Backlash Over New Body Scanners

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Just say no to flying. That’s the message resonating with a grass roots organization that disapproves of new full body scanners and pat-downs from Transportation Security Administration officials.

Founder of, James Babb of Philadelphia says TSA officials are taking things too.

And he’s not the only one.

Last week Babb says he had 200 friends and supporters on Facebook, now that number has grown to more than 5,000.

“They’re feeling up old ladies and children and they’re calling it security, but it’s not security,” said Babb.

So how does Babb suggests keeping our airports safe?

“One thing we could do is respect everyone’s right to bear arms,” said Babbs.

“But the short term solution for me and my family is just not to fly,” said Babbs.

The verdict is still out on whether these new security measures are necessary.

“I think it’s for everyone’s safety. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to make sure everyone’s safe on the airplane,” said Patricia Conte of Newtown.

“As unpopular as it is, I think they need to start profiling people somewhat,” said Randall Hemenway of Houston.

The American Civil Liberties Union, along with some New Jersey lawmakers, are calling on federal officials to reconsider some of their security methods.

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One Comment

  1. CC Coleman says:

    This is just the start. First the Airports, then the Train Staions, then the Bus Stations, next the Sporting Events, then the Mall, then the Movie Theaters, random check points on the highways where they go through your belongings in your car, soon cameras on every street corner then later pointed at your house entrances, later a knock knock and there is a Goon Standing at attention in your living room to make sure you are Government Pure, next he is in your bedroom, standing over your bed, then he is at attention sleeping between you and your wife…

    Where do you draw the line? When is when enough? How much will you endure? How far backwards are you going to bend? When are you going to behave like Men? When are you going to behave like Wives and Mothers that protect your children from harm? When is too far for a limp wristed Liberal?

    If it does not bother you because you don’t fly or mind a grope – remember they are going to take it to the next level and you are next.

  2. CC Coleman says:

    From Paul Revere to Ron Paul. I think it is time to sound the alarm. Liberty is gone! We now live in a Police State that would make the old East German Government proud. Time to go to the powder at the armory. Time to oil the steel. The time is come to take back our country and reinstate the United States of America that once was and make it great again.

  3. Kim says:

    Do all the baggage handlers go through body scanners when they report to work everyday? Heck, they can’t even get them to stop stealing from other peoples luggage…I am sure that if someone offered them big bucks one of them would be willing to put a bomb into the cargo hold. Its only a matter or time.

  4. The Bobster says:

    Ooooh, profiling is sooo evil. Israel does it and it works.

  5. Howard says:

    Here is a novel idea for all of you who think it is an invasion of privacy – DON’T FLY

    1. dave says:


      Here is a novel idea for you…read (and try to comprehend) the Constitution!

  6. X man says:

    Guess the TSA are hiring priests now. Disgusting, no wonder will be number three or four after China, India, and Brazil.

  7. G volans says:

    Can I request a “happy ending” with my enhanced pat down?

  8. G volans says:

    “Oh what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say “ni” at will to old ladies”

  9. angry.american says:

    My comment on Islam was flagged and deleted.
    Way to go, CBS Philly!
    We know who the enemy is.

  10. cindinator says:

    Following the example of EL AL would be a good idea. They are professional and do racial profiling, the ones most likely to be terrorists. The difference between the US and Israel is, however, they MUST be vigilant every day that they exist in order to survive. In the US, we give up rights left and right because we are too busy running kids to soccer games, shopping at the mall or getting our hair made up in the latest do. We need to make the government hire professional security guards and let them carry weapons. There would be no reason then to disrobe, get xrayed, groped or probed. But it isn’t about any of that. The main reason for any of this is to let the government be in control and break your will…

  11. Jim says:

    Fear no evil – sit in first class and order the steak so you have a knife to defend yourself. A sharp knife provided by the airline and approved by the government that just confiscated your nail clippers.

    Tools aren’t dangerous, people are.

  12. Fritz says:

    We had better rights when we lived in East Germany. The TSA is worse than the Stasi.

