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2 Teens Beaten, Robbed On SEPTA Concourse

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Two teens were hospitalized after being attacked by a group of 12 boys on a busy SEPTA concourse Wednesday.

The attack happened at about 3 p.m. on the concourse level under Broad Street at the Chestnut Street entrance.

According to investigators, an 18-year-old and his 16-year-old girlfriend were kicked and beaten by the mob.

The 18-year-old suffered several injuries to his face, including a cut near his eye. His girlfriend’s lip was cut open and her pocketbook was stolen.

“I think there should be more police protection in the subways during the day,” the 18-year-old victim’s mom said.

SEPTA officials said they are working to track down the individuals responsible for the attack.

“We are trying to locate them and trying to further identify them. This is unacceptable,” SEPTA spokeswoman Jerri Williams said.

This morning, some riders were alarmed.

One rider says, “I think they should have more police down here. It’s not enough at all, they think it’s safe because it’s downtown. There’s more police at Olney than downtown, but we need safety too.”

Another rider said the worst time to ride the subway is in the afternoon when all the high schools let out, and she says, the students are misbehaving. She, too, would like more security in the subway.

Leah uses the subway every day to get to school. She says, “My school is right down the street so I come here every single day, walk down the streets of downtown. So it’s very frightening and scary for my life.”

Reported by Valerie Levesque, CBS 3, and Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio


One Comment

  1. bottomline says:

    Explanation: These misfits can’t function in a democratic, free society, obviously lacking the intelligence to grasp the need to pursue the skills needed for survival. They’ll end up being exploited and over-worked and for a barely livable wage – if their lucky. This is the equivalent of slavery – no hope, no future. If Obama and those of his mind set get their way, our American society will be exchanged for a global, one government type of rule. If this happens, “equal opportunity” will be redefined as a high paying job, shining shoes. They’ll find that even the salves of times gone by had it better, they had free medical care too. For these uneducated mobsters, the alternative to being a elite shoe shine boy is to join the army and fight to save the global rulers from their citizen slaves.

  2. Buzz Lightyear says:

    The cops are never even in the concource they are only at the turnstile talking to each other and drinking coffee. Everytime i go on the train theres a fight in the concource, on the platform, or ON THE TRAIN ITSELF! If Mr. MAYOR NUTTER rode the train at 3 oclock so he can see for himself MAYBE he’ll kno what to do.
    To infinity and Beyond!

    1. cygnus says:

      If only we could bring Frank Rizzo back.

  3. They Truly Are Animals says:

    Well…I think we all know what “type” of kids these are. They are the same “type” that committed the flash mobs during the summer. Of course it’s not politically correct to state what they are…but we all know, don’t we?!?

  4. dave says:

    you neve see police down thear ever

  5. jack markowitz says:

    These thugs behave like a pack of wild dogs, cowards every one of them. unfit to live in civilized society.They are beyond redemption. lock them up in a cage and throw away the keys. then put them on display in the zoo between the jackels and the hyennas (and please, DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS). Not even Jesus can save them. They belong entirely to Satan.

  6. george jefferson says:

    Most of these kids don’t know who their father is? Discipline….forget it!

  7. CityEd says:

    Calm down, people this dozen youths deserve a “second chance” just like Vick.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We need to go back to the old cowboy days and carry guns like they used to do. I know. I’ll move to Tucson, Arizona where it’s totally legal to carry your gun around. I own 3 firearms and am tempted to move there. At least I can carry one and not worry about being arrested. But, that’s not going to help Philly. So, what will we do about Philly? I wish I had an answer. Parents are not parenting because they are scared of their own kids. The law says you can’t discipline them, you can’t spank them, you can’t jack them up (the older ones). The kids have more rights than parents do. Parents are afraid of getting arrested for child abuse if they discipline their kids. As a result, the kids beat up the parents and they know they can’t be punished for it. Hell in a handbasket raising kids nowadays. I’m glad I had mine back in the 80’s. I spanked them when they deserved it and I never spanked them when I was angry. BUT, they got my discipline. It never hurt us, and it won’t hurt these kids of today. Parents just need to stop being afraid to be a parent.

