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Dems Say VP Biden Rally Roadblock Was Politically Motivated

RADNOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Vice President Joseph Biden’s scheduled appearance for Bryan Lentz, a Democratic congressional candidate, was moved to a new location after being turned away by Radnor High School.

And the snub has sparked a political controversy.

VP Biden will be holding a rally for Lentz, a Pennsylvania state representative, who is running for Congress against Republican Pat Meehan (see related stories).

Kevin McTigue, Lentz’s campaign manager, says the Radnor School District pulled the rug out from under them on Monday:

“I signed a contract in the principal’s office at Radnor High School on Friday. We did a walk-through with the Secret Service, and the event was then given the go-ahead to be publicized. And Republicans on the Radnor Township School Board killed the event on Monday morning.”

Radnor schools superintendent Linda Grobman says the event was cancelled due to its partisan nature and for logistical reasons. A district spokeswoman adds that they didn’t receive the paperwork until Monday.

Biden’s visit has been moved to the nearby Sulpizio Gym in Wayne, Pa., at 11 a.m. today.

Reported by Paul Kurtz, KYW Newsradio

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  • Gerry McGovern

    That’s it working class people, let’s stay divided! Let’s give greed exactly what it needs to stay in power! The more comments I read the more I want my dog to vote!

  • PookyBear

    Response to Ralph,,,um where the f you been for the last 2 years.

    That is all of Biden/Obama Agenda: BLAME BUSH, sorry but you took over last 2 years and now we have more national debt than all presidents previous combined.

    Applaud Radnor High School for the Road Block. Wish they would ban him from the state. And no one wants to listen to Biden stick his foot in his mouth for the 1000th time…..

  • Charles

    We practice Internal Locus Control, while you except Extrenal locus Control. Continue to ‘Hope”.

  • Rob

    Dems love young voters for the same reason they like those in prison or on welfare… they are dumb enough to believe the lies.

  • Ralph

    People listen the economy , bailout, and recession was the work of 8 yrs of the Bush/Repulican agenda. I have not heard anything from the republicans except what the Democrats are doing. I challenged the replublicans to stop playing the blame game and provide solutions.

  • Mary

    Bad move, this is wrong and not will try and swindle their way out of this by more lies.

  • Tracey

    Wowww, dems, don’t have a chance, repub, are low down dirty dogsss, I really do feel sorry 4 my president, where do we go now ??????

    • Skip

      We go forward and leave the phony Hope and Change agenda in the dust where it belongs.

  • Dan McD

    Politically motivated? Really. One political party accusing the other of a politically motivated decision, regarding a political event. High school students should not be used as the backdrop, or props, in a political campaign (they are not even old enough to vote). A more appropriate venue would have been a college campus, and Villavova is just down the street.

  • the grumpster

    This is a prime example of the Republican Party’s version of Democracy. Think before you vote!

  • J Nathan

    When I was in High School presidential candidate Dukakis came and spoke while he was on the campaign trail. It is a way of teaching kids about politics. This is now a missed educational opportunity. Open the doors to all candidates, involve our youth in the democratic process. THIS IS WHY YOUNG PEOPLE DON’T VOTE!!!!

    • Skip

      Is that why young people don’t vote? And I always thought it was apathy, lack of interest, and being uninformed. Darn.

  • Stephanie Palmer

    Just lets you know how much the idiots in Radnor will take to sell out the Vice President of the United States – a real class town, no doubt.

  • Heartache: Biden Denied Use of Radnor HS Gym |

    […] Vice President Joseph Biden has been forced to move a scheduled Wednesday appearance for a Democratic congressional candidate to a new location after being turned away by Radnor High School. And the snub has sparked a political controversy. […]

  • Frank

    I’m sure all 7 attendees will find the new location more than adequate….

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