BLOG: Citizens Bank To Charge New Fees

By Jim Donovan: If you’re a customer of Citizens Bank, beware of some new fees that are coming down the pike.

Beginning on December 5th Citizens Bank customers who have a Personal Green Checking account will now be charged a monthly fee of $4.99 unless they make at least five payments a month using the account or if they maintain at least a $1,500 average daily balance. Those payments can include ATM withdrawals.

Also Citizens will start charging a $2 monthly fee for paper statements, although customers under age 18 or 65 and older will be exempt from the charge.

Finally, the monthly charge for a paper statement with check images will increase to $3 monthly.

These fees come in the wake of new federal laws related to overdraft charges. Citizens and other banks are now trying to make up the revenue lost when those laws went into effect.


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  1. Gerri MacVeigh says:

    Jim! I watch you on the News and how you seem to get problems resolved. I am 61 years old and still work full-time (not by my choice) but I was looking into cutting cost on some of my bills. I called Verizon on 9/30/10 and told them I was paying $81./month just basic phone (no long distance, caller ID, voice mail..nothing) and the very slow internet. When the man told me he could help with “Bundle” and I would get long distance, voice mail, and caller ID for $69.99/month (plus internet) I wrote down the date I called and the ID # that he assigned it to me. Then when my bill came in for October 23, it was still $81 so I paid it so it would not be late. Then my next bill came in it $182.88!! I was dumb-founded!! I callled (3) different times and they keep giving me different excuses but said that is correct!! I was on the phone for exactly 1 hour and 10 minutes last night and no one ever was just music. I even sent them an e-mail and said if they could not change this balance, just disconnect everything I can not afford it. Instead I get an “unofficial” email back saying “If you would like Custimer Service, please click on this link for your state!! I am so tired of bing “ripped off” by different associations, I could explain more but I am frustrated and running out of room.

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