Giants Take 3-1 Lead In NLCS

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) — The frozen faces came with shifting eyes. Each pitch, each at-bat, each dwindling inning arrived with the same tense facades from one team about to do something not many expected, and the imminent demise of another team many thought would have a clear path to the World Series.

The Phillies coughed up a fifth-inning lead and fell to the San Francisco Giants, 6-5, in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series, giving the Giants a commanding 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven series.

Phils’ ace Roy Halladay will try to stave off elimination Thursday night in Game 5 of the series, opposing the Giants’ ace, Tim Lincecum.

ruiz nlcs ap Giants Take 3 1 Lead In NLCSThe Phillies tied Game 4 at 5-5 with back-to-back doubles from Ryan Howard and Jayson Werth to start the eighth inning. But Werth was left stranded and in came Roy Oswalt, in a rare relief appearance, to try and hold down the Giants.

He couldn’t.

Oswalt took the loss when Juan Uribe’s sacrifice fly to left drove home Aubrey Huff with the game-winning run.

The Phillies had built a 4-2 lead with a four-run fifth inning. It appeared as if Philadelphia was in command. San Francisco had not scored more than four runs at home since its 9-2 victory over Milwaukee at AT&T Park on September 19.

The fifth also saw the Phillies do some rare things this series—like driving in runners in scoring position and coming through with two-out RBIs.

Until the fifth, the Phillies were hitting .095 (2-for-21) with runners in scoring position in the series. Until the fifth, Jimmy Rollins was the only Phillie with two-out RBIs (on a walk and a three-run double in the Phils’ 6-1 Game 2 blowout). Placido Polanco snapped that rut with a two-out, two-run double to center, plating Shane Victorino and Chase Utley and giving the Phils a 3-2 lead. A wild pitch extended that edge to 4-2.

Chad Durbin failed to protect the tenuous lead in the sixth, but Werth’s RBI double with no outs in the eighth erased Durbin’s futility, tying the score at 5-5. Werth, however, introduced another futility. The Phillies’ offense bogged down again courtesy of the Giants’ Sergio Romo, who got Rollins to pop out to third, and then Romo struck out both Ben Francisco and Carlos Ruiz swinging on nasty sliders to end the inning. Giants’ closer Brian Wilson slammed the door in the ninth by retiring the Phillies in order.

The Giants had rebounded from a 4-2 deficit in the sixth, when Pablo Sandoval came through with a two-run, one-out double to give the Giants a 5-4 lead. Giants’ catcher Buster Posey also played a crucial role, going 4-for-5, with a pair of two-out RBIs in the first and third innings.

Throughout the NLCS, San Francisco has been effective with two outs and runners in scoring position. Posey joined five other Giants (Pat Burrell, Freddy Sanchez, Uribe, Huff (2) and Cody Ross) who had provided two-out RBIs. Huff’s two-out single through the middle pulled the Giants to within 4-3 in the fifth, before Sandoval’s double in the sixth gave San Francisco the lead.

Huff and Posey were a combined 7-for-10 in the game, driving in three of the Giants’ six runs and scoring twice. They paired up again to sting the Phillies in the ninth, when Posey battled back from an 0-2 count against Oswalt to set up the winning run, poking a single to right and sending to third Huff, who reached on a one-out single. That set the stage for Uribe’s sac fly, which easily scored Huff from third.

“Oswalt said he wanted to be in there and he’d be glad to go, and that was  a great at-bat by Posey,” Phils’ manager Charlie Manuel said. “When we took the lead, we had momentum on our side, and we couldn’t hold them. The sixth inning got away from us, and lead-off walks opened the door for the Giants. They found a way. We had a chance to win the game and we didn’t. They got the big hit and Uribe did a good job of hitting the sacrifice fly. They did a good job.”

