WORCESTER (CBS) — Teachers in the Methacton School District, that covers Worcester and Lower Providence Townships, will not strike after a tentative agreement was reached following a contract dispute.

Both sides went to the bargaining table Thursday evening to try and hammer out a deal.

“We have pulled the strike notification, there will be no strike and schools will open tomorrow,” said Diane Kernop, the Teachers Union President and Howard Jones, the School Board President.

The 440 teachers of the Methacton School District in Eagleville voted to reject a fact finding report meant to find middle ground with the district, however differences in salaries and benefits kept the teachers union strike deadline in play.

Teachers are seeking a 21 percent increase in pay over four years, while the district wants 12 percent. The exact details of the tentative agreement have not been made public.

“We have a mediator settlement that we are both taking back to our respective people to get them to ratify each side separately,” said Jones.

Both sides are expected to meet again in a week’s time to decide on the new contract.

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