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BLOG: Your Boss Isn’t Buying It

Digital Journalist Nicole Brewer

Digital Journalist Nicole Brewer

nicole-brewer-web Nicole Brewer
Nicole Brewer joined CBS 3 and The CW Philly’s Eyewitness News tea...
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Monday morning rolls around …and you’re tinkering with the idea of making it a three day weekend. Maybe you’re genuinely sick, maybe you’re not. But, do you suck it up or stay at home?

Plenty of users sounded off in today’s Morning Chatter …

If you’re among those who opt to call out, new research may make you reconsider. In a survey of 3000 bosses in Great Britain, nearly three-quarters said they don’t believe their employees when they call out sick.

The same percentage said they were less likely to grant someone a promotion or offer them a raise if they took advantage of regular sick days.

One-third of bosses said they expect their employees to come to work, despite being sick.

But, if you ask me … I think it depends on the nature of the illness. If you’re contagious or unable to perform job functions, stay home. If you’ve got a sniffle, suck it up and come to work.

–Nicole Brewer


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