PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Fans lined up for the Justin Beiber concert outside the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia Sunday night, but many were unable to get inside for over an hour because of a glitch at the WILL-CALL windows.

Lara Bruno of Edgewater Park, New Jersey says she has been coming to pick up tickets at the Will-call window all her life. But when she came with two 9-year-old girls for the Justin Beiber concert, it was not the easy entry she expected.

“They kept saying ‘Oh you didn’t use the same credit card,'” Bruno says her credit card was swiped, the same card she used to order the tickets, and they told her there was a problem.

“There were like ten of us in a row, we were all in the same line, and we’re all like ‘we have the same credit card that matches up with our ticket.'”

A Wells-Fargo spokesman said some performers are now requiring the same person who bought the tickets to show up to pick them up at the window, with the same credit card.

It’s designed to cut down on scalpers, but at this concert, it led to a lot of unhappy parents and kids. However, everyone finally did get into the show, but some more than an hour later than they expected.

Reported By: Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio

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