  13. driving miss daisy says:

    may I suggest that no one flies for thanksgiving to teach them a lesson

  14. Not Flying says:

    Securing our borders, knowing exactly who is entering our country and what they are bringing with them, and profiling using known terrorist information will go a lot farther in keeping us safe than this ridiculous “security theater” the TSA perverts and pedophiles are foisting upon us. How can you trust the government to protect us in the skies when they won’t protect us on the ground?

  15. Richard of Right says:

    Has Big Sis (Janet N) been through the full body scanner? Has she been through the groping process? How about Chucky Schumer? Harry Reid? Boxer? Pelosi? Any Kennedy?

    Remember: political correctness kills!

    1. Willey says:

      Of course not!! Our elitist ruling class doesn’t have to submit to porno-scanners–just us country class rubes.

  16. intercessor says:

    considering all this airport security was prompted by false flag operations anyway, there really is no need for it. Stop this defacto government form it’s evil affairs before our children are learning how to survive in a concentration camps!

  17. giddyup says:

    CROTCH WATCH Headquarters

    This just in…. Barney Frank has volunteered to go through the scanner… twice. With his boyfriend. Ohhhh, oooooooo, uh, oh, uh,uh,uh. I love working for the TSA!!!

  18. Dave says:

    How dysfunctional is our country? I believe that the easiest way for a terrorist to get a bomb onto a plane is to simply take a job as a TSA agent- i KNOW that the bar is low, I have 2 eyes and a clear head. Alternatively they can probably just breeze through the checkpoint while all of the TSA agents’ attention is focused on feeling up nuns and children and scanning hotties.

  19. isaac says:

    they need to come out with a t shirt that says ,
    dont touch my junk. or how about ,

  20. ann peters says:

    Napalitano is a sexual deviant. The TSA is her outlet for sexual fantasy, and the people who are involved in the TSA are sexually stimulated doing this erotic work. They love it, especially when it involves children. Napalitano, Obama and all members of Congress should be body scanned and have full cavity searches.Their images should be put on the internet so that we can see them, discuss them, pass them around and look at their private parts.

    1. Simon says:

      I thought we had the right to restricted travel and from unreasonable searches. The TSA attitude is showing our rights are no longer valid in traveling whether by plane, train, bus and soon your own car.

      1. Simon says:

        that should read unrestricted travel.

  21. A. Ominous says:

    TSA is led by someone with Down Syndrome. The blank stare doesn’t make us safer. The x-ray machines don’t make us safer. The barely trained gropers don’t make us safer.

    Support freedom and OPPOSE TYRANY.

    1. Dave Kemp says:

      Using “Down Syndrome” in this manner is hurtful to many “normal” parents, relatives and friends. Surely, there must be a less offensive way to make your point.

  22. Bumper Press says:

    heck out a variety of “Opt Out” Bumper Stickers at

  23. kattididit says:

    On a recent visit to Phoenix to make an announcement Big Sis refused to go through the body scanner…took a pass while telling the media how great it I want to see Big Sis get her butt viewed and felt up!

    1. Willey says:

      I don’t.

    2. Robb says:

      Hey Traitor! We are at war with terrorists! you want to complain about something in place to protect are safety? your a short sighted, indulgent fool… don’t put my family, friends, and my own safety at risk…

      1. Willey says:

        Porno-scanners don’t protect you from terrorists who carry bombs up their butts, moron. Wise up.

  24. Larry McNellis Sr says:

    The easy answer would be to have separate flights/terminals for those who agree to the full body scan or full pat down and another for those who don’t. The latter could just walk through without any security check.

    1. Willey says:

      The porno scanners can’t see through human skin, so the terrorist with a bomb up his butt will blow you out of the sky even if he were scanned. Wise up.

    2. BackToBasics says:

      How about those who don’t get to go through the security measures that were in place up until about October 1. I’ll bet NOBODY would go through the new style screenings except for you!

