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Local Man Wants To Keep Needy Feet Dry and Warm

WAYNE, Pa. (CBS) –  Tom Costello Jr. was volunteering at a homeless shelter when a podiatrist told him the needy men and women there suffered from a lot of foot-related problems because so few of them had socks.

Costello says most people who donate clothes usually forget about feet:

“What do you do when your sweater wears out, well you give it to Goodwill or to the church. What about your socks? When they’re worn out, I threw them away, so you’ll find out the homeless have a lot of opportunity for coats, jackets or sweaters, but they don’t get any socks.”

He’s started the to raise money to buy or to receive donations of new footwear for the homeless.

Reported by Lynne Adkins, KYW Newsradio

  • Patty O'Brien

    Tell the homeless people to go to the Dollar Store and buy a pair of socks instead of buying booze or cigarettes. Let’s stop supporting lazy people.

  • Patty O'Brien

    Give me a break.

  • The Bobster

    Could CBS have found a photo of an uglier pair of feet? Doubtful.

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