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Police Commander Pleads Not Guilty To Charges Of Bribery, Extortion

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — High-ranking Philadelphia police officer Daniel Castro, who was arrested last week after a federal indictment was unsealed, has pleaded not guilty to extortion and bribery charges.

Defense lawyer William Brennan left the courthouse with his client, 47-year old suspended inspector Castro, promising a vigorous legal fight.

“The ink’s not dry on the indictment and people are holding press conferences saying ‘he’s guilty, he’s a disgrace,'” Brennan said.

Brennan was obviously referencing Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, who informed his commanders of the arrest in a citywide conference call on Friday, and then was part of a news conference later.

Brennan says Castro has had ‘an unblemished record’ in the department for the last 25 years, adding the allegations center ‘snippets of conversations’ on a failed real estate deal.

“This indictment alleges activities that Dan Castro, according to the government, did in his private life, not related to inspector Castro’s activities,” Brennan said.

While federal prosecutors wanted Castro to remain under house arrest, a magistrate judge ruled he was neither a flight risk nor a danger to the community, and he released Castro on bail, pending trial.

Reported By: Steve Tawa, KYW Newsradio


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  1. disappointed latino says:

    Oh Please the man is guilty as hell. He has no right to hire someone to bully his business partner into returning his money. Losing his money was a risk he took when he made the investment. When the stock market drops, we don’t see investors running to Wall Street to get there money back. An investment is not the same as returning an item at a department store. He played Russian Roulette and he got burned. He is an educated criminal. The man was hired to uphold the law and he was using his status to break the law. Becoming a police officer DOES NOT PROVIDE YOU SPECIAL BENEFITS. He had to abide by the law just like any ordinary citizen. Oh,by the way he was accused of altering police reports back in 1999 and he was given another chance. Three strikes you out Mr. Castro because Commissioner Ramsey isn’t going to put up w/ your nonscence. Not only are you a disgrace to the latino community and the police force, but you are also a very stupid stupid man for throwing your career away. He should have taken the lost because now he has lost so much more. Let’s see how much he can do w/ 2 Master’s Degree and a criminal record.
    To ACSR apparently you have a criminal mind just like Mr. Castro or your a family member of the man trying to turn the dark cloud over Mr. Castro blue.

  2. ACSR says:

    Hes’ not GUILTY!!!!! All he wants his hard working savings back whats the big deal? just give it back…I can relate……

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