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Philadelphia Area Getting Its First Self-Serve Wine Kiosk

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — The first Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board self-service wine kiosk in the Philadelphia region is scheduled to go on line Saturday at 11 AM in Drexel Hill, Pa.

stapleton pj Philadelphia Area Getting Its First Self Serve Wine KioskLiquor Control Board chairman PJ Stapleton (right) says this will be the first wine kiosk put into service since two prototype models began testing in the Harrisburg area this past June:

“We’re opening our first wine kiosk in Southeastern Pennsylvania at the Fresh Grocer in Drexel Hill. We’re excited about it because the kiosks have been very successful in central Pennsylvania.”

Stapleton says that as the LCB finalizes more contracts with supermarkets, he expects at least a few more kiosks to be deployed in Philadelphia and the suburbs before the end of the year.

Ultimately, the LCB plans to roll out about 100 of the units statewide, and Stapleton estimates about 40 or so will be in the southeastern part of the state. The kiosks will be open from 9 AM to 9 PM Monday through Saturday, and will generally carry around 45 selections.

Reported by KYW Harrisburg Bureau Chief Tony Romeo.
File photos provided by PLCB


One Comment

  1. Frank says:

    Great, that’s all we need in Drexel Hill. More Drunks!

  2. BDB says:

    Plain and simple, the PLCB needs to abolished and the Commonwealth needs to enter the 21st century when it comes to alcohol sales. Wine kiosks are an absolute joke of an idea. Enough already.

  3. Mark Gold says:

    Means nothing to me, I shop in Jersey- so I can support small business- not The Booze Nazis in Pennsyltucky. Are they ever gonig to get rid of the archaic laws and useless overpaid clerks??

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