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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — More consumers than ever are shopping from the comfort of their home. In fact, a national survey conducted by Shop Smart Magazine showed 61-percent of women spend more of their shopping time online than in stores. But as 3-On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan finds, some days of the week may be better than others when surfing for deals on the web.

Sandy Price is savvy shopper. She says, “Everybody wants to get a good deal.”

Like millions of others, she often finds those deals online.

But shopping expert Michelle Ashamalla believes that just because there is a sale, it doesn’t always mean you should buy.

She says, “If you are shopping the internet, you need to know what you’re buying.”

As well as when you’re buying.

ShopItToMe.com, an internet shopping service that scours sales online, analyzed over 1 million sale items over the past year.

Charlie Graham of ShopItToMe says, “Among the different retailers, are they putting different items on sale for different days of the week?”

On certain days of the week, they found steep discounts for certain items. Some priced at nearly half off.

So what are the best days to buy to buy what?

Monday: Best for buying women’s jeans, men’s shoes, sunglasses and athletic pants.

Tuesday: Best for women’s sleepwear and dress pants, as well as men’s belts.

Wednesday: You’re more likely to save on women’s sunglasses, handbags, and dress shirts, as well as men’s jewelry and sleepwear.

Thursday: Relax with savings on men’s casual pants.

Friday: Women’s dresses are marked down and men can score savings on sport coats, dress pants, jeans and swimwear.

Saturday: Best for purchasing women accessories, suits, and sweaters, as well as men’s casual shirts, jeans, suits and ties.

Sunday: History shows women’s casual pants and shorts are often discounted, while men accessories, sport coats, and athletic and dress shirts are also reduced.



Reported By: Jim Donovan

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