Amtrak To Spend Close to $500 Million On New Electric Locomotives

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You won’t ride in them, but the car you do ride in might have a better chance of getting you where you’re going. The locomotives are 30 years old with 3.5 million miles on them and they are about to go.

Amtrak spokesman Steve Kulm:

“We are going to spend $466 million to buy 70 new electric locomotives from Siemen’s. They’ll build them out in Sacramento, California and these new locomotives are going to replace our entire electric fleet.”

All except for Acela runs. It’ll take six years to replace them all. The first new engines are due in February of 2013.

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Amtrak News Release

Reported By David Madden, KYW Newsradio 1060


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  1. Anders Norsman says:

    Wonder why these trains can’t be built by American concerns. Siemens was involved in funding the rise of the Nazi Party and the secret rearmament of Germany. During the second World War, Siemens supported the Hitler regime, contributed to the war effort and participated in the “Nazification” of the economy. Siemens had many factories in and around notorious concentration camps[. To build electric switches for military uses. In one example, almost 100,000 men and women from Auschwitz worked in a Siemens factory inside the camp, supplying the electricity to the camp. Siemans will take the profit back to Germany and close this plant.

    1. ZZBAR says:

      Your right !!

    2. alpini says:

      Please, your talking about something that happen 70 years ago. As if the same people then still run it today. In most cases they being siemens and Ford during the Nazi period had no choice but to comply.

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