  25. SUsan says:

    People we need to! THis reminds me of Nazi Germany and traveling with your papers…yes, this is exactly what the terrorists want and I am sure they are rejoicing on the lose of our privacy and the offensive intrusion in to our very bodies! It is the government not the airlines, who for profit would have a much better and respectful system.. the arilines and pilots need to revolt.. this is a gross invasion of our liberty and will not keep us safer..PROFILE get rid of the political correctness.. its destroying us, which some left wing liberals find pleasure in viewiing, tragically..

    1. JDH says:

      I consider myself an independent/conservative…Two possible situations:1)what do you say to the kids whose father got blown out of the sky because “you didn’t want your privacy invaded(or the bombers )”,or 2)drive,take a train or a bus…….ya can’t have your cake and eat it to!!!

      1. John Giles says:

        You tell them live free or die.

  26. adam says:

    Why can’t they just use dogs? Seems like a no brainer!

    1. BackToBasics says:

      Muslims consider dogs a dirty anumal. The government certainly wouldn’t want to upset Muslim sensibilites. Can’t have that now, can we?

      Cats are considered clean though. Kind of comical but how about cats sniffing for bombs? I love both but good luck on getting a cat to do this job!!

  27. disgruntled says:

    Does anyone here think that they’d actually do this type of aggressive frisking on a Muslim woman? Of course not, which makes this whole thing an absolute joke!

    1. cindinator says:

      Plus scanners do not detect anything hidden within a body cavity in the nether regions which means a terrorist can insert a bomb into his bum and the scanner would not detect that. So what is the point of a scanner except for some pervert viewing.

  28. Robbie says:

    You can’t question a person’s immigration status after they have been legally stopped by law enforcement but you can grope or x-ray people who have done nothing but buy a ticket on an airplane. Something is backwards.

    Get rid of the political correct lunacy and start profiling.

  29. Bumper Press says:

    Here’s my Christmas Wish. I hope it will happen soon and very often during the holidays.

    A man dressed up like Santa Claus arrives at the airport. He is too fat to fit into the body scanner. So they must do an “enhanced” personal body search of Santa Claus. He will have to take off his black patten leather belt and silver buckle and drop his Xtra Xtra Large Red pants! What do think they will find under his XL reindeer print underwear?

    Adult toys for the TSA and it’s staff!

    HO! HO! HO!

    BTW: Dressing up like Santa Claus is not illegal. Would you have trouble getting on a flight dressed like that? Not if you are Santa Claus!

  30. Sevenofnine says:


    Totalitarians for a Socialist America

  31. John Meyer says:

    I gave up flying two years ago. Since when do we measure security by the amount of personal freedom we are willing to give up? We can absolutely guarantee security if we permit the government to read our mail and email, tap our phones, search us ANYWHERE, etc.

    Will we have to get naked body scans and grope-searches the next time we go to the ball park?

    Answer: Yes we will, unless you refuse to be scanned at airports.

  32. perkypauly says:

    Why don’t follow Israel’s El Al airline, never been hijacked,no patting down or x-ray—-just well trained personnel and profiling

    1. Jason Withrow says:

      Because “profiling” is a dirty word in America, which means “Statistics” are also a dirty word. Besides that makes way too much sense, and all the TSA workers would have to go back to flipping burgers, but those burger jobs are already being phased out in places like San Francisco via legislation that criminalizes fast foods. Big Government FTW

    2. cindinator says:

      You are correct sir. The difference between the US and Israel is, however, they MUST be vigilant every day that they exist in order to survive. In the US, we give up rights left and right because we are too busy running kids to soccer games, shopping at the mall or getting our hair made up in the latest do. We need to make the government hire professional security guards and let them carry weapons. There would be no reason then to disrobe, xrayed, groped or probed. But it isn’t about any of that. It’s the government in control and breaking your will…

  33. Jaff Harris says:

    Let the media show a picture of, say, Chuck Schumer being scanned. It should prove that all our pols really are anxious to show they are one of us!

  34. Horice Sheets says:

    CALM DOWN PEOPLE! This “Feel up” or “Radiation” is for your safety. If you’re really concerned, just wear a burka. They will never check you. The rules of political correctness and not offending Islam outweigh your silly Bill of Rights. Did you really think you were free?

