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Teens Trash NJ Home Of War Veteran On Duty

PEDRICKTOWN, NJ (CBS) — Several teens were arrested after they broke into and wrecked the New Jersey home of an Air Force Sergeant who was on active duty taking wounded troops home.

Air Force Master Sgt. Jeff Springsteen says area juveniles broke a small basement window to get in and party inside his Pedricktown home, turning the place upside down.

Springsteen says they drank his beer, vomited and relieved themselves on mattresses. They also threw a TV into the wall and shattered a sliding glass door.

“It was scary. The easiest way to describe it is that it looked like a tornado went through the interior of my house,” explained Springsteen.

The incident happened in early September as Springsteen, who deploys often to Iraq and Afghanistan, was on active duty for one week in Illinois. He was flying wounded soldiers back to their home bases.

“I’ve been in the Air Force for over 23 years now and I’ve been in every U.S. conflict since then … and I have never had something bother me as bad as this did,” Springsteen said.

New Jersey State Police say seven juveniles between the ages of 11 and 16 were involved in the break-in, burglary and vandalism.

Four of them were arrested at a local bank the next day for apparent lewd behavior in the parking lot. Three remaining teenagers have been arrested since.

Springsteen says they stole cash, jewelry and a Nintendo game station.

Insurance adjusters still don’t have an exact figure on the damage.

Springsteen says he has been nervous in the house at night. He considers it a crime that has invaded his privacy and peace of mind.

Springsteen said he wants the young suspects prosecuted, and he wants them to pay restitution for his out pocket cost of repairs.

The suspects have been charged with burglary, criminal trespass, criminal mischief and vandalism.

Reported By: Cydney Long, CBS 3


One Comment

  1. Janet says:

    I would also put a sign on his front lawn that says” I trash a soldiers home while he is away defending me and my home!!!”

  2. Janet says:

    They need to clean this mess up! Shame on them!!! They all need to be punished and part of this punishment should be Boot Camp!!!

  3. xiffi says:

    What a shame. Do parents not teach their children morals and ethics anymore? By 11, a kid knows right from wrong, and all of them should be held accountable, as should their parents. The parents should have to pay for the damages AND buy new furniture for that man. The kids should be on probation for a minimum of five years. During probation, they should have to spend the entire weekend in boot camp for brats (some states have this, not sure if NJ has it), and after school, they should have to sit in a jail holding cell from just after school to 9 p.m. All they have is their homework and a table and chair. No nothing else. The toilet is in the cell – they have to do their business in front of everyone in the holding cell. They should have to go straight home, then straight to school (and not regular school, either, they should have to go to the school for troubled kids, if those still exist, or if boot camp has a full time program, that would work, too). Yah, these brats have to learn.

  4. Janice Anthony says:

    The parents and children need to scrub the house from top to bottom, pay for all the damages, and clean for this soldier for a year!!!!

  5. June says:

    What a disgrace! To return home from war to find that. Disgusting!

    He should sue the parents for damages. The kids should go to jail or juvi.

    I’m appalled.

  6. Patti says:

    I think the parents should also be held responsible—some were as young as 11!!! Where the heck were the parents when their children were doing this? Do they not know where their kids are? This is absolutely disgusting…..make those kids do boot camp to get an idea of how hard our servicemen(women) work to protect our country!! Or better yet, send those kids to Iraq or Afghanistan and let them get first hand knowledge of this terrible world—maybe they’ll appreciate things more!

  7. tyler says:

    I find it appalling that not only someone would do this, but that they were children. What kind of parent raises their child to vomit, urinate on, and destroy other people’s possessions? It’s disgusting and I think the parents should also be forced to take some responsibility, especially for the younger kids involved.

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