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Chinatown Leaders Want To Bring ‘Nightmarket’ To Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Business leaders in Chinatown are attempting to start a traditional Asian nightmarket in their community.

They’re a staple of big cities in China and other Asian nations: nightmarkets featuring vendors, exotic foods, and live entertainment. Melody Wong with Philadelphia’s Chinatown Development Corporation says they’re hoping to bring the same thing here:

“My background is from Hong Kong so they have outdoor singers, musical players right next to stalls of people eating curry fishballs and what-not, and that is the kind of feel we’re trying to create, the festivity, the hustle-bustle.”

PCDC executive director John Chin says they’re targeting two groups:

“Number one, the regional visitor coming to Chinatown to experience something that hasn’t been done here in Philadelphia before. Number two it’s also targeted for local residents because this is something that they miss.”

At this point, the project is still in the planning phase but they’re hoping to have something up and running by next summer.

Reported by Paul Kurtz, KYW Newsradio 1060.

  • Joey

    HA HA HA, Trash will be piling up again and the question is who is responsible for clearing them?

  • Marc

    I guess the same leaders in Chinatown who were opposed to a baseball stadium and then a casino in the area are looking for some foot-traffic in the neighborhood now at night. Just imagine if they weren’t so stubborn a few years ago, especially since the Phillies won the World Series since the issue arose — and that parade would have been great ending in Chinatown.

    • Fruit Kake

      The stadium is fine in S Philly. Center City is too congested to have something that big and all the traffic that comes along with it. Philly is one of the few big cities where all the major sports stadiums are right next to each other. That’s something unique and I’m glad they kept it that way.

  • JPinSphilly

    Wow. I remember when you could walk through Center City at night – even on a weekend – and there would be nobody around. This is another nice step forward for the city.

  • Eric

    Cant Wait, it will be some excitment to center city other than South Street, Old City, Walnut & Chesnut Downtown, This is just another opportunity to explore philly at night . This will be great!!!!!

  • Mel K

    It looks like they deleted The Bobster’s ignorant comment. Anyone who thinks that ethnic groups shouldn’t bring part of their culture to America is a hypocrite. We have Italian markets and Irish bars, but you don’t hear anyone telling those people to go back to Italy and Ireland. People need to realize that the world is changing and learn to deal with it. Asians have done good by opening shops in run down areas and bringing people into the city.

  • Jeej

    You’re stupid…really. You think people of other ethnicities don’t bring their traditions to America when they come? How about your ancestors?

  • Mimi

    I went to a night market in Xian, China, a couple of years ago. It was alot of fun with entertainment, food, they even had kites flying. This is a great idea for our Chinatown to become more visible.

  • Steven

    HA HA HA, yes progress and its also the american way!




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