    Or maybe……BAN ALL Middle Easterners and Muslims from entering the USA. But that would require UNELECTING all of the Democrats.

  35. Jeff says:

    I don’t mind being felt up! It’s been a long time!

    1. Angry American says:

      Jeff opts for the body cavity search every time.
      BAAA! BAAA!

  36. Chris says:

    I was checking flights to fly into Nashville by US Airway for $850 for my wife and I. I considered the governments virtual strip search and risk of skin cancer times two – there and back, so I opted to drive the 14 hrs for only about $200.

  37. phillysmart says:

    Groping and molesting american woman and children is not the answer…..check out all the muslims and you will eliminate the problem …our government is not working for us but the enemy

  38. mark says:

    There are 360 degrees around the plane. The fraction of a degree the TSA is focused on for their naked radiation treatments or molestation massage is not where the terrorists will get there goods through. The daily workers behind the security checkpoint, they don’t get the same screening. Heck you think the TSA agents do it to each other? Is not a (final) private screening the best place to transfer contraband to the passenger? Tell me who radiated and frisked the TSA agent on the way to work, we can’t risk the possibility of another terrorist attack.

  39. Marlin Spike says:

    1. Wear A LOT of obnoxious fragrance, something really awful!

    1. Eat a LOT of garlic, pickled eggs, oinion soup, and drink a few beer before you go to the airport.

    2. OPT OUT

    3. Breath Heavily on TSA Groper, and Fart as loudly and ‘fragrantly’ as you can when their head and hands are near the ‘outlet valve’

    4. Burp, and breathe on them again as you make your Faux Apology

    I’m sure you will get to move on quickly. :)

    1. diane says:

      I think doing a little projectile vomiting because you are so upset would get you through pretty quick too

  40. US Physician says:

    The “full body” scanners are medically unsafe.

    The “enhanced” pat downs are legalized sexual assault.

    As a native born US citizen, I am fearful to return to MY country over these medical health concerns.

  41. Terri says:

    Oddly the United States allows 1/2 of the population (the women) that has a history of blowing this up – foreign-born Muslims.

    Inconvenience millions of American because 30 or so foreign-born male Muslims have attempted or have blown up planes.

    I likes it better when there was less technology and more men in the room.

  42. phillysmart says:

    This is not necessary just an excuse for the federal government to continue down the path of a restrict socialist/totalitarian government…if they are interested in security try scrutinizing people who are actually trying to kill us …middle easterners and black africans

  43. Angry American says:

    At this time the only alternative is to opt out of flying where possible.
    I will not subject my wife and children to such unnecessary and degrading inspections.
    Shame on our government for taking the easiest and most politically correct path to combat potential terrorism.
    We know who the enemy is.

  44. beedogs says:

    Obama loves Muslims and hates most Americans. Is it any wonder TSA now considers USA citizens the enemy?

  45. Don't_sodomise_me says:

    The above was in response to poster “VIDA”. Seems to have disappeared.

  46. Amy Lynn McCarthy says:

    “One thing we could do is respect everyone’s right to bear arms,” said Babbs. ”


  47. Angry American says:

    Papers Please!
    You have no rights!
    Do not touch your property!
    We can molest your family at the point of a gun!
    Any resistance is met with overwhelming physical and legal force!

    This is America?

  48. Rael says:

    I’m ready for a French type Revolution – anyone else interested??? – i.e. heads on a stick for our liberal politicaly correct politicians and out of control overbarring bureucratic agencys i.e.. IRS, TSA, etc. etc. (metaphorcally speaking, that is)

  49. brian b.7 says:

    tsa stoogies we smell you pweeew lol Don’t forget Chertoff’s body scanners….

