Pa. Lawmaker Seeks Statewide Ban On Talking-Driving

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — State Representative Josh Shapiro says using a handheld cell phone while driving could soon be illegal throughout Pennsylvania.

Rep. Shapiro, of the 153rd Legislative District, says a bill on the issue will likely go before the State Senate next week and pass. After that, it goes to Governor Ed Rendell for his signature.

“It would make it a primary enforcement, which means a driver could be pulled over for violating the law,” said Shapiro whose been trying for the past four years to pass a bill to ban cell phone use while driving.

The focus isn’t only on adult drivers. Shapiro says there is language in the bill targeting teens.

“For teen drivers, it would be an outright ban on all cell phone use,” said Shapiro. “It would restrict the number of passengers teens could have in their car at one time and expand or increase the amount of driver’s education they need before getting their driver’s license.”

Right now 20 states, including Pennsylvania, don’t even ban texting while driving, according the Governor’s Highway Safety Association. As for a recent study that says texting bans don’t reduce crashes, Shapiro calls it inaccurate and flawed.

“I would instead rely on State Police data and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation data that suggest cell phone use is the biggest distraction,” said Shapiro.

Reported By: Jericka Duncan, CBS 3


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  1. aprile says:

    Followed a woman on Arch St. today that was multi-tasking while driving — kept switching phone from one hand to the other while looking down, going 5 miles per hour holding up traffic; then when she got to light decided to cross over 3 lanes of traffic to turn right!
    why wouldn’t it be unlawful to be so distracted while driving? How could anyone argue against such a law? Mind blowing, isn’t it?

  2. Tom Loren says:

    No better comment than ” it’s about time” Should have been done from the start.
    Maybe the idiots that drink coffee, talk and put on makeup while driving will learn a lesson.

  3. jim says:

    its about time this is a law that should have been way before now

    1. ZZBAR says:

      You got that right.

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