By Nicole Brewer
Paris may be the fashion capital of the world, but this week, Philadelphia plays host to designing talent from across the globe.. As part of Philadelphia Fashion Week 2010, (October 6-9) the four day runway show will feature Philadelphia talent and local students as well as designers from New York, London, Russia, Peru, Italy and beyond.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the creative talent you’ll see on the catwalk! 

a20different20fur2 Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight


.a different fur 

.a different fur is a thought…the concept of creating individuality through a unique vision of forward-thinking menswear. Using high-quality materials & construction we create limited edition clothing that instill value & exclusivity through selective product placement. we create individuality… individuality is true freedom. 

alecia07 Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight


Alecia Zameska 

Alecia Zameska approaches the design of her emerging luxury women’s wear brand with undaunted and innovative designs. She strives to create sophisticated and sexy clothing for women who know fashion and dress. She offers a fresh insight into what women want and need on a daily basis. 

allegri Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight



Allegri, “The Architects of fabrics”, is a historical Italian outerwear company. It is a family run business located in the heart of Florence. Internationally known and sold within big name department stores such as Saks and Neiman Marcus for their specialization in outerwear. They have worked with Giorgio Armani in the past, and recently collaborated with Francesco Scognamiglio, a luxury brand. They were featured in Esquire, a benchmark periodical of men’s fashion. 

arcadia4 Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight


Arcadia and Bus Stop Boutiques 

Arcadia Boutique is Philadelphia’s eco-fashion boutique and lifestyle destination located in the heart of Northern Liberties. We offer a place for the independent-minded to find fabulous and original, yet affordable fashion from emerging and eco-friendly designers and artists from Philadelphia and around the world. Boutique owner, Ali McCloud, offers a welcoming, eclectic haven for the individual who loves fashion, art, craft, music, and travel but also hopes to minimize their impact on our environment and support emerging design talent. In addition to offering a distinctive selection of new fashion brands, Arcadia features the best sustainable fashion brands so customers can embrace green lifestyle alternatives without sacrificing style. 

BUS STOP was born on April 14, 2007 by London-born Elena Brennan. Her
passion for shoes led her to open the boutique and she carries
hard-to-find designer labels and styles, as well as eco-friendly shoe
brands, which were only available before with a trip to New York, London,
Paris or Rio. Elena thinks every woman deserves to be unique and funky.
She supports local artists by showcasing their musical, creative and
fashion talent through the forum BUS STOP + Art, a monthly event, for more
details visit Bits & Pieces. 

autumnlin31 Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight



Autumnlin Atelier creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition haute couture and high-end eveningwear using hand-pleated silk, sculpted exotic leather and undulating zipper-tooth panels. Autumnlin combines historically inspired silhouettes with intense textile construction adding a sculptural aesthetic to each piece. The gowns are hand-pleated and draped making each individual much like a fingerprint. Dreams serve as the primary inspiration, creating a story that becomes the visual prose for all collections. 

ban Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight


Ban Thor Phan 

Ban Thor Phan creates adaptable modern designs for the ever evolving global market. With three bases of operations in Thailand Japan and here in Philadelphia they have a unique global percpective of fashion and cultural trends in the mainstream and in regional style. Using the finest natural materials hand woven textiles, organic hemp and bamboo cotton with their signature dying techniques using the time honored tradition of frigid leave and bark dying. 

BTP is more then just clothing company. BTP is a completely self sufficient sustainable non profit orphanage solely funded by their clothing line. All proceed go to support their 55 orphaned abandoned and abused children. Not only do they support the children they have also developed an amazing formula for enriching the lives of the surronding rufugee communities in Thailand through their efforts in saving people from the burdens of working in sweat shops. Taking people out of the sweat shops and creating workspace in their own homes and giving them a healthy living wage and the availability to spend time with their families and the time and space to create their own hours. Ban Thor Phan’s goal is to spread their model and inspire the world on and off the runway to better themselves and the world around them. 

carmelitacouture22 Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight


Carmelita Couture 

Where fashion meets American Pop culture — Ultra feminine, candy coated, body conscious designs that tickle the eyes of the viewer. Carmelita Couture was born from a childhood love of fashion and make-believe that blossomed into wearable artistic expression. Influenced by global culture, travel, the history of fashion & sculpture, our silhouettes stand out from the crowd. An American brand that merges the beauty of our pst, diverse culture & need for self expression. 

coldmethod81 Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight


Cold Method

COLD METHOD is a 6-year-old brand that’s been making major waves in Europe, the brand already has 350 points of sale in 9 countries.  “To offer affordable luxury to a broad audience of men worldwide. By creating collections based on CM’s core concept of the 9 aesthetics, covering the different aspects of a man’s appearance and lifestyle”. 

dex11 Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight


D. Exterior

D. EXTERIOR is a brand of Cose di Magila s.r. The company founded in Brescia in 1986 by Nadia Zanola, has its origins back in the fifties with the first family knitting workshop. Nadia Zanola is the president and the collection designer. The company produces exclusively Made in Italy. All production research, the prototypes samples are made inside the company. Foreign distribution is handled by outside agencies with showrooms in Paris, London, Dusseldorf, Madrid, New York, Copenhagen, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

delicious1 Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight


Delicious Boutique 

Delicious Boutique and Delicious Sideshow specialize in edgy and unique mens and womens independent designer lines such as Skingraft Desings, Junker Designs, Jan Hilmer, Steam Trunk, Wild Card Leather, Five and Diamond, Heathen, Buddhaful, Shawna Hofmann, and of course their own line of Delicious Corsets! 

farah3 Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight



Farah has seen it all, from humble beginnings making chambray work shirts in 1920s Texas to producing army fatigues during World War II to achieving “it” status among London punks in the 1970s. That British-mod vibe is alive and well in Farah’s current designs. The line’s signature pants, cheeky polos and refined shirts have slim fits and clean lines. They’re clothes for mod gods, whether they’re headed to a scooter rally or another day at the office. 

lolliepop2 Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight


Lolliepop Collection 

Recycled materials, discarded garments and junked hardware are skillfully transformed into innovative and adventurous eco-friendly apparel and accessories. The manifestation of a journey through artistry, craftsmanship, hunger for social change and environmental conservation births the reconstructed luxury fashion label known as Lolliepop Collection. 

marina Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight


Marina Makaron Moscow 

Last year marina makaron moscow débuted at Philadelphia Fashion Week with a mischievous line of fine silk accessories. She kept busy during the year, flexing her muscles at Moscow Fashion Week so she could come back to conquer PFW’s heart, yet this time with a fabulous line of attire. This October, at PFW witness the release of marina makaron moscow‘s Spring/Summer 2011 collection, after which it will feature at Russian Fashion Week, VA Fashion Week… and all over the world just to come back to Philadelphia next year. 

nary Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight


Nary Manivong 

NARY MANIVONG’s design philosophy still centers on that dream woman: a self-assured, sophisticated and eclectic muse who expresses herself through clothing that flows effortlessly with the demands of her everyday life. The result: functionality, sensuality and attitude. 

neuw2 Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight



NEUW was founded by three friends with the same vision: to create a premium, independent denim brand. The concept behind the brand originate from one designers extensive vintage denim collections, which contained iconic pieces from the last 100 years of denim history. To this extensive collections the designers re-cut, added darts, repaired and added tucks to give the Neuw collection the right fit and look. This process, they coined ‘Vintage Revision. Every Neuw jean goes through the Vintage Revision process of adaptation and evolution from its original vintage state, which results in a unique and personal style. 

pamelapromofinaljpg1 Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight


“Wear your life brilliantly.” 


Strangefruit is a fashion-forward line of products providing a modern twist to historical fashion. A strangefruit woman is exactly that, Strange! She follows her own rules and strums to the beat of her own drummer. She is a leader, an educator, an entrepreneur, an independent spirit, and/or just someone who dares to be different than the rest. Strangefruit clothes are versatile and timeless that will never go out of style where you instantly become afashion icon. You will know for certain as you are on the go grabbing your morning coffee at your local cafe heading to work or a meeting, when someone tells you how much they love what you are wearing and asks where did you get it! It happens to me all the time whenever I wear one of my pieces which is how I started this collection.

wesc8 Philadelphia Fashion Week: Designers Spotlight



(WE ARE THE SUPERLATIVE CONSPIRACY) is a Swedish clothing brand, focusing mainly on skateboarding/street style clothing. Founded in 1999, it has quickly become one of Sweden’s most popular brands, within Sweden as well as internationally. There is only one way to pronounce WeSC, WI:, ES, SI
The name WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy symbolizes what WeSC as a brand and company represents: a group and family of good, competent people working toward the same ideal. Offering men’s, women’s and kid’s, including a full range of collection pieces, accessories, premium denim and headphones, WeSC is a recognized leader in street-fashion. Today it is available in more than 20 countries.

For a complete guide to Philadelphia Fashion Week 2010, click here.

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