BLOG: Virtual Strip Search v. Pat Down

The old adage, “We’ll be seeing you” takes on a whole new meaning at Philadelphia International Airport.

The transportation Security Administration has begun rolling out full body scanners. The high-tech machines allow TSA officials to search for weapons, but also give screeners the ability to see beneath a passenger’s clothing.

You have the right to refuse going through the scanner, but the other option is a traditional pat down, which takes longer.

So, would you choose the virtual strip search or opt for a traditional pat down? It was all the talk in today’s Morning Chatter …

But, if you ask me … I say what ever option keeps us safer!

 BLOG: Virtual Strip Search v. Pat Down

 BLOG: Virtual Strip Search v. Pat Down

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One Comment

  1. b b says:

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin

  2. Savvy Traveler says:

    Whatever option keeps us safer? At what cost? Our privacy, liberty and dignity is on the line here, and for an unproven technology that doesn’t even keep us safe. If a would-be terrorist put an explosive up a body cavity the strip search scanners and invasive pat down would not detect that. So tell me why are we sacrificing our dignity for this false sense of security?

    Nothing beats a metal detectors (guns/knives), baggage x-ray (all contraband) and explosives swab (bomb residue). And best of all none of that combination leads to perverts in a booth staring at your child’s naked body.

    Still not convinced? Read this before you go into that scanner:

  3. Christopher ( South Philly ) says:

    I Have Nothing To Hide; So Scan Away. Hopefully That’ll Completely Stop Those Who Are Trying To Hurt Everyone

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