(PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Bagging, dragging and giving your leaves away – it doesn’t make sense.  You want your leaves, you just don’t want them lying on your lawn and smothering it.  So, gathering them in a handy spot is smart. Grind them up, make a compost pile, fence them in, or do the equivalent of shoving the toys under the bed – stuff your leaves under a tree.

We’ve been piling our beech leaves under a big holly tree for years.  Its low branches brush the ground and pen the leaves in, and over time they breakdown into fabulous free plant food you can use to improve the soil, top-dress your lawn, and help your garden grow.

You’ll save money too – it would cost you a fortune to buy the quality fertilizer you give away in your leaves.  And you’d have to haul heavy bags of it home in your car or pay to have them delivered.  So, this year, don’t let your leaves leave your yard – keep them for yourself.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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