Credit Card Issue Delays Entry To Justin Bieber Concert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Fans lined up for the Justin Beiber concert outside the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia Sunday night, but many were unable to get inside for over an hour because of a glitch at the WILL-CALL windows.

Lara Bruno of Edgewater Park, New Jersey says she has been coming to pick up tickets at the Will-call window all her life. But when she came with two 9-year-old girls for the Justin Beiber concert, it was not the easy entry she expected.

“They kept saying ‘Oh you didn’t use the same credit card,'” Bruno says her credit card was swiped, the same card she used to order the tickets, and they told her there was a problem.

“There were like ten of us in a row, we were all in the same line, and we’re all like ‘we have the same credit card that matches up with our ticket.'”

A Wells-Fargo spokesman said some performers are now requiring the same person who bought the tickets to show up to pick them up at the window, with the same credit card.

It’s designed to cut down on scalpers, but at this concert, it led to a lot of unhappy parents and kids. However, everyone finally did get into the show, but some more than an hour later than they expected.

Reported By: Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio


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  1. Stephanie Hall says:

    We had the same problem, but it was resolved after about 30 minutes of waiting in line – with many other people. I was highly impressed with the security guard that took the people who were cutting into the line out and made them go to the back of the line. He put up a rope to make a more uniform line and made it totally fair for everyone affected. While it was a mess, they did do all that they could to get everyone in as fast as possible. I was more appalled and offended at the parents who were screaming, yelling and cursing at their children and in front of mine. People need to remember that everyone there was there for the same reason, it was not a private screening for you and you only! All I can say we had an awesome time and my daughter will never forget such a magical night!!

  2. Diane Marie says:

    I was the person whose credit card was used…..that wasn’t the problem in all cases, It was that whatever card was used to make reservations when the tickets went on presale and early would not scan. There were over 5000 calls to American Express last night, according to the person there with whom I spoke. It was a Gold Card Even as well. The number of people in the “problem” line was well over several thousand. When finally they let people in who had corroboration of the tickets, they didn’t check seats or number of tickets in many cases. Some people did not get the seats they bought. I took my granddaughters…..I have been going to concerts for almost 50 years. Nothing has been like this. These children were without restrooms, older people were without seats for over two hours. No ADA accommodations.

  3. Meghan Rodriguez says:

    What a MESS!!!! The Will Call line wrapped around the building & the so called “PROBLEM LINE” was wrapped around the other side of the building!!! To see the disappoint in my daughters eyes that she wasn’t going to get in the concert broke my heart!! When I confronted the IGNORANT Wells Fargo Security staff member in reference to this situation he proceeded to get EXTREMELY Rude & LOUD! Way to train your staff in a situation like that! So people pay full price for half the show-that makes sense!!! I luckily ran into a girl that I had to pay off to cut in line which cost me basically another ticket!!! But I guess sometimes you have to do what you have to do!!!!

    1. Megan Stewart says:

      Maybe if your BIG mouth stayed shut security wouldnt of had to get Extremely Rude & LOUD!!!!!!! All you people acted like Shananigans….

  4. Joe RaZ says:

    After standing for an hour at Will Call … I was told, that I didn’t need to be there, I could swipe my tickets … GREAT … until I got there and was told there was a problem with the people who bought pre-sale tickets.

    So I stood for another hour in the cold with my 10 year old daughter and a friend. It totally ruined the night for the girls …!!! We started chanting “Let us In …” and finally the stupid management let us proceed thru the gate. We missed the opening act. The mess was a hassle and it put a damp on the first concert my daughter has gone to.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Same problem last night. One seller with four of my tickets got the four girls in and onto the floor with no problem. At ages 13 and 14, and experience at concerts, we as parents allowed this and could stay in contact by cell phone. But myself and my friend, the parents of these 4 teenagers, had to wait another hour for the second seller of our two tickets to go thru the line at Will Call. A little nerve racking, given the high price we paid, and the fact that four kids were inside. If kids were any younger, this would have never happened. Thank goodness for cell phones! Wells Fargo scanners were not working on some credit card orders. Hundreds of people in line still an hour after first opening act started. Some Wells Fargo workers not nice about the situation. However, Sean KIngston and Justin were awesome, almost worth the price of admission.

  6. Terri Purdy says:

    We waited almost two hours not an hour. It was ridiculous and this happened at another location. They should have had a backup plan! Did they not learn from the first one.

  7. W.Watler says:

    “Sue Serraeo” It was a great show and my daughter enjoyed it. I think it was worth paying the price we did. And Angela I agree. but we paid over price for our tickets, and meet the scalper there. The opening acts werent that great, so you didnt miss much.

  8. Sue Serraeo says:

    Save your time and money, and don’t go to a JUSTIN BEIBER concert. Was the hassle worth it to see this twerp??

  9. Angela Roberts says:

    Oh my word. If Wells Fargo gave the details for this story, it was completely understated. My guess is there were over 500 people that were put in the “problem” line.We arrived at 5:45 and did not get in our seats until 7:45. I understand problems happen BUT it was the lack of customer service that had people yelling, screaming, cutting lines, exhibiting behaviors that children should not see. Wells Fargo did not attempt to solve the problem until after the concert started. Why is it fair for me to pay full price for tickets, do everything correctly but not receive entry until after the first act was completed?
    Angela Roberts

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