By David Madden

TRENTON (CBS) – Lottery scams are nothing new, but there’s a new one with a local twist and it has local officials issuing a warning.

The New Jersey Lottery has been contacted by at least four people, two from within state, one from North Carolina and one from California, all with the same tale.

Someone called them insisting a prize was theirs for a “processing fee”. So why were they calling Trenton?

“What seems to be different about this one is that it is identifying the prize as coming from the New Jersey Lottery.”

Acting Lottery Director Carole Hedinger believes this is the first time a state has been targeted in what is traditionally an international scam.

The bottom line is that to win in any state lottery you need a ticket. Since you buy that ticket no one calls you, you call them.

Law enforcement and other lotteries across the country have been warned. If you should get such a call the best thing you can do is hang up.

Reported by: David Madden, KYW Newsradio

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