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Written By: Andrew Wheeler, CBS 3

Go away! GO VERY FAR AWAY! I hate you. Go to mile marker 1 in Key West, and get in a row boat and keep going.

You are the most selfish athlete ever. I don’t care if you have a broken ankle, I don’t care if you haven’t gotten the hang of sexting yet. I don’t care that it’s not with your wife…even though you should be ashamed. I don’t even care how you play!

Brett Favre, please go away. You stayed way too long, and in the process you tarnished the Legacy you thought you were building. You are now just the guy that won’t go away.

You are like the person in the bar, and God I hope this isn’t me, that just wants to yap yap yap yap yap and won’t go away!

Please for the love of God go away.

On to the Phillies…since I’m in such a good mood. Would we be on the verge of going up 2-0? Ugh…I hate even thinking about it.

However, it gets worse for Phillies fans.

I have a feeling that this team could look significantly different at the start of next season. Those holding out hope for Jayson Werth…keep holding. It’s not going to happen.

The only way they sign Werth, with the money he’ll command, is if they trade Rollins, Victorino or Utley. It’s that simple. That’s the only way that happens. And I’m here to say I wouldn’t be completely against that.

You can’t trade Howard, Halladay, Oswalt, Hamels or Chooch. And I wouldn’t trade Polanco or Madson. Everybody else…they’re on the table.

Why not? Do I speak crazy talk? Let’s review.

Jimmy is done offensively. He will never ever put up numbers like he did in his MVP season. He’s got 1 year left for around 8 Million. He’s got a good glove, but do you keep him? Honestly I think Rollins should get the chance, if he desires to finish his career with the Phillies. Jimmy’s earned that. However, if somebody wants to overpay, let them.

Victorino…I’m not a fan of Victorino, but I don’t see how you can move him. He’s a productive player, despite the mistakes, and his glove and arm more than make up for the bonehead things he does from time to time. Gold Glove with a little bit of everything at the plate is valuable…but I don’t think you can move him.

That leaves Utley. Yup, if the Phillies do sign Werth…I think they should trade Chase Utley.
This is a mystical world of make believe that I speak in. I do not condone nor would I probably defend (unless the Phillies really made out) trading Chase Utley.

But let’s pretend. Let’s pretend we have a guy that plays like Chase does. However because of how he plays, he’s always banged up. And sometimes he goes on the DL, but comes back really quickly and plays at a lower level than when healthy.

Let’s pretend that you had a Gold Glove second baseman already on the roster. Oh wait…you do. Polly. Now let’s pretend that the window on this current team is about 2 more seasons long…barring catastrophic injury to a huge name.

Halladay and Hamels will be here for 2 years, Roy Oswalt for one. Your bullpen is going to be short…why not trade Utley for more pitching or young guys. Maybe a dynamic young right handed bat, and some bullpen help and a prospect or 2?

I’m just saying…of the 3 guys that you could trade…you’d get the most for Utley. Then you could go out and sign Adrian Beltre, or someone like him to play 3rd…and maybe move Ibanez too…and play a Francisco/Brown platoon. Just a thought…what do you think? Respond below.

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