Willow Grove Woman Accused Of Faking Cancer For Money

WILLOW GROVE, PA. (CBS) — A Willow Grove woman went as far as shaving her own head in a fake cancer plot that reportedly netted her tens of thousands of dollars in donations and fooled her own parents, police said.

Police say Alicia Tolton, 26, claimed she had been suffering from ovarian and breast cancer for approximately 18 months.

“The only medical condition she had was the one that ate away her conscience,” Upper Moreland Police Chief Thomas Nestel said.

According to investigators, Tolton played an active role in organizing a benefit planned for October 17 in which she was scheduled to receive the proceeds from the “beef and beer” fundraiser.

The proceeds from the benefit were apparently going to pay for Tolton’s alleged surgery and cancer treatments.

Friends and organizations, who believed that Tolton was suffering from cancer through her Facebook page, also began organizing the benefit. They were under the impression that Tolton was incurring large medical bills.

Investigators say Tolton advertised the event, ordered and solicited tickets, tee shirts, bracelets and raffles and even solicited door prizes and donations.

By mid September, approximately $1,000 had already been donated, deposited or accepted in Tolton’s behalf.

In addition, the investigation also revealed that Tolton fraudulently designed and presented medical invoices and receipts using the Fox Chase Cancer Center logo. Investigators said Tolton was never a patient at Fox Chase.

Tolton was arrested after police set up a sting claiming the Upper Moreland police union wanted to give her a donation.

“She had the guts to come into the police station to collect that donation,” Nestel said.

Tolton has been charged with Theft By Deception, Forgery and Tampering With Records or Identification.

Tolton is being held on $25,000 cash bail.


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  1. Dorrine says:

    She make’s me SICK we lost three people in our family to CANCER all six months apart
    my brother’s wife of thirthy some year’s,my uncle and my sister who left behind two
    children.Some one said her brother has cancer and this is what she learned from it.You better hope GOD has mercer on you.I can still hear them saying there not going to die there gonna
    beat this.God bless them they had more fight then I ever seen in my life.I RELIVE what I never want to see again. Her brother had cancer and this is the best she can do for her family.My sister left behind two children the five year old live’s with mom it’s what keep’s her going.
    We fight everyday to get by.This little boy never want’s to leave the home his mom and grandmom
    bought,but in time mom will loss the house and it kill’s me inside every night that I can’t sleep.I will never forget there will to live.So you really make me SICK looking at you with your head shaved
    Do you even know that it is painfull when they lose there hair.I’m sorry but YOU TURN MY

  2. amalia ryan says:

    Her punishment should be to have her breasts removed abdomial hyesterectomy (she won’t need them because she should not reproduce) and some chemo and then community service cleaning docotors offices who treat cancer patients and a big fine

  3. Stephanie says:

    Anon ….I agree u too!!! Pretty sad what u have to do for attention and money!!!

  4. catherine says:

    Karma is beautiful.

  5. Sheila says:

    As a person who has had, and still have, close family members and friends with this terrible disease, I could never wish it on anyone. I do hope, however, that she is made to face REAL cancer victims and their families through community service at a cancer center. Maybe then, she’ll feel some of their pain, grow a heart and realize what a vicious and offensive scam she tried to pull.

    1. Heart says:

      I wish I could say she would grow a heart but I work with her brother and he is a cancer surviror who was a patient at Foxchase. That is probably how she was able to pull this off for as long as she did. She mimic’ ed how her brother was when he was sick. I feel so bad for her family they are all nice hardworking honest people.

  6. jim Durst says:

    Are you kidding me. My ex-wife committed fraud to the burlington county court and to the NJ appellate court. She’s not arrested by trying to defraud me, child support and both the burlington and nj appellate courts. What is the difference? Fraud has blinders? Give me a break. Investigate my ex.

  7. jim Durst says:

    Are you kidding me. My ex-wife committed fraud to the burlington county court and to the NJ appellate court. She’s not arrested by trying to defraud me, child support and both the burlington and nj appellate courts. What is the difference? Fraud has blinders? Give me a break. Investigate my ex. Wife and the corruption of the burlington county Nj court

  8. JD says:

    As a cancer survivor. I thank God for Fox Chase Cancer Center and the care they provide. I think she needs to spend a few hundred hours in community service at Fox Chase to see the devastation that cancer causes to families and how people who really care treat people dealing with this disease

  9. bob says:

    I would wish no one to get cancer. she is sick in the mind. would anyone wish someone who is depressed to get cancer? the world seems to have gone crazy

    1. anon says:

      She isn’t sick in the mind. That’s always the excuse for any criminal these days. Her only sickness is greed. She needs to pay.

      1. anon says:

        This isn’t her first time getting arrested for fraud, theft by deception, forgery, and burglary. She was convicted in 2008 on 6 felony counts of the same.She didn’t plead “insanity.” Still think she’s sick? She’s a repeat offender and a felon, two times over.

  10. Monica says:

    As a cancer suviver I’m disgusted. She IS sick though, sick in the head. There is a special place in for a person like this.

    1. Monica says:

      I’m not defending this chick, I’d like 10 minutes with her to tell her exactly how I feel. She makes me sick and I wish her 1% of what I went through so she realizes how digusting she is.

  11. Ellie says:

    This dispicable woman should receive a mandatory comunity service for an indefinate period of time. Cancer is not joke. Its painful, frightening, and debilitaing. Some of the service should include cancer areas – Standing at a manned place and collect for real Cancer victims. Unforgiving.

  12. Marcie Perrett says:

    People like her make it hard to believe the people who really do have it. But god will punish her. She should go to jail.

  13. anon says:

    I hope she really gets cancer one day.

    1. ZZBAR says:

      I hate to say this but, “Right On”

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