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This Brett Favre situation puts the NFL in a really bad position in a number of ways.

First off, they, along with him, could be sued for sexual harassment, especially if their own investigation finds him guilty of sexting his “little Packer” to a Jets greeter. It doesn’t matter that she once posed for Playboy and Maxim and loves to show off her body. He didn’t need to show off his, if indeed he did.

Second, this is the month that the NFL is making us all aware of breast cancer with an entire line of apparel only to have the high profile husband of a survivor trying to score. As the husband of a survivor myself, I cannot believe anyone could do that. Gary Papa once told me when he was dealing with his cancer that it brings your marriage to a whole new level and he was right.

But in the end, Favre got his because he got rejected also. So much for you gotta be a football hero to get along with the beautiful girls. Then he tells the press that it’s a league matter like they needed this. The “Man” is not even man enough to admit what he did or even deny it. I heard Troy Aikman on the Eagles game saying how it’s none of his business and how Brett will get through this the same way he got through his father’s death and his wife’s breast cancer. He actually had the gall to say that. You would think that Favre is the victim when actually he’s nothing but a pathetic loser. For all the interceptions he’s thrown with the game on the line, I hope he’s always remembered for this one incompletion. I hope his fans reject him the way Jenn Sterger did. That’s what he deserves.

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