    The Detroit Christmas bomber was deliberately and intentionally allowed to keep his US entry visa as the result of a national security override issued by an as yet unknown US intelligence or law-enforcement agency with the goal of blocking the State Department’s planned revocation of that visa. This is the result of hearings held on January 27 before the House Homeland Security Committee, and in particular of the testimony of Patrick F. Kennedy, Undersecretary of State for Management. The rickety US government official version of the December 25 Detroit underwear bomber incident, which has been jerry-built over the past month and a half, has now totally collapsed, and key elements of the terrorism-spawning rogue network inside US agencies and departments are unusually vulnerable to a determined campaign of exposure.

  50. Angry American says:

    We are being groomed by the government like the Jews of Germany were in the 30’s.
    Do our Constitutional pprotections mean anything?
    I am sick and tired of having the Federal Government treat every American citizen like the enemy.
    Don’t be a sheep to the slaughter!
    OPT OUT!
    OPT OUT!
    OPT OUT!

  51. Don't_sodomise_me says:

    Your attitude makes me ill. You like having your wife and children visually raped or molested right in front of you? What a pitiful excuse for a man you are. So you would give up your freedoms for a small bit of temporary safety. As it is said, you deserve neither.

    Malo Periculosam Libertatem Quam Quietum Servitium

  52. DDog says:

    There’s no connection between the scanners and actually making all of us safer. They’ll find a way around them and then we’ll be left with the government looking at our junk and we won’t be any safer. Look at Israel, they don’t have any scanners and they haven’t had flight safety issues in decades. They just have actual security agents (not minimum wage employees) ask you a few questions and they immediately know if you’re a safe passenger or attacker. I’d rather infringe on the right to equality to focus on those who are actually attacking us (not 3 year old children or 87 year old women) as opposed to giving up my right to privacy. Once you give away a liberty, it’s very difficult to get it back. Study up your history.

  53. beedogs says:

    I agree! Let us have scanners at every shop, every school, every doorway in Amerika! Yes comrades, let us have scanners on sidewalks and stoplights! Let’s have checkpoints every 10 miles on the interstates!

    No- why are you guilty of something? It is for safety! If you won’t comply you are guilty of something for sure!

  54. brian says:

    One of the most interesting things about the Christmas day underwear bombing fiasco is that it played out on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. If Mutallab had no passport and was escorted to the gate by a “sharply-dressed man” this is why your wives and children are being fondled! muslim women do NOT have to go through this pat down

  55. John Galt says:

    My motto has always been, “I hate flying, and it shows.” Now I have another reason to show how much I despise the unionized cattle herding experience of commercial flying.

    See you on the freeway.

  56. Carl Pham says:

    What do you mean, the “jury is still out” on whether these new measures are “necessary?” Can you name EVEN ONE case in which a terrorist was stopped by the TSA before he boarded a plane?

    I mean, as compared to at least three cases where he was stopped afterward by the passengers and crew on board the airplane?

    I would say the “jury” has spoken loud and clear: the TSA and its “security theater” is useless. The only useful security is provided by watchful and active passengers and crew, full stop. Let the pilots have weapons, boost the sky marshal program — perhaps by recruiting experienced citizen flyers, like retired policemen or military MPs, into it — and speed up the deployment of bomb-sniffing machinery on CHECKED baggage. And get rid of the TSA boondoggle.

  57. Concerned Flyer says:

    Why is it so many pretty girls are getting selected for the full body scan? I am sure most TSA employees are above this, but not all. I don’t want my 21-year old daughter subjected to this level of search.

    Israel has managed to keep their skies safe for more than 40-years without subjecting their citizens to this nonsense. Let’s follow the experts and proven best practices – PROFILE!

  58. cudmaster says:

    We should do airport security like el al does airport security.

    …but it doesn’t really matter, 9-11 can’t happen again, not because of any security mechanism or protocol; but because the average passenger on the plane is going to do everything in his/her power to prevent any terrorist from taking control of the aircraft, the only reason it worked on 9-11 is because idiots thought they were being kidnapped for ransom, they couldn’t even conceive that they would be used as a missile, once they did, they fought back, and folks have continued to fight back every time some moron with a bomb in his jock or shoe has gotten on a plane since.

    The best defense continues to be your own vigilance, unfortunately though thanks to the fear of some, we must also be vigilant against our own security mechanisms that seek to strip us of our liberty and basic humanity.

