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Chester Residents Rally For A Supermarket

Another Genuardi’s supermarket has closed in the Philadelphia suburbs, because of too much competition, on the same day that Chester residents rallied to get a supermarket in their town.

The Landsdale Genuardi’s succumbed to pressure from new chains, such as Wegman’s and Aldi’s, and non-traditional grocery sellers, such as Target, according to spokeswoman Maryann Crager:

“The grocery business is fiercely competitive by nature and with new entries into the market it’s becoming more difficult in the Philadelphia area to operate. Genuardi’s stores have now closed in Voorhees, Newtown Square, Concord and Chesterbrook.”

Meanwhile, in the city of Chester, there is no supermarket; hasn’t been since 2001 so a handful of residents protested outside the Philadelphia Union soccer game, to highlight the fact that a supermarket was promised in return for the generous taxpayer subsidies of the stadium.

Fred Jones is one of the organizers:

“The people are frustrated, they’re tired of having to go outside the city just to do their basic food shopping.”

Jones says there was no response from the developer or public officials.

Reported By Pat Loeb, KYW Newradio


One Comment

  1. Allen W says:

    So why don`t they take the initiative and open a store on their own, I`m sure the SBA would gladly give them a loan.

  2. jls19401 says:

    Who would want to build or open in that war zone. Hell everyone should get combat pay!

  3. The Bobster says:

    Genuardi’s is expensive but even they won’t want to build a store in a battle zone.

  4. lon says:

    Genaurdis is horrible. It used to be one of the best supermarket chains around and now it it exists in name only as part of Safeway. They should all be closed down. Nothing but generic products most of the time

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