE rearly is
    SMERCONAISH is a traitor to the conservative cause!
    I WILL GLEEFULLY ENJOY THE DAY YOU GO BANKRUPT because not only will you lose your base but your snake oil advertizing idiots will jump ship quicker than rats !!!
    i can pick up all my shows without your station

  169. tom McAteer says:

    thank you and good bye. I will be moving on. you PUTZ

  170. Christina says:

    Obviously people are not looking at the facts. Beck and Hannity did not focus on Philadelphia. I listened to Sigall’s streaming online and he is funny and a die hard conservative. He will give WHPT the local low down and bring the focus back to Philly. Getting rid of Beck and Hannity does not mean WPHT is turning left wing, they just hired a conservative! Now its time to focus on Philly instead of hearing overpaid egotistical hosts talk about whatever is going to get them paid the most. Good move WPHT, all of your haters will be back in a week when they realize what a good choice this is!

    1. Scott says:

      Hi Christina,

      Your paycheck from 1210 is in the mail :-)

      1. ross says:

        Scott, that is very funny, but not fair to Christina. we have no proof that Christina is an employee of WPHT….. For all we know she could be the concerned wife of the “Soon to be Fired” Program Director. lol

      2. Tamara says:

        Scott and everyone else appalled by this move….If you are conservative you will love Chris – It is a sad sad morning here in KC and trust me if Philly is silly enough to not listen we will take him back in a heartbeat. Meanwhile I’m already setting up my computer to stream his new station …. clearly I’m going to know more about Philly then I ever expected.

    2. Edward says:

      Christina, have you lost your head? You need a balance of both Local and National conversation. As much as I adore the city of Philadelphia, the country doesn’t revolve around it. Smirconish, Giordano, R’nel , Cardasco, Mazzarelli, and Grimaldi ARE local hosts that talk about local issues. You need to get your facts straight please. WPHT, I’m disappointed in the decision but have already been listening to WNTP or The Fanatic in the mornings when MAS started to slowly drift more to the left. I can pick up Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity on radiotime.com so I don’t really need your station. I’m not sure if I will completely boycott WPHT but I know I’ve been tuning in less and less over the past couple of years. I have a feeling your ratings will suffer.

  171. politigirl22 says:

    Done with this station after so many years of listening. I listened to all of the shows with the exception of Smerconish, since 2008 when he flipped.
    I will move on to the other conservative station on the dial. This is the CBS version of the Fairness Doctrine. It is very transparent.
    I look forward to reading about the ratings failure of The Big Talker in about 6 months or so.

  172. Tom says:

    I cannot believe that Beck and Hannity are going to be dropped at all but for Smerconaish? Amazing. So, MSNBC ahd really come to Philly. I stopped listening to Smerconish after hearing him kiss up to Spector, he really is left wing pretending to be a sometime conservative. Oh well, will go elsewhere.
    And here I thought we had a conservative radio station but I was wrong

  173. MS says:

    Personally, I’ve always been offended by the likes of Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity who expect us all to be lemmings while they’re the Pied Piper. As an intelligent adult, I am capable of making my own decisions and do not need to be spoken to as if I were a child/

    When Michael was on afternoons originally, I couldn’t stand him. In my opinion he spewed the same party line as the others. He’s been much more enjoyable once he stopped touting the Republican party. WPHT might have me listening all my waking hours if they would just now get rid of Limbaugh.

    1. Lady Joanne says:

      dont you think we were out num,ber for years?? we only have 1 cable station and maybe 10 radio shows…on am radio……..and you and all the democrates have hmmmm lets count them all the stations 3.6.10. CNC MSNBC ABE NBC AND ALL THE NEWSPAPERS. AND YOU said ( I’ve always been offended by the likes of Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity) . DO YOU REALIZE soilders died to gave us the freedom so i have a choice .. you want to take away from me.

      please do your homework ………. lplease talk the facts

    2. BR says:

      I am so in agreement with MS. I don’t label myself as liberal or conservative and enjoy listening to talk radio hosts who don’t spew hatred toward anyone who doesn’t agree with their views. I like Michael Smerconish because he talks about everyday life topics, not just politics. He also lets his callers have their say, with respect even if they are not in agreement with him. It is so nice to listen to a host who isn’t always angry. I will miss his morning show but will definitely listen in the afternoon.

  174. Kimi628 says:

    Dropping Beck and Hannity??? WOW looks like as of January I will be following them where ever they happen to be. Thank God MOST large stations in this country allow you to listen online. Which is how I listen to 1210 since I moved out here to Indiana. You lost another very loyal listener.