    1. Padre says:

      “idiots”? Really?

    2. Angry American says:

      Very true.

  59. Lucine says:

    No one is touching my daughter period. Noe one is touching me. I refused to be xrayed so someone can get their jollies off, and yes the pictures can be saved and some of them are. I will not fly. My husband has a pilots licence, so if we have to fly somewhere, we will save up the money to rent a plane, even if it’s thousands of dollars. or we will drive. and “just me” can stop posting for the TSA, it is so obvious you work for them no one is bothering to pay attention to you.Safety at what price? not my liberty!

  60. brian says:

    Have only one flight where muslims are allowed.
    All other flights must ban muslims.

    1. brian says:

      nice try stoog don;t try to discredit me terrorist work for the gov. of israel and our cia./fbi

  61. brian says:

    “The revelation that US intelligence agencies made a deliberate decision to allow Abdulmutallab to board the commercial flight, without any special airport screening, has been buried in the media. As of this writing, nearly a week after the hearing, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times have published no articles on the subject. Nor have the broadcast or cable media reported on it.”

    “Under questioning by the committee chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson, Kennedy [State Dept Under Sect.] explained why the State Department might not revoke the US visa of a suspected terrorist: “We will revoke the visa of any individual who is a threat to the United States, but we do take one preliminary step. We ask our law enforcement and intelligence community partners, ‘Do you have eyes on this person and do you want us to let this person proceed under your surveillance so that you may potentially break a larger plot?’”

    He added: “And one of the members [of the intelligence community]—and we’d be glad to give you that out of [open session]—in private—said, ‘Please, do not revoke this visa. We have eyes on this person. We are following this person who has the visa for the purpose of trying to roll up an entire network, not just stop one person.’”

    1. brian says:

      The Associated Press report:

      WASHINGTON – The would-be Christmas Day bomber boarded his flight in Amsterdam to frigid Detroit with no coat lol you try that lol

  62. beedogs says:

    Dear Janet Incompetano,

    You cannot put this genie back in the bottle. he citizens learned in the mid term elections thta they can make changes. WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!

    Your BS is done, over, and will not stand! We The People are speaking, and will do what it takes until you resign and the TSA is reined in.


  63. Mike says:

    People don’t seem to understand we are losing our liberty piece by piece. Exactly what terrorisits want. We know who they are. Muslim extremists not Nuns. Wake up! I’ve chosen not to fly since 911. I’ll drive or take train or bus.

  64. brian says:

    the state department ordered the underwear bomber to get on that christmas flight-ordered he be let on without going through security,without a passport and visa.

  65. hotdam says:

    It’s time for a Nationwide boycott of air travel to bring TSA and the Airline industry to their knees.

  66. Joe Doakes says:

    It is almost treasonous that after so many kicks to our collective complacency we are still only fighting the last battle, and not the next one. Securing an aircraft is best left up to the airline and the crew of the airplane, and not the federal government. The private airline possesses the incentive to maintain the safety of the airplane that the TSA and the rest of the security apparatus lacks. The federal government lacks the economic incentive to do a quality job, but the private airline is nimble and can evolve the policies and procedures the government is not permitted or politically unable to do. The current setup seems to serve only one purpose – to avoid responsibility for anything at all, in that atmosphere you can bet we are going to lose much more then an airliner in the future. The radical Islamic threat from 1979 to 2010 has grown stronger, and developed a greater reach into the west then our side has developed a defense or plan to defeat; we are fooling ourselves if we think a watch list, that no one even bothers to check, is anything more than a placebo for the cancerous philosophy of radical Islam.

  67. wise up says:

    How about bomb detecting canine’s all over the place?

  68. Beau says:

    Follow the money. Someone has to be making a ton of money on these scanners. Politicians pockets must be getting deep from lobbyists pushing scanners. TSA uses intrusive pat-down to keep scanners as best choice for security.Something this idiotic must have a money trail of corruption.