  9. Legally Armed Citizen says:

    I think more Philadelphia residents need to carry concealed handguns. The more stories that make the news where these thugs get shot, the less crime you will see. I guarantee. But we all know Philadelphia police and politicians want you disarmed, so more crime can happen easier. That way they get more budget money for more police and politicians. I hate this city anymore and will be leaving shortly. Good luck to you all!

  10. Anders Norsamn says:

    Maybe if the SEPTA Cops would al stop hanging around with each other. Every day when leaving work at 3:30.There are quite a few cops at the cash booth at the city hall stop.

    1. katie says:

      There are times when you cannot get down the steps at 7th and Market because the uruly kids (that ride for free) refuse to move. However when you finally get to the bottom of the steps LO AND BEHOLD there are the transit cops talking to each other or checking cell phones!

  11. trueism says:

    Not to worry; Ackerman will protect them. Had they been warned that they would be sent to a separate High School for students that require additional discipline, NONE OF THIS WOLD EVER HAD TAKEN PLACE. But instead, flash mobs, racial incidents, and violence are condoned by the current administration. All they might do is sprinkle additional tax dollars by sending more police, and cameras. Ackerman’s the problem.. Give her some more awards, and another bonus. Stick it to the citizens.. Tell it to the Mayor/He appointed her

  12. Sey says:

    Another sad story from another sad incident. It’s really hopeless to get upset about these situations. We can only blame ourselves, we as people are losing our sense of discipline and respect for one another. This is why I left that god forbidden city, and it’s not just Philadelphia its every urban city in this country. I pray for the day that we get hit by a meteor and whip this planet clean of its cancer.

  13. Stephanie Patterson says:

    When the last rash of these cowardly attacks occurred in town, Mayor Nutter INSISTED that the subways are safe. Okay, Mr. Nutter….If they’re so safe, then drop your daughter off and let her play in the concourse for the day. In other words, “put up or shut up.”

  14. lovelyone1 says:

    My prayers go out to the victims involved. That is why you must stay in prayer because we need divine protection from God. Man can’t always be there to protect you but God said he would never leave you or forsake you. As for the ones who committed this terrible crime please turn yourselves in and repent for your sins before it’s too late , because the next time could be your last.

  15. Charles Bronson says:

    If they had stepped to me then this would be a story about a pack of dead criminals. You have seen my movies, I don’t mess around.

  16. hotrats7 says:

    what is the solution ? 9mm for each and every perp that is the best way to keep streets safe.

  17. Mr. John says:

    I’ve been advocating jailing parents for years. I am 52 and have seen that some parents are not teaching their kids anything. If I sound like I will turn out to be a grumpy old man later in my years, KEEP YOUR KIDS OFF MY PROPERY ARE THEY WILL GET SHOT.

  18. Kathleen Wells says:

    The cops need to be on the alert for these perps. I think I saw this crowd of kids outside Wendy’s on Chestnut St about 5:30 last night I overheard one saying he was not about to be arrested. I was afraid as I walked past them, but just kept going. I’m not walking underground anymore. A long time ago, a friend of mine was assaulted down there and got her jaw broken. They do need surveillance cameras underground for sure. I’m sorry for the couple who were attacked and hope they will be okay.

    1. Annon says:

      Surveillance cameras could help and would at least provide footage provided they were able to place them where they would not be easily torn down.

  19. dave says:

    “on a *busy* SEPTA concourse”, and no adults stopped it!? Shame on everyone that was on that concourse and saw/heard it.

  20. Jane says:

    What do you expect ? it’s inner city people—-Males who attack women are cowards and also when they need a group to attack anyone—they are animals and you know what happens to animals that attack people? you get rid of them–shame we can’t do that

    1. Jared Stefan says:

      this is incredibly offensive. children with the wrong direction are not animals…they just have the wrong direction. this is why they continue like this into adulthood…people like you making them actually believe they are less than.

  21. George Richard Williams says:

    I hope they check those street cameras that were put up around that area.
    Or platform cameras. I’d jail them & fine the parents, this is rediculous.

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