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WPHT To Launch New Lineup With Chris Stigall Hosting Morning Drive

Michael Smerconish To Contribute Exclusive Live Afternoon Program;
Respected Philadelphia Radio Personality Dom Giordano Takes Over Middays

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — CBS RADIO’s The Big Talker 1210 AM announced today an enhanced lineup of personality based programs which will begin to rollout on Monday, January 3, 2011. Leading off the day on-air and online at will be one of America’s up and coming talk show hosts, Chris Stigall who joins the station from KCMO Talk Radio 710 in Kansas City where he has hosted morning drive since 2006. From 5:30-9:00AM Stigall will discuss local and national policy, the economy, the biggest news stories and issues that affect all Philadelphians, coupled with interviews of the day’s news and decision makers.

Stigall’s hiring is the result of Michael Smerconish’s decision to discontinue his morning program so he can focus on his popular nationally syndicated midday program. He will continue to be heard on WPHT weekdays from 3:00-700PM with the first hour of the show dedicated exclusively to the Philadelphia audience. Smerconish will debut in his new time period on Monday, January 17, 2011.

“Michael has been the crown jewel in WPHT’s lineup for many years and we respect his decision to shift his focus to afternoons,” said Marc Rayfield, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, CBS RADIO Philadelphia. “We’re thrilled he’ll remain an important voice on the station, shaping the political dialogue of Philadelphia for many years to come.

“We searched high and low before offering Chris mornings at WPHT. He is a bona fide star who can tackle a variety of issues that relate to his audience. Philadelphians have never been shy about sharing their views which will make for some engaging conversations in morning drive.”

Smerconish added, “First and foremost, I wanted to remain on our flagship station WPHT, but to put forth the best program I need to refocus my commitments. This move allows me to continue with my other radio and television opportunities, as well as my books and newspaper columns, while at the same time maintaining contact with my loyal fans in Philadelphia who have been with me since the beginning.”

“We are in an exciting and historic time in our country and I couldn’t be more proud to be broadcasting in the birthplace of American democracy on the legendary WPHT,” said Stigall. “Philadelphia listeners are very discerning, which places a premium on a show that unpacks the news of the day in a thoughtful and entertaining way. Our job is to address the topics on everyone’s minds with input from those in the know and the listeners dealing directly with the issues.”

Rounding out the daytime schedule launching on Monday, Jan. 17, 2011 is long time Big Talker host Dom Giordano (weekdays, 9:00AM-12:00Noon), and Rush Limbaugh (weekdays, 12:00Noon-3:00PM). Play-by-play coverage of the Phillies will dominate the lineup most weekday evenings when the regular season begins in April 2011. Additional programming will be announced at a later date.

In addition to hosting morning drive at KCMO, Stigall has been a contributor to CNN and serves as a guest host for the country’s top radio talk show hosts including Senator Fred Thompson, Michael Savage, Lou Dobbs, Rusty Humphries and Jerry Doyle.  He also regularly contributes print and on-line columns for publications across the country. His diverse background also includes Stigall’s work as a representative and press assistant to U.S. Congressman Sam Graves (MO-06).

Stigall received a degree in broadcasting and journalism from Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville.  During that time, he also studied comedy writing and television production as an intern with The Late Show with David Letterman broadcast on the CBS Television Network. Stigall, his wife, Christine, and their three children will relocate to Philadelphia.

* * *

Press Contact: Marc Rayfield

  • Stephen

    I know I can pick up Sean out of Delaware. Not sure about Glenn Beck, but I will find a way to listen. Smerconish is a left winger who is denial. You just lost a listener who plans on calling your advertisers and letting them know that I will be taking my business someplace else that does not support the left wing censors. Funny how this news comes out the same week that the left started to bark again about conservative talk radio….

  • Patti

    1210 please pay attention to all of these comments. The vast majority show you are making a huge mistake. I will also be going elsewhere to find Glenn Beck. I don’t listen to Sean much, but I’ll just get him on my satellite radio when I feel like listening. I’ve been listening to Michael since 1997 and I completely disagree with his Obama leanings, but I enjoy his other commentary, variety of guests & interviews. I wish him well and I understand his reasons for moving, but I won’t follow him to afternoons, that just doesn’t work for my schedule anymore. Beck & Hannity have huge audiences and you’ve just sent them packing. You need to rethink this before it’s too late for your station. The next thing you know, 1210 will fall in with the small AM stations that host all Spanish shows or music from the 1920’s. Listen to your listeners!!!

  • Patrice McGorrey

    Stupid move 1210! Those who love Beck and Hannity will follow them elsewhere so you’ll be left with no listeners. Good bye WPHT!

  • Franco

    I guess the program director of WPHT has forgotten what happened just over 10 years ago when WWDB showed similar arrogance when they dumped Tom Marr, Phil Valentine, and Rollye James, in some idiotic attempt to “balance” the station or “send it in a different direction”. What’s that saying? Oh yeah “Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it.” Well, I’m sure that the people at WNTP 990 are thrilled with your decision.

  • JSH

    WPHT’s bread and butter has been conservative radio since I moved here eight years ago.
    I suspected the bread was going stale, and the butter was turning rancid when Michael Smerconish began to deviate from his principles.
    When I heard that a man my age, who had supported Ronald Reagan’s Presidential campaign was now throwing his support to Barack Obama, I knew that something irrevocable and bizarre was happening in Philly. This seals the deal.
    Perhaps Mr.Stigall will bring back a measure of steadiness to PHT’s morning.