    1. MKEgal says:

      “Someone has to be making a ton of money on these scanners”
      Michael Chertoff now works & lobbies for one of the (?2) companies that makes these scanners. The other company’s scanner projects any potential contraband onto a person-shaped blob, rather than showing the porno-scan of the person herself.

  69. Willey says:

    The porno-scanners can’t see through human skin, so a terrorist with a bomb up his butt would blow you out of the sky even if he were scanned. Moron.

    Sheep like you are the problem.

  70. Just Me says:

    Exactly! The person behind the screen can’t even see you, they are looking for specifics..I think it’s a great idea…and would feel 100% safer flying with 100 people who went thru the scan than 10 people who didn’t.

    1. Angry American says:

      Sheeple like you should not be allowed to call themselves American!
      BAAA! BAAA!

    2. Angry American says:

      BAAAA! BAAAAA! Move along!
      Nothing to see here!
      You, sir, are a fool.

  71. Mike Jones says:

    Our government is bankrupt. Liberty is dead. Just stay where you are. Rome has at least 200 years before it is dead forever.

  72. dave says:

    TSA has always been staffed with incompetent twits….now they attract pervs too.

    Zeig Heil, Frau Incompetano!

  73. Mark says:

    What if I like to travel with a banana in my pants? Is that illegal?

    1. Diane says:

      Its not liquid…should be ok LOL

  74. gbjames says:

    Train more bomb sniffing dogs, Do the metal detector thing and then sniff sniff and be done with it.

    1. cudmaster says:

      The funny thing is, many people are more than capable of killing with their hands, and airliner walkways are set up such that there isn’t really any way you can be attacked (effectively) by more than one person at a time.

      While there is no scanner for “hand to hand training” these backscatter things should pick up stuff like shivs made of plastic, however I since they are really weak they probably wouldn’t pick up an object hidden in a body cavity, even a metal one, so in some ways they are a step backwards.

      I mean I could easily see a terrorist having plastique (with a density close to human tissue it probably would be missed even on a full power x-ray) surgically implanted, perhaps with the detonator disguised as a pacemaker set to go off if his heart stops, and a poison pill to make sure that it does (if that is the intent).

      Of course a skilled interview at the terminal would probably pick that guy up where as scanners fail completely.

  75. Ben Franklin says:

    Those willing to give up essential liberties in order to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. -Benjamin Franklin

  76. Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death
    Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775.
    It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

  77. Willey says:

    The porno-scanners can’t see through human skin, so a terrorist with a bomb up his butt would blow you out of the sky even if he were scanned. Moron.

  78. Darrel says:

    You sheep who are ok with irradiating your children, and ok with the groping of your children have fun flying. The 50% of us that will boycott flying will kill the airline industry and reduce the flights to anywhere to a pitance of current flights.

    Money talks and your BS ….

  79. Nikki says:

    what about Muslim women? I bet they won’t have to submit to either due to their religion. I’m sure one day there will be a huge thing relating to that. And it’s not American’s that are “terrorizing” the air. It’s the Muslims. I don’t care if you don’t like hearing that or not, it’s the truth and if people weren’t afraid to be called racist a lot of problems would be settled.

  80. miker5 says:

    The politicos tell us if we don’t keep fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, that al-Qaeda will take over these countries and turn them into training grounds for terrorists. They would then presumably come here and kill more of us like they did on 9/11. That’s why we have to subject ourselves to assault by the TSA.
    A more sensible solution might be to simply stop granting visas to al-Qaeda operatives to come to America in the first place. All nineteen of the 9/11 terrorists and the underwear bomber had government-issued visas. How would they have gotten here without them? Our east and west coasts are protected by vast oceans, and we can protect our north and south by bringing the troops home and stationing them on those borders.
    Some concerns with this plan are:
    1) How do we know who to refuse visas to?
    The answer is anyone that is an Arab Muslim. This will involve some racial and ethnic profiling, which members of some political groups (that aren’t on their way to a war in the Middle East) may find more horrific than war. This moratorium on Arab Muslim visas can be lifted just as soon as the jihad is over.
    2) If our troops secure the borders, how will nannies and gardeners from Mexico be able to come to America?
    They will have to enter the U.S. legally by filling out an immigration application. This policy change will upset the political groups that fail to understand that there is nothing wrong with Mexico that the Mexicans can’t fix.
    3) What about terror cells already in the United States?
    Sending more troops to the Middle East won’t get rid of them. Homeland Security will have to do its job.
    4) If we pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, won’t it be taken over by al-Qaeda?
    Maybe, but since the President announced our withdrawal timeline, al-Qaeda operatives will just hide in the mountains or get some R&R in Iran until we leave and then take over anyway. We can’t save Iraq and Afghanistan unless we’re prepared to stay there indefinitely, or to neutralize Iran.
    5) Americans want Osama bin Laden’s head. What about our revenge?
    Give it up. Osama’s head isn’t worth the life of one more American soldier. Besides, the spread of Islam along with its militant faction is a numbers game we can’t win. We should cut our losses now and concentrate on protecting our homeland.

    Please consider this politically incorrect but more cost-effective and practical alternative to war, and bring it up with your congressman.

  81. Gone too far...... says:

    The picture (on Drudge) of the masked TSA agent ‘patting down’ a Nun is the most offensive thing I think I’ve ever seen in my life. Is the TSA agent a Muslim? Is that why her face is covered? This is beyond surreal. It has gone waaaaay too far.

  82. rain says:

    You folks do realize that the TSA has people leaving pro-TSA comments, right?

  83. "Just Me" is an Idiot says:

    We need to start profiling passengers. Old ladies and children are not and have not been the terrorists. AIT and the TSA (Touch Sexual Appendages) grope-fests are just “security theater.” Neither makes us safer because the real terrorists will either hide contraband in body cavities or they will cite “religious” reasons for not going through the scanners/gropers.

  84. Aunt Bee says:

    Just stop flying unless you have to and tell the airlines that unless they start behaving like civilized humans you will not be using their services.

    1. Jim M says:

      Dear Aunt Bee, It is not the airlines that is behaving this way it is the TSA, your government!

  85. JT says:

    El AL in Israel has security down to a science. We need to use their model. Single out and question those that appear to pose a threat. This country is so caught up in political correctness and not wanting to offend anyone, that we are treating everyone as a criminal. Time for Americans to rise up and take our country back from the TSA and politicians enabling them,.

    1. JohnF says:

      Spot on JT. The Israeli security has specifically said these body scanners DO NOTHING FOR SECURITY and are easily defeated. Body cavities are easily used to hide a bomb, should we submit to cavity searches too? The Israelis have it right!!!

    2. Alexander Moon says:

      This post is right on the nose. TSA and Big Sis are holding every flying American citizen to ransom in the name of political correctness. Start PROFILING .. immediately !!! X-Ray and pat-down ONLY those who obviously might be the threat. Innocents that happen to look like muslims ought to feel privileged while realizing there is a reason.

  86. Cristy says:

    There’s nothing the government would love more than for us to voluntarily surrender our right to travel freely. The answer is to protest and fight these intrusive affronts on our liberty, not to give up and refuse to fly. Despite what many say, it IS our right to be able to travel within our country freely with a reasonable expectation of privacy, and we need to defend that right or it will be taken away quicker than you can say Janet Napolitano.

  87. Jerry Mac says:

    What if your are in a committed gay relationship? Could you request an opposite sex TSA Agent to frisk you?

  88. DON says:

    If I can DRIVE there I WILL NOT fly there. END OF SENTENCE

  89. Tony Johnson says:

    I’d be happy to comply with the TSA invasive searches, as soon as the Congress and all the officials of the TSA and Homeland Security do so. Maybe then they would change this nonsense.

  90. Jim Callicott says:

    I guarantee many people will not fly because of the unreasonable searches!

  91. Marvin says:

    It doesn’t have to be take away my personal libertys or protect me. What we need is more competentant government officals.

  92. Bob says:

    Flying will be like watching a black and white TV, it don’t happen no more.

Comments are closed.

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