Casino Watch Dog Group Provides Security At SugarHouse

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Concerned citizens conducted a Casino Town Watch at SugarHouse Casino. This was the fourth watch organized by Casino-Free Philadelphia.

The Casino Town Watch began patrolling the parking lots, casino grounds, and the surrounding neighborhood on Saturday afternoon. The patrol met outside at the corner of Frankford and Allen Streets at noon to patrol for one hour and then meet again for a half-hour debriefing.

“We know casinos can’t be trusted to provide security and, unfortunately, we know casinos bring more crime along with a host of other problems. And, especially on a tight budget, the police can’t be everywhere. So we’ve started the Casino Town Watch to help keep the neighborhood safe for both residents and visitors,” said Lily Cavanagh, Organizing Director for Casino-Free Philadelphia.

The Casino Town Watch has been building membership and experience since the first watch on SugarHouse’s opening day.

In response to the recent attacks on patrons, Cavanagh said “Even when you’ve seen the research, the statistics and predictions, when you read a story like this, your heart just sinks. You hate to see it.”

Dan Hajdo, spokesperson and board member for Casino-Free Philadelphia, said, “We’ve been getting a feel for the area, the issues and the challenges involved with a Casino Town Watch. Over the next few months we will be reaching out to the neighborhood more and expanding the program.”

Casino-Free Philadelphia’ is against any casino presence in Philadelphia.

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Reported By Jericka Duncan, CBS 3


One Comment

  1. irishbulldog says:

    Who is in charge of the security department. maybe he or she should be let go.

  2. tajicat says:

    that area was a complete pigsty! I go past there all the time…there have been
    more problems such as robbery all over Phila..Not near as bad! also why
    if if it’s late common sense says women or men could valet park at no extra cost
    except fo a tip! So give it a break..and STOP CRYING the area looks 100% better
    since this property opened!…women or men should not be walking far away at that
    hour any where….to save a buck!!

  3. joe says:

    but they said it was going to be good for the neighborhood…

    1. Don Mankow says:

      it is good for the neighborhood. They hired and trained hundreds of reidents who live in and around the fishtown section of Philly. It has also raised the value of properties in that area, and just so you know the Commonwealth of Pa gets 60% of the profits….maybe you should look into things before crying about them

  4. Big Al says:

    If casino “patron” victims of violence on casino property launch a few massive lawsuits, the casinos will have to provide gambling suckers adequate protection without and within.

  5. ms says:

    why should the people of Philadelpjhia have to pay for the police to be patrolling on the casinos private propoerty? this is a taxpayer rip off! Sugarhouse brought these problems- they should provide their own security OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS!

    1. TAJICAT says:

      Ms get real what else to the cops have to do …in that area …i am sure they
      do use theri own security..however, the area never looked better..
      walk down chestnut st or any other at 12 45 see how safe you feel!

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