Unemployment Benefits Near End For Millions

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The search for work has become a full time job of its own for Wayne Hood.

“It’s like a job before you get a job,” sighed Hood.

And his job Thursday brought him to Grace United Methodist Church for a career fair.

“You got my resume?” Hood asked of all the employers.

From one table to the next, the former bus driver looked for work with the same determination that has kept him going the last six months.

“I believe one day I’ll get the job I’m looking for,” Hood said.

As the unemployment rate hovers near 9.6 percent, nearly nine million Americans are collecting unemployment, unable to find work.

“Even if you get out of school, it’s not enough to get a job,” said Yvonne Everett. “It’s not enough.”

Now experts say the number of unemployed workers who have stopped looking for work has hit a record high of more than a million people, as unemployed workers get discouraged by the job hunt.

Training coordinator Ashley Eisenhart said the economy is forcing people to change their job search strategy.

“You see a lot of people looking below what their skill level is,” said Eisenhart, “because, unless they do that, they won’t find work.”

Nearly two million Americans will run out of unemployment benefits at the end of the month if Congress does not pass an extension. Of those millions, 18,000 live in Philadelphia.

Reported By: Oren Liebermann, CBS 3


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  1. Gregory Hester says:

    This is very disturbing news, there are many people looking for work study and with no success, congress figures that this will make people find work, but everyone (unemployed) that I have talked to has been on a no nonsense search and with no luck, we believe that this will cause a unbelievable (Huge) crime rate in this country. Is this really good when women and the elderly have to carry a wepon just to go shopping or go to an appointment, I am a god fearing man but there are many that will do what they must to pay rent, feed their children and pay bills. The holiday season is here and this could not come at a worst time. I hope that these republicians think long and hard before taking the only source of survival!

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