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Full Body Scanners Debut At Philly International

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “Arms to your side and then above your head.”

Those are the instructions travelers are receiving at the Philadelphia International Airport.

Eyewitness News got a first hand look at the only full body scanner located at Terminal F at the airport. The scanner represents one of many you’ll see this holiday travel season.

“Sounds like a very good idea in the wake of all the security issues,” traveler Polly Parsons said.

“I think it’s an invasion of privacy,” traveler Joe Dunham said. “Don’t like it all.”

Transportation Security Administration officials say 373 of these devices, known as Advanced Imaging Technology Units, are now at 68 airports nationwide. At least nine more are on schedule to be installed at the Philadelphia airport before the end of the year.

With Thanksgiving Day air-travel expected to be up 3.5 percent from last year, according to the Air Transport Association of America, wait times through checkpoints may be longer than normal.

Philadelphia businessman Joe Moynihan has already experienced delays. He says he travels through the airport three to four times a week.

“In the morning, the line is backed up around the concourse,” said Moynihan.

Whether it’s metal detectors or full body scanners, packing patience is the key to surviving any holiday travel season.

Reported By: Jericka Duncan, CBS 3


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  1. src says:

    I will be opting out. They can let me go through the regular scanner and frisk me (although I won’t allow anyoe is Isalmic garb to do so I will not be going thru one of these. I travel enough and see what some of the TSA in Philly have done (let a buddy carry a loaded weapon through the checkpoint, putting white powder in someone’s loggage think it was funny.) Nope, I’ll wait in line but I am not going to submit to the degradation that only belongs to those who would do us harm. we still have a failure of imagination in our airline security…this is nothing more than a reactionary response. So what happens when a would be bomber tries a surgical or internal implant…colonoscopies at the gate? Where does it end?

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