Controversy Brewing Over Dog Adoption ‘Mistake’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It is the tale of one dog with two owners.

Mooka is an eight-year-old Shih Tzu from Mount Airy.

Mooka’s owner Kim Quitman says she let her dog outside for five minutes and he was picked up by someone who took the dog to the Pennsylvania SPCA.

Kim says she called the PSPCA the same day Mooka went missing.

The PSPCA admits it made a mistake and allowed a new family to adopt Mooka four days after he was taken to the shelter.

Quitman told Eyewitness News, “He was then adopted out to this family who refuses to give him back. They had him for one week. I have had my dog since he was two-months-old.”

The PSPCA says the mistake happened when the staff did not check to make sure Mooka was not reported missing before they allowed him to be adopted.

The PSPCA calls the mistake regretful and says it tries to do the best it can with the staff it has.

As of now, Mooka remains in the possession of the family that adopted him.

Reported By: Valerie Levesque, CBS 3


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  1. M Miller says:

    Please give us an update on this story! My heart goes out to the original owner. The adoptive family should step up and do the right thing…return the dog! Please!

  2. Cynthia Dobson says:

    I agree with the majority of everyone else here-the PSPCA made a mistake and is responsible for getting the dog back to it’s proper owner. The adopting family should understand and return the dog to it’s real family. Cold as it sounds, dogs are considered property of owner according to the law-so the owner can sue both the PSPCA and the adopting family and win in court. The PSPCA should make good on it’s mistake and return the dog to her, and the money to the adopting family if it wishes to save face. The family needs to give the dog back to it’s real owner, or face charges for stolen property. Better to do what is right, than go through all that. When you are in the wrong, have the decency to appologize and make amends!

  3. CJR says:

    I think the family that adopted Mooka should understand that it’s a horrible mistake and should have the heart and return Mooka to the original owner. There are plenty of doggies that need adoption that they can pick from. Have a heart and be kind and return Mooka to her owner.

  4. N. Campanelli says:

    My dog was stolen after having her for 11 years as my little companion. It was like losing a child! And I know she was wondering where I was. We did everything to try and find her…. SPCA, pounds, internet, fliers, picture in newspapers, photos to the police, etc. I never got her back. I agree with everyone else.. this dog has been a long-time “child” to a family that is now heartbroken. I know the feelings they are going through. It is gut-wrenching, you are so sick over it, you can’t sleep, you cry, you call out to the dog and apologize because you aren’t there. I BEG THIS FAMILY WHO HAS HER NOW… PLEASE RETURN HER AND GET YOURSELVES ANOTHER DOG. It is selfish to keep this dog from it’s family. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING. This has obviously never happened to you, or you would totally understand.

  5. LoriAnn Mecham says:

    This is really sad and I feel so bad for the women. If the family who has her dog has a heart they would return the dog and adpoted another dog because they are plenty of others dog who need homes.

  6. Paulette says:

    Amistake was made. Do the right thing. You would not want this to happen to you. Give the dog back.

  7. KC says:

    I agree that the adoptive family should return the dog to the original owner however, why was Mooka not traced back to Ms Quitman? No where in the article does it say the dog was properly tagged – was it?
    Dogs must be collared, must have their city license on the collar and are not allowed to run free unless on the owner’s property, never on a public street or sidewalk. According to, a licensed dog will be held for 5 days while attempts are made to contact the owner, an unlicensed dog for 2 days.

  8. Stephanie R. says:

    I’m sorry, but the people that adopted this dog need to do the right thing and return Mooka to her original owner. As for the SPCA, they need to take it upon themselves and arrange at all costs to have Mooka returned to her original owner. My family would be heartsicken to find our beloved dog stolen and resold to another family. Does this adoptive family have no feelings and compassion. Adoptive family, please do the right thing and return the dog. This is not fair to Mooka and her owner, Kim.

  9. E. Brown says:

    It’s horrible that the dog was unlawfully taken and given away b/c the SPCA didn’t check if he was reported missing. The adoptive family should do the right thing and give the dog back, b/c if the situation was reversed they’d want the dog back.

  10. Rose says:

    I agree, PLEASE give the dog back!

  11. Jennifer Poole says:

    Kim Quitman deserves to have her dog back. It was a mistake by the SPCA and they should make the adoption to the “new owners” null and void because it wasn’t their dog to adopt out. If you are reading this please give Ms. Quitman Mooka back. You have no idea how heartbreaking it would be to lose your dog to another person/family. There are soooooooo many other wonderful dogs out there that DESPERATELY need a home . Please adopt another dog. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

  12. Cheryl Bell says:

    being the owner of three dogs , i understand the spca’s problem, but there has been a mistake, please give the original owner her dog back. there is nothing more heart breaking then losing a part of you family..she gave the spca a call with all the info on her missing dog, someone dropped the ball. give her the dog back. If the adoptive family has half a heart they would understand that they should return the dog back to its original owner. Its is just the right thing to do

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