Derogatory Graffiti Spray-Painted On Medford Home

MEDFORD, NJ (CBS) — A Burlington County family is in complete shock after vandals spray-painted vulgarities on the outside of their home.

Gina Zucker found the obscenities written on her Medford home as she returned home from work Wednesday evening.

“You never know coming home what you’re going to find especially in a nice, warm, lovely neighborhood that we live in,” Zucker said.

The expletives, which are often used to degrade a woman, were spray-painted on Zucker’s front door and several other areas of her home.

“The words that were spray-painted on the house were very derogatory in nature and it certainly affects the well-being of the residents there. Also the amount of damage will probably be in the thousands of dollars,” said Medford Police Lt. Jeffrey Wagner.

Zucker’s two teenage children were home at the time, but they did not hear the vandals. Zucker is baffled as to who would vandalize her home and why it was targeted.

This is not the first time that the Zucker’s have been victimized. Back in March, suspects broke into their home.

The Zucker’s are offering up a $1,000 of their own money for any information that leads to an arrest in Thursday’s graffiti incident.


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  1. john-d says:


  2. zucker says:

    if you’d like to report a suspect (even if anonymously) please call 856-912-0395 or e-mail we need to catch these people or this person, before they do it again.
    to see the destruction yourself: 2 chanty dam drive, medford, nj, 08055

  3. Jim Wilmer says:

    In the nature of things that can happen today, It could have been worse. But we all most be aware of the goings on in the neighborhood. For what can happen to a neighbor can happen to you.

  4. harley says:

    they were probably some kids jealous of your kids…or one person in a group made other people go along with what they wanted…all in all dont panic and dont take it personal…I am raising 3 teens 1 a cheerleader, 1 a big bob marley fan and my boy has half the neighborhood liking him and the other half doesnt …but they all have some drama in their life’s at one point or another…when we got tagged….I cleaned it and just moved on…it big deal

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