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Philly Businessman Sam Katz Eyes Another Run For Mayor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — One day after the general election, all eyes in Philadelphia are quickly shifting to next year’s races for mayor and City Council. Now, former mayoral candidate Sam Katz says he’s very seriously considering challenging Mayor Nutter in next year’s Democratic primary.

Katz has run unsuccessfully for mayor three times, and he says that he will announce very shortly, perhaps within a week, whether he’ll move forward with a fourth try — this time as a Democrat, challenging incumbent Michael Nutter in the May primary:

“I’m giving it very serious consideration. I think the city needs to get into a different place. And we’re facing some extraordinary problems. And the kind of leadership that I think the city needs is something that will require change.”

Katz’s earlier runs for mayor came as a Republican, including two failed battles with John Street in 1999 and 2003.

Katz says given that last defeat, he is well aware of the challenges of taking on an incumbent in the mayor’s office.

When asked today about a possible challenge from Katz, Mayor Nutter said simply, “It’s a free country, people will make their own decisions.”  Nutter said he will remain focused on his administration’s agenda.

Also on tap next year are races for all 17 City Council seats. Six current council members are enrolled in the DROP pension program, but they are still allowed to run again — and several of the six are expected to do so.

Reported by KYW City Hall Bureau Chief Mike Dunn.


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  1. RenaissanceMan says:

    Philadelphia will never get out of the slum state that it’s currently in if the people don’t vote for a non-Democrat candidate. Philadelphians constantly complain about violence, drugs, taxes, etc, and yet they vote for run-of-the-mill Democrats like Nutter, Rendell, Street, and their ilk. Only Philadelphians can fix it! We need a Republican in office who is a no-BS person. Nutter is busy mulling over taxing sodas, while police officers are being assassinated while on duty. For the past 50 years, Democrats have reigned supreme in Philadelphia, and look where that has gotten us. I am embarrassed of my city; the Cradle of Liberty, the city where our country was founded, is one of the worst places to live according to a recent publication. I urge all Philadelphians to break out of the Democrat monotony, and give someone else a try; who knows, maybe it will work.

  2. J says:

    What’s really pathetic is this city keeps voting the same time and time again…and nothing changes…Seriously I would like to actually see a two-party system in this ghetto city for once but it’ll never happen because you got the mindless idiots that inhabit this cesspool……

  3. Lioninfall says:

    Seeing him run for Mayor is like watching Charlie Brown try to kick the football. You know Lucy is going to keep the ball and Charlie is going to fall on his back but it is still entertaining to watch.

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