CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) — The first signs of the holidays at Cherry Hill Mall are the “Now Hiring” posters, as retailers bring in more help for the seasonal rush. But stores banking on a busy season are not ready to hire too much help.

“They called me for an interview a week after I filled out the application,” said Josh Askew, a senior at Rutgers-Camden.

Askew is one of the lucky ones. He got a part time job offer at Target, at a time when part time work is becoming as hard to find as full time.

“A big relief,” said Askew. “I have the opportunity to stay on board with the team if I do good as seasonal.”

Recruiting experts forecast retailers will add about 600,000 jobs this holiday season. While that is a slight improvement, last year was one of worst hiring seasons in more than a decade. And experts warn many of those jobs are fill-ins for full-time layoffs.

“The job market is tough