Baby Mix-Up At Del. Hospital Horrifies Parents

DOVER, Del. (CBS) — A baby mix-up at a Delaware hospital left new parents horrified and potentially exposed their newborn to a number of dangers.

The birth of their first born was a day the Gannon’s will never forget.

The day after little Tripp was born at Bayhealth Medical Center in Dover, Delaware, he was scheduled to be circumcised.

His parents told Eyewitness News that he was taken to a separate surgical room where there was another baby.

After Tripp’s circumcision was finished, he was mistakenly put back into the other baby’s bassinette and then taken back to that baby’s mother. No one picked up on the mistake until after Tripp was breast fed by the other mother, who was a complete stranger.

The hospital employee apparently never checked if Tripp’s anklet matched the mother’s bracelet. The mistake exposed the newborn to a number of possible diseases, including hepatitis.

“They drop the big one on you and they say ‘there’s the possibility the transmission of HIV,'” Garrett Gannon said.

Tripp is now two-years-old and is oblivious to what happened. But his parents can’t forget the long running nightmare that followed the mix-up.

For six months, Tripp’s blood was repeatedly tested and Erin and Garrett could do nothing but wait for the HIV and hepatitis test results.

“You don’t sleep well. You don’t eat well,” Garrett said.

For its part, the hospital released the following statement:

“Bayhealth quickly became aware of the situation and responded immediately. We disclosed the error to both families and rapidly put additional safety measures in place.”

Fortunately all the tests came back negative and Tripp is healthy.

The Gannon’s said they passed on a $10,000 settlement, which would have required them to stay silent, all because they want to warn other expecting parents.

“It’s not worth the responsibility we would feel if this happened to another family,” Garrett said.

Reported By: Todd Quinones, CBS 3


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  1. Knitted in the Womb says:

    Oh, and let’s not forget, he was exposed to that NASTY breastmilk. which is SO much more dangerous than BLOOD that the woman may have been eligible to donate. I mean really…how many woman who are HIV or hepatitis positive breastfeed their own babies, knowing they could infect their baby?

  2. Knitted in the Womb says:

    Let’s put this into the proper perspective, why don’t we.

    A little boy had an unnecessary, extremely painful, cosmetic surgery. A nurse may have been traumatized from having to witness the event. She was then charged with wrapping up the baby and transporting him back to his mother. So in her shaken state, she accidentally puts him into the wrong bassinet. And then rushes him to the woman who she presumes to be his mother, in hopes that he can be calmed by being held by his mother and nursed. So she rushes the baby into the mother’s arms.

    Did the nurse mess up, and mess up big time? YES.

    But if either one of the two sets of parents hadn’t elected to have a surgery that was not medically indicated on their 2 day old babies, it would have never happened.

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