Christie Says Tunnel $$$ Better Spent On Roads And Bridges

MOORESTOWN, NJ (CBS) — One day after killing the nation’s largest infrastructure project — the construction of a commuter train tunnel underneath the Hudson River (see related story) — New Jersey’s governor was talking about what he’d rather do with the money:

“The roads you drive on every day.  The bridges you go over every day.  They are in bad shape.  They’re rated by some agencies as the worst in America.”

Gov. Christie made the comments during his latest town hall meeting, this one in Burlington County:

“If it’s to benefit the region, the region has to pay — not just New Jersey.  So the subject is closed.”

In his tenth such Q&A session with Garden State residents, Christie said he’s interested in fixing the roads and bridges the people here already use and pay for — and not for another tunnel he says they just can’t afford:

“If we find partners in the future — like the City and State of New York, like Amtrak, like the federal government — who want to partner with us in a tunnel, I’m happy to listen to it.”

Christie also took the state legislature to task for not acting on his ethics, education, and economic reforms, telling the 200 people here that lawmakers in Trenton would rather pass bills giving ceremonial names to weeks of the year.

Reported by Ian Bush, KYW Newsradio.


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  1. Ray says:

    Didn’t NJ already get @ $650M in federal stimulus dollars for infrastructure work on something like 60 projects statewide? These monies are set aside for specific, ready to start projects. If Christie is so fiscally responsible, he should returned the unallocated funds to the fed for either return to the taxpayer or, preferably, reassigned to a state with a shovel-ready infrastructure improvement plan that’s actually has the go ahead from it’s state executive who wants to put people and families back to work.

  2. Marty says:

    Finally someone who is determined to stick to his word and do only what we can afford. We don’t need a repeat of the Boston fiasco. Now if only he will get rid of the former Passaic county Sherriff.

  3. Ray says:

    Well this’ll be a hard sell, Guvnah, since those funds were allocated from the stimulus specifically for the tunnel, not to spend as you please. If you’re not going to use them for their intended purpose, give them back so another state with a governor who’s interested in creating thousands of construction jobs and even more post-construction jobs can put the people in his/her state to work NOW, not just when you deem will satisfy you.

  4. TOM CLARK says:


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