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Couples Moving In Without Legal Protections Of Marriage

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – More Americans are choosing to live together without getting married, but those who choose to do that do not enjoy the legal protections that go along with marriage.

Partner at Troiani Kivitz in Devon, Dolores Troiani says this decision often comes at the best time of the relationship, but she believes it’s wise to plan ahead for a time when it might not be:

“Twelve years ago, I represented a man who was in a same-sex relationship. His long time partner sued him after the relationship ended and requested he be compensated for all the services rendered during the time they were living together.”

The Superior Court ruled that individual did not have the right to collect any money, but Troiani says, once you decide to set up house, then you should sit down with an attorney and draw up a contract:

“Are you paying the rent for this person and are they cleaning the house? Are you paying the mortgage and perhaps that person is perhaps getting the groceries. These are all sorts of issues that need to be worked out.”

Reported by Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio.


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  1. DebK says:

    Beware of “moving in” without checking that the lease allows 2 people to occupy the premises. After I moved out, my landlord tried to sue me for additional rent while my boyfriend lived with me.

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