PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Now that posting pictures of children is pretty commonplace on social media, perhaps sharing them with your Facebook friends, local law enforcement officials want you to think twice about what you put out there particularly if your child is nude or semi-clothed.

Detective Joseph Sciscio of the Bensalem Police Department works with special victims and he has this advice for parents:

“Putting pictures of your kids on Facebook is a personal security issue. Especially with partially clothed pictures. On top of that the pictures in concert with the comment, ‘I’m taking little Johnny to soccer practice tonight. Or Johnny is going to the mall by himself tonight.'”

That can tell someone with bad intent not only what your child looks like but exactly where to find him or her.

What about the argument that only your, “friends,” see the pictures? Sciscio says it’s not that cut and dry:

“We’re trusting everybody that is in our friends circle and we’re trusting everybody beyond that because we don’t know what our friend’s security settings are. They could be allowing everybody access to their page.”

He wants to remind parents that posting semi-clothed pictures of your children can violate child pornography statutes because once you put it on the net, it could be construed as distribution.

Reported by: Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio. 

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