Though the Phillies had the big-inning fifth, they’re still hitting .161 (5-for-31) with runners in scoring position in the NLCS–a big example was Werth’s double in the eighth. With no outs, the Phils left the go-ahead run stranded. In comparison, the Giants are hitting almost 100 points better with runners in scoring position .259 (7-for-27). The Phils’ inability to score runs with two outs has also placed them in this quandary. Only Rollins and Polanco have provided two-out RBIs in the series, while eight of the 14 Giants’ NLCS runs have come with two outs. The Giants seem to have a penchant for handling pressure moments. Five of the Giants’ six postseason victories have come by one run–the one exception being their 3-0 Game 3 victory.

Over 18 innings at AT&T Park, the Phillies have scored in just two.

One Phillies’ regular is hitting over .300 in the NLCS, Howard, at .385-5-for-13, with three doubles, while three San Francisco regulars are hitting .300 or better (Ross a series-high .417 5-for-12; Posey and Huff each at .313 both going 5-for-16). And though Howard is hitting, he’s not lifting anything out. The Phillies’ power source has been homerless since September 25th.

If the Phillies can’t rebound from the 3-1 deficit, what will leave an indelible mark on this season is the Game 4 image of a dejected Ruiz sitting alone in the Phillies’ dugout still in his catching gear wearing a stunned look, no doubt wondering ‘how could this be happening.’

Reported by: Joseph Santoliquito


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  1. Live from the San Francisco Bay says:

    I’m a San Franciscan and I actually decided to check this site out because I see the broadcast comparison on the Giants website. Found WPTH radio and heard a distinct broadcast difference when Giants rally. I know baseball and I know your Plillies are a great team. I actually feared playing Philly knowing that we were and now I say “were” the underdogs. Sorry to say now for you guys, but I believe your season as Plillians are over. 3-1 come’on now……..ODDS baby ODDS!!

  2. antz says:

    put him and Andy Reid on train out of Philly …..

  3. ANTZ says:

    Do u think J Roll is going to bunt on his own ??? Charlie has to tell him to Bunt and the Phils don’t bunt or play small ball because of CHARLIE !!! HANG HIM !!!!

  4. Bazooka B says:

    its all BSDJR’s fault. if he wasnt so worried about being the hero and played small ball, getting werth to 3rd on a bunt or a smart swing woulda changed the outcome of the game. he was swinging for the oppo boppo which makes no sense. Halladays gonna win tonite and bringing it back to philly will be the most epic 3 game comeback this city has ever seen. altho its the giants. they are a bunch of bozos.

  5. ant z says:

    Big Roy should have pitched last nt so we tie this thing up and Then Big Roy Pitches game 7. Charlie has to go !!!! Saving Roy for gm 1 of the WS doesn’t look so good now. Blanton should have pitched tonight with the series tied… sorry Charlie… time to go !!!

  6. jc says:

    you all sound like cry babies … it was a terrific baseball game, with the exception of a handful of poor calls by the umps. the phils are the only team alive in baseball that can pull this one out…enjoy your thursday!

  7. Jay L says:

    And where were you, Mr. Sanliquito, BEFORE the playoffs started, to tell us of this hubris that would kill the Phillies.

    The Phillies can pitch (but not in the clutch), and they can play defense, usually. But, they don’t know how to play baseball. With the exception of Palanco, they all swing for the fences no matter what the score, what the inning, what the count. Give me 8 Palancos and you can have everyone else. Charlie realized that when he finally moved his BEST hitter to the third spot.

  8. bg says:

    Hey at least you have a team that can win and has made it this far. I live in Pittsburgh and the Pirates stink. My son is 16 yrs old and has never seen a winning season. Now that is pathetic.

    The Phillies can do it. Have faith.

  9. joseph santoliquito says:

    Jo, you don’t get it?? The Phillies had 2010 World Series t-shirts and Broad Street victory-parade maps already made back in April. Hubris, hubris, it can kill the hopes and dreams of even the most talented–and in this case, it’s the Philadelphia Phillies.

    1. G House says:

      One word…overrated

  10. jo kennedy says:

    what pathetic play, hitting and attitude. I am not watching any more – after many years of watching this team play in three stadiums, I give up. Keep your millions – I would give my money to a minor league team who showed some heart playing and at least tried to play decent!

    1. El says:

      the go watch a minor league team

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