No Strike For Teachers In Methacton School District

WORCESTER (CBS) — Teachers in the Methacton School District, that covers Worcester and Lower Providence Townships, will not strike after a tentative agreement was reached following a contract dispute.

Both sides went to the bargaining table Thursday evening to try and hammer out a deal.

“We have pulled the strike notification, there will be no strike and schools will open tomorrow,” said Diane Kernop, the Teachers Union President and Howard Jones, the School Board President.

The 440 teachers of the Methacton School District in Eagleville voted to reject a fact finding report meant to find middle ground with the district, however differences in salaries and benefits kept the teachers union strike deadline in play.

Teachers are seeking a 21 percent increase in pay over four years, while the district wants 12 percent. The exact details of the tentative agreement have not been made public.

“We have a mediator settlement that we are both taking back to our respective people to get them to ratify each side separately,” said Jones.

Both sides are expected to meet again in a week’s time to decide on the new contract.


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  1. Steve l. Glower says:

    I live in the district and have three kids who will attend soon. I think we should pay the teachers more and give themlarger increases. You get what you pay for, and I want the best for my kids. If this district was known for high pay and benefits, quality teachers would flock here.

  2. Brenda Huggins says:

    How about doing a feature on the Secretaries and Instructional Assistants in the Souderton Area School District? They have been without a contract since June and have been negotiating with the school district since January, 2010. Everyone else received raises and bonuses in the district but not these two groups

  3. Alec Berg says:

    Lazy teachers, 3 months off, cigs, donuts and coffee all day, Complain, complain, yack,yack, benefits for life after 10 years. Cry me a river. Try getting a real job, none of these whiney teachers would last a week.

    1. Jeff Hodges says:

      Agreed Alec. Also how about the tax free money that they make on the side.
      50.00 per hour for a district sponsered math teacher to tutor in their home. They want cash or a personal check. They dont even contribute to the liberal system of entitlements that they typically vote for.

  4. Larry says:

    The Methacton School Teacher’s need a Dose of Reality. Currently, their are so many taxpayers who are struggling during these hard economic times. I have not received a pay increase in over 4 years and my Health insurance along with my deductibles continue to increase.

    If the Teacher’s are not happy working in this school district, they should look for work elsewhere

  5. The Bobster says:

    ” to try and hammer out a deal.” Don’t reporters learn proper grammar anymore?

    The teachers want a 5% annual raise? Do they live in the real world? How many taxpayers get 5% raises?

  6. JQ says:

    Dave…….you know.

  7. Dave says:

    People are still loosing jobs and these teachers re not satisfied with a lousy 3 percent raise. they are also wining because they might have to work a few more days or they might have to contribute to their insurance a little more. Please grow up and look around you. 5 percent pay increase per year for 4 years. I work for J&J as a union mechanic and i do not even get it that good. I also contribute more then they do for my benefits. I am just glad to have a job.

  8. JR says:

    The administration building is in Worcester Township, not Lower Providence. The district covers Lower Providence and Worcester Townships, but the building is in Worcester. These little errors in reporting drive me crazy, your reporter should know bettter.

  9. Karen says:

    Up to three weeks? No. Like every news story I have read about this strike this one is plagued by glaring factual error.

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