Fans Brave the Weather In Support Of Phillies


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The rain didn’t bother dozens of Phillies fans who turned out for a rally in center city on Thursday afternoon.

Bellowing through a bullhorn and rain drops, Greg Luzinski whipped the crowd into a frothy frenzy.

Sue Thomas of Northeast Philadelphia says she would have come down for this event in any kind of weather:

(Thomas:) “There was a monsoon in 2008 and it was fine. I was at the (Roy) Halladay no-hitter and it was raining. This is nothing. This is great. It’s so much fun.”

(Female Fan:) “This team here is so organized and so dedicated. They work so well together.”

(Male Fan:) “I think a lot of it was Charlie Manuel. He pulled them all together.”

The Phillie Phanatic showed up with a pair of oversized scissors, indicating that he wanted to cut Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum’s hair.

Reported by KYW Newsradio’s Paul Kurtz.

Photo by KYW’s Paul Kurtz