  • eric in nj

    Dropping Glenn and Sean? Thats the kind of empty headedness that Michael demonstrated when he stopped guesting on O’Reilly and opted for the infinitely lower rated Hardball. I see that you have somehow managed to catch his sickness. No matter, I have been listening to WNTP- AM 990 since Michael decided to betray everything he pretended to be for the past 8 years and sidled up to Obama. BILL BENNETT 6-9 AM- EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO BILL BENNETT ON AM 990!!!! I have a Rush membership so I no longer have to. or will, listen to your every worsening station- goodbye.

  • Steve

    You could have brought this guy in to replace Smerconish: NO PROBLEM to replace an idiot who talks about his beard, and cigars, and Phill sports teams (Hello, there are already two sports stations!) A guy who woted for Obama because, as he said, the Republicans were unable to get Osama Bin Laden… So how has that been going to the Obama administration? Smerconish is a boring narcissist with an annoying voice.

    Let me get this straight, you still play Frank Sinatra all weekend…. you don’t rethink that, but you have the #2 and #3 talk show hosts on during the day and get rid of them?

    I hope Program Director Palladino is joining the ranks of the unemployed soon.

  • Ross


    That is the only question I have.

    Your attempt to silence the conservative voice in Philadelphia will be overpowered by the deafening silence of your audience after January.


    • steve

      Good one.

  • lily

    Sorry You just lost another listener. What are you guys thinking ? Love Rush and Phillies but getting rid of Beck and Hannity??? Smerconish is totally irrelevant.Hope your company goes bankrupt!! Will find them somewhere else.

  • JJ

    What are you guys thinking? Cutting Beck AND Hannity for THIS? Rush isn’t going to keep your station afloat by himself. Big mistake 1210.

  • Phil A.

    They just lost another listener here too. All I listen to during the day is Glenn, Rush and Sean. Guess its time to invest in a satillite radio where I can get the 3 without the static.

  • John A

    Switching out Smerconish for Stigall is a good idea. But you should have just left Smerconish out of the line up completely and kept Hannity and Beck. That way only a few NPR listeners would be upset instead of the many Hannity and Beck listeners. The program manager at PHT will probably be fired in short order for losing ad revenue during the 3 – 7 time slot. Who’d ever want to buy ad time on the Smerconish show? Oh yeah maybe George Soros!

    • Kandi K.

      Troll, shill!

  • Deanne Buyser

    Will no longer be listening to you station. WDOV comes in loud and clear in South Jersey and they carry Glenn Beck.

  • frankgirard903

    Thank God for WNTP and Internet radio. I can find alternatives to Smerconish with ease. After he became a mouthpiece for Obama I chose to listen to Bill Bennett. 1210 has been one of my favorite stations for years, since Bill Corsair and the Rascals in the 70’s, but now my only reasons to listen will be Rush, Dom and the Phillies. What’s next? Being an affiliate of a new Air America?

  • dee berk

    They lost another listener, too.

  • Andrew Sullivan

    Just heard the news of WPHT dropping Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity starting in January. I also just found out WPHT will lose something else strting in January, me.
    Unbelievably stupid and ill-timed decision. I’ll go with Glenn.

  • bristolpa9mm

    Big mistake WPHT. I cannot believe a major radio network in the 5th largest market would drop 2 of the top 3 radio shows in America, all to appease a politically spineless moderate like Michael Smerconish. I can’t wait; 1 hour of ‘Philly’ Smerconish followed by 3 hours of mind numbingly lame ‘national’ Smerconish; gee, thanks PHT.

    Dropping Beck isn’t that big of a deal; he is a bit too much at times. Dom will fill his shoes both subject wise and intensity wise; all with a local angle. Creating a spot for Smerconish, by canceling Hannity, will come back to haunt WPHT. Smerconish has been angling for this type of national gig for quite some time, and his endorsement of Obama was a calculated and career forwarding ploy. His reasoning for the endorsement was such moderate clap trap it was sickening. He can take his ‘moderate’ mentality to afternoons and go national, but, like all wishy washy fence sitters, he will ultimately fail. Regardless of political affiliation, people tend to listen to someone who has a backbone, not someone who try’s to play both sides against the middle. Listening to Smerconish became impossible once he became an Obama apologist, just like all of his MSNBC colleagues.

    Good luck Dom; goodbye Beck and thank goodness I can get Hannity on Sirius satellite radio.

  • Dan

    I’ve listened to Glenn and Sean for years on your station. Why don’t you make it a perfect Tri-Fecta and get rid of Rush? You lost another listener to WNPT.

  • Peg

    Dropping Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity is a great move. After Michael Smerconish’s show finishes at 9 o’clock I usually switch to NPR. I will be doing less dial switching now. Michael is the best and most sensible voice on the radio today. I hope his replacement can fill his shoes.
    Hopefully,the extra hour Michael will have just in Philly will give us that old local program content. I loved the warmth of the show before it went national. The five minutes at the top of the hour wasn’t enough down home chat for me. Love you,Michael, good luck to the whole gang.

  • rnotr2

    Smrconish is a egotistical, shallow dilletante. He never engages the callers in a dialogue. Compare this to Rush or Glenn or Hannity. They relish a spirited give and take with a caller. Smerconish uses the callers as a small sample opinion survey. His show is the electronic version of USA Today. You might call his program McTalk Show..

  • Eric

    Wow, in one of the biggest markets in the country, you are taking off the #2 and 3 radio show in the country. Im getting RUSH online now. BYE BYE Big Talker!

  • Terry

    You just cancelled my two favorite hosts, Glenn Beck & Sean Hannity. I guess it’s bye bye for WPHT.

  • KMoore

    Well, since WPHT is deciding to drop Glenn Beck from their morning lineup, I will drop WPHT from my dial.

  • C

    Glen beck is a crazy person so this is fine by me.

  • Robert Rayca

    You lost me to WNPT and Bill Bennett when Smerconish endorsed Obama. Now I’ll follow Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity wherever they go. So WPHT is down to Limbaugh and the Phillies.

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