Mixed Reviews For Full-Body Scanners At Philly International

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Body-imaging scanners at airport check points and enhanced pat-down procedures by the Transportation Security Administration is getting mixed reviews by travelers at Philadelphia International Airport.

Most travelers say what ever it takes to protect the public and our country.

One passenger says, “I think it’s needed. I defer to security.”

This woman says if she new Philadelphia had the body scanners and aggressive pat down procedures she wouldn’t have made the trip: “The only reason I feel they should pat me down is if I did something against the law. To me, just to get aboard a plane to have them pat me down? No! No! I don’t like it. My last  trip. My last trip.”

The body scanners are only at terminal “F.” At the other terminals, if the metal detector goes off, the traveler is subjected to an enhanced pat down, during which the TSA member uses open hands and fingers to search areas of the body that some say are too close for comfort.

Reported by John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Princessmeg says:

    I fly every week for work and have been subject to mulitiple pat downs and extra screenings mostly because I wear baggy scrubs (I am a nurse on my way to or from work) when flying. The thing that gets me is the inconsistancy. One day I get felt completley across my chest and… other areas … with the palm of the agent’s hand… other times, they use finger tips and just to certain areas. One informed me she had to tell me exactly what she was doing the entire time. Another agent didn’t speak to me except to say “turn” and “done”. Once during a pat down, I had a tube of chapstick in my back scrub pants pocket. It was never questioned. No one has asked if I have any areas of my body that will hurt if pressure is applied to them. I would be curious to know what sort of training they get.

    Personally, I think we have simply given more power to people who will abuse it. I was pulled for a pat down… again.. today and was running late for my flight because of the increased security lines. I was told I had to wait for a female. There were two standing around doing nothing. I asked what was wrong with them as I was in a hurry. I was told it was not “their day”. Several minutes later, the person who COULD pat me down came over and I was told not to give her a hard time as she was not feeling well. Then don’t come to work. Strangly, the 2 who didn’t have pat down duty did have time time to come over and watch me get frisked…
    Oh, FYI- you do have the right to “opt out” of the new scanner. However, this means you get a pat down AND they make you wait. Out of curiousity, I opted out to see if it would be quicker. I waited to be frisked while several random pat downs got done first. When I asked about this, the agen smirked and said “it was your choice to opt out…: as if waiting was my punishment. gain, a little bit of power and not enought brains are not a good mix…..

  2. JP says:

    It amazes me that no one mentions traveling with children, small or otherwise. Not only are they now saying that the level of radiation is not safe for a full-grown adult and may lead to an increased risk in skin cancers (multiply that many times for a small child), but the options for our children now include radiation with a visual that amounts to child pornography–!!!–or a full feeling up of their privates by a total starnger. As in, “you never let strangers touch your privates–unless they’re an airport employee. They they get to take your naked picture, too!” Absolutely disgusting. Nevermind family vacations–my child’s grandparent–my husband’s whole family–live overseas and can’t really afford to fly to see us. So is that the end of seeing them again??

  3. Tim says:

    Profiling is the only answer…TSA must have lists of suspects, pictures, descriptions and training in who is a potential suspect…random searching with this horrible scanning and pat-down in unacceptable to a citizen in our country. Get out of so much unnecessary government intervention

  4. MB says:

    I think they should have to pay us for the pat down…afterall it is a free groping for them!

  5. nothing2say4 says:

    KYW EDITOR PLEASE NOTE: (Fourth paragraph down) “knew,” not “New.” Thanks You!

    Random pat downs? Tell that to this Radio DJ who was given the treatment out of Florida. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJGvsAgpfig

    The only thing people can do is just stop flying. When the airlines realize they aren’t making any money they will ease up on this nonsense.

  6. MJ says:

    One more thing – do all of you realize that some nobody TSA employee had more right to lay hands on you now than a police officer ???

  7. MJ says:

    Well I flew out of AC last week – the detector did NOT go off, yet I was subjected the the ‘pat down’. And it was humiliating. There was no reason for it except it was random. It was extremely personal. I did nothing suspicious and yet I had to submit.

    I’m done flying. First they charge me surcharges that are high. Then they charge to carry my luggage. Now this !

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