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BLOG: Elect an Animal Lover

By Carol Erickson: The horrifying story of Chico….what more can be said…cruelty takes so many sickening forms. Animals are the defensless targets so often, and so often this cruelty is unseen and thus  isn’t reported.  Elections are Tuesday.  Before you give over your vote, you might want to see where the candidate stands on animal issues. Do they believe in what you believe? How much do they believe it? Enough to make it an issue, to fight for animals’ rights, to push for stronger laws and mandatory jail time for those convicted of cruelty? We need to band together, those of us who love and respect animals, and make sure that the people we  put  in charge of our lives know that supporting the welfare of animals may get them elected, keep them in office, and start to take back the streets, and yards, and farms for the beings that don’t get to vote.


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  1. Jonh b says:

    I believe with all the science out there , there is traces of the persons dna and other things on the dogs body !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this needs to go all the way What ever it takes !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ken Emley says:

    I have a dog just like that on on tv but anydog ,if that was my dog there is not a place on this planet the person could hide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want this person caught @@@

  3. Ken Emley says:

    IF they cant fined out who did this then we will !!!!!!!!!!!

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