  175. Scott says:

    770AM WABC out of New York comes in so clearly form my home/car in South Jersey.
    Great for hearing Rush 12-3, Sean 3-6 and Mark Levin 6-9. I’ve already made the switch away from 1210…..so have ALL my friends and family.

    For the holidays, I’ll be getting SeriusXM radio. Then Glenn, Sean and Fox Radio will travel with me everywhere I go.

    BYE-BYE 1210!!!!!

  176. M.N. says:

    You wll lose many listeners (and advertisers). Look at the ratings difference between Fox and MSNBC and that tells the story. No one will listen to Smirconish.

  177. George Washington says:

    Now you blew it WNPT. Im an old man who loves this country. I have been a listener to this station even before my old friend Irv Homer GOD bless his soul. I did listen to Smerconish befor he supported Barry or Barrack and kissed up to Cris Matthews. Like I said I love my country obviously you have different thoughts. Does the name George Soro’s ring a bell ? WNPT. Bye Bye WNPT

  178. ProudConservativeMC says:

    When my husband told me about this I asked him if it was April Fool’s Day!! I couldn’t believe it. I agree with most of the other posters here…I will follow Glenn and Sean wherever they are picked up and will come back for Rush.
    I’m confused as to where Smerconish’s “midday” show was coming from, was he broadcasting out of Philly but not heard in Philly? I thought the national show was on in the morning. I’d have been happy to replace Smerconish with Stigall and just keep the rest of the lineup. I stopped listening to Smerconish for the most part after he endorsed Obama, too, and am quite surprised that PHT is willing to give up #2 and #3 to accomodate him.

  179. A Philadelphia Yankee Who Escaped!!! says:

    Now the uppity immigrant from Bucks County can talk up prostitution, gambling and partying all he likes as there will be no one there to give a d@mn. There is nothing worse than a hick enthralled with the vices of the big city and it’s even less appealing when it is done in Philadelphia, a city founded by pious Quakers. William Penn rolls in his grave at the violence done his heritage. Shmerconish, the boy in a man’s body, is the perfect symbol of everything wrong with this God-foresaken place.

  180. Pat B says:

    Poor Dom- he is really being thrown under the bus. I will miss listening to him- but I am off to WOR in NY for Glenn at 9:00..

    As to Michael s new time- I hope it works for his family and career aspirations- but whatever. I still miss Imus.

    Pat B

  181. John Arzberger says:

    I stopped listening to 1210 in the morning when Micheal endored Chairman Obama and decided he wanted to be just like tingle up my leg Chris Mathews . I’l just listen to Rush on another station and Glenn and Hannity as well as the Phillies on satelite . all that needs to be done now is cancel Rush and put Randi Rhoads in his place and 1210 will be just like MSNBC ABC CBS NBC far left Good bye 1210 .

  182. patrick kelly says:

    I also switched to WNPT 990AM and Bill Bennett when Smerconish announced his change of party and support of Obama. My routine for the last 2+years, has been Bill Bennett on 990, then Glen Beck on 1210, Rush on 1210, Hannity on 1210 and if nothing else was on, I’d listen to Dom. Now, you are making it easy for me to start with 990 and stay will that station all day. On my weekly rides to the shore, I can get Rush, Glen and Sean on 1410 AM. Bad move, Big Talker!!!

  183. Mike says:

    If 1210 management thinks they are going to ride off into radio glory because of Smerconish’s ability, then I must be totally out of touch with reality. I would like to see his ratings because I doubt they are any good. The advantage the station has is 50,000 watts, Rush and the Phillies. Smerconish will be off the air alot when the Phillies play, so I think eventually he is going to take Rush’s spot. There are plenty of alternatives to 1210, so I say good riddance.

  184. Mike P. says:

    Whoa! Dropping Beck , Hannity for egotistical MSNBC wanna-be Smerconish…big mistake!! He’s awful, and so’s his junvenile staff, Gregg and TC. Hello NPT. You would have been better off replacing Smerconish, the kiss-up, with this Stigal guy…not the other way around. Mike Gallagher and Medved here we come!!!!

  185. Dennis Murray says:

    I have been a listener to Smerconish for many years. Though I still listen he has become a little to vanilla lately, I will not be following him to afternoons. I can at least find alternative stations in this area to still follow Glenn and at times Sean. I wish Michael well and understand his reasons. That being said I think this is a bad move for WPHT.

  186. Samantha Cardimon says:

    I’m inclined to agree that WPHT is going to awaken to the sounds of silence come January. I’ve listened to, and enjoyed, Michael Smerconish for years and I turned a blind eye to his voting for Obama and kissing up to Chris Matthews. I’d probably even listen to him in the afternoons, but since the dismissal of Glenn Beck I think I’ll just not listen at all. I wish Michael well, but you could have left Glenn in place. Honestly, people. He’s a big ratings draw (as is Hannity, for that matter). I think you’ve just cut your own throats on this one.

  187. Stephen says:

    I know I can pick up Sean out of Delaware. Not sure about Glenn Beck, but I will find a way to listen. Smerconish is a left winger who is denial. You just lost a listener who plans on calling your advertisers and letting them know that I will be taking my business someplace else that does not support the left wing censors. Funny how this news comes out the same week that the left started to bark again about conservative talk radio….

  188. Patti says:

    1210 please pay attention to all of these comments. The vast majority show you are making a huge mistake. I will also be going elsewhere to find Glenn Beck. I don’t listen to Sean much, but I’ll just get him on my satellite radio when I feel like listening. I’ve been listening to Michael since 1997 and I completely disagree with his Obama leanings, but I enjoy his other commentary, variety of guests & interviews. I wish him well and I understand his reasons for moving, but I won’t follow him to afternoons, that just doesn’t work for my schedule anymore. Beck & Hannity have huge audiences and you’ve just sent them packing. You need to rethink this before it’s too late for your station. The next thing you know, 1210 will fall in with the small AM stations that host all Spanish shows or music from the 1920’s. Listen to your listeners!!!

  189. Patrice McGorrey says:

    Stupid move 1210! Those who love Beck and Hannity will follow them elsewhere so you’ll be left with no listeners. Good bye WPHT!

  190. Franco says:

    I guess the program director of WPHT has forgotten what happened just over 10 years ago when WWDB showed similar arrogance when they dumped Tom Marr, Phil Valentine, and Rollye James, in some idiotic attempt to “balance” the station or “send it in a different direction”. What’s that saying? Oh yeah “Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it.” Well, I’m sure that the people at WNTP 990 are thrilled with your decision.

  191. JSH says:

    WPHT’s bread and butter has been conservative radio since I moved here eight years ago.
    I suspected the bread was going stale, and the butter was turning rancid when Michael Smerconish began to deviate from his principles.
    When I heard that a man my age, who had supported Ronald Reagan’s Presidential campaign was now throwing his support to Barack Obama, I knew that something irrevocable and bizarre was happening in Philly. This seals the deal.
    Perhaps Mr.Stigall will bring back a measure of steadiness to PHT’s morning.

  192. eric in nj says:

    Dropping Glenn and Sean? Thats the kind of empty headedness that Michael demonstrated when he stopped guesting on O’Reilly and opted for the infinitely lower rated Hardball. I see that you have somehow managed to catch his sickness. No matter, I have been listening to WNTP- AM 990 since Michael decided to betray everything he pretended to be for the past 8 years and sidled up to Obama. BILL BENNETT 6-9 AM- EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO BILL BENNETT ON AM 990!!!! I have a Rush membership so I no longer have to. or will, listen to your every worsening station- goodbye.

  193. Steve says:

    You could have brought this guy in to replace Smerconish: NO PROBLEM to replace an idiot who talks about his beard, and cigars, and Phill sports teams (Hello, there are already two sports stations!) A guy who woted for Obama because, as he said, the Republicans were unable to get Osama Bin Laden… So how has that been going to the Obama administration? Smerconish is a boring narcissist with an annoying voice.

    Let me get this straight, you still play Frank Sinatra all weekend…. you don’t rethink that, but you have the #2 and #3 talk show hosts on during the day and get rid of them?

    I hope Program Director Palladino is joining the ranks of the unemployed soon.

  194. Ross says:


    That is the only question I have.

    Your attempt to silence the conservative voice in Philadelphia will be overpowered by the deafening silence of your audience after January.


    1. steve says:

      Good one.

  195. lily says:

    Sorry You just lost another listener. What are you guys thinking ? Love Rush and Phillies but getting rid of Beck and Hannity??? Smerconish is totally irrelevant.Hope your company goes bankrupt!! Will find them somewhere else.

  196. JJ says:

    What are you guys thinking? Cutting Beck AND Hannity for THIS? Rush isn’t going to keep your station afloat by himself. Big mistake 1210.

  197. Phil A. says:

    They just lost another listener here too. All I listen to during the day is Glenn, Rush and Sean. Guess its time to invest in a satillite radio where I can get the 3 without the static.

  198. John A says:

    Switching out Smerconish for Stigall is a good idea. But you should have just left Smerconish out of the line up completely and kept Hannity and Beck. That way only a few NPR listeners would be upset instead of the many Hannity and Beck listeners. The program manager at PHT will probably be fired in short order for losing ad revenue during the 3 – 7 time slot. Who’d ever want to buy ad time on the Smerconish show? Oh yeah maybe George Soros!

    1. Kandi K. says:

      Troll, shill!

  199. Deanne Buyser says:

    Will no longer be listening to you station. WDOV comes in loud and clear in South Jersey and they carry Glenn Beck.

  200. frankgirard903 says:

    Thank God for WNTP and Internet radio. I can find alternatives to Smerconish with ease. After he became a mouthpiece for Obama I chose to listen to Bill Bennett. 1210 has been one of my favorite stations for years, since Bill Corsair and the Rascals in the 70’s, but now my only reasons to listen will be Rush, Dom and the Phillies. What’s next? Being an affiliate of a new Air America?

  201. dee berk says:

    They lost another listener, too.

  202. Andrew Sullivan says:

    Just heard the news of WPHT dropping Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity starting in January. I also just found out WPHT will lose something else strting in January, me.
    Unbelievably stupid and ill-timed decision. I’ll go with Glenn.

  203. bristolpa9mm says:

    Big mistake WPHT. I cannot believe a major radio network in the 5th largest market would drop 2 of the top 3 radio shows in America, all to appease a politically spineless moderate like Michael Smerconish. I can’t wait; 1 hour of ‘Philly’ Smerconish followed by 3 hours of mind numbingly lame ‘national’ Smerconish; gee, thanks PHT.

    Dropping Beck isn’t that big of a deal; he is a bit too much at times. Dom will fill his shoes both subject wise and intensity wise; all with a local angle. Creating a spot for Smerconish, by canceling Hannity, will come back to haunt WPHT. Smerconish has been angling for this type of national gig for quite some time, and his endorsement of Obama was a calculated and career forwarding ploy. His reasoning for the endorsement was such moderate clap trap it was sickening. He can take his ‘moderate’ mentality to afternoons and go national, but, like all wishy washy fence sitters, he will ultimately fail. Regardless of political affiliation, people tend to listen to someone who has a backbone, not someone who try’s to play both sides against the middle. Listening to Smerconish became impossible once he became an Obama apologist, just like all of his MSNBC colleagues.

    Good luck Dom; goodbye Beck and thank goodness I can get Hannity on Sirius satellite radio.

  204. Dan says:

    I’ve listened to Glenn and Sean for years on your station. Why don’t you make it a perfect Tri-Fecta and get rid of Rush? You lost another listener to WNPT.

  205. Peg says:

    Dropping Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity is a great move. After Michael Smerconish’s show finishes at 9 o’clock I usually switch to NPR. I will be doing less dial switching now. Michael is the best and most sensible voice on the radio today. I hope his replacement can fill his shoes.
    Hopefully,the extra hour Michael will have just in Philly will give us that old local program content. I loved the warmth of the show before it went national. The five minutes at the top of the hour wasn’t enough down home chat for me. Love you,Michael, good luck to the whole gang.

  206. rnotr2 says:

    Smrconish is a egotistical, shallow dilletante. He never engages the callers in a dialogue. Compare this to Rush or Glenn or Hannity. They relish a spirited give and take with a caller. Smerconish uses the callers as a small sample opinion survey. His show is the electronic version of USA Today. You might call his program McTalk Show..

  207. Eric says:

    Wow, in one of the biggest markets in the country, you are taking off the #2 and 3 radio show in the country. Im getting RUSH online now. BYE BYE Big Talker!

  208. Terry says:

    You just cancelled my two favorite hosts, Glenn Beck & Sean Hannity. I guess it’s bye bye for WPHT.

  209. KMoore says:

    Well, since WPHT is deciding to drop Glenn Beck from their morning lineup, I will drop WPHT from my dial.

  210. C says:

    Glen beck is a crazy person so this is fine by me.

  211. Robert Rayca says:

    You lost me to WNPT and Bill Bennett when Smerconish endorsed Obama. Now I’ll follow Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity wherever they go. So WPHT is down to Limbaugh and the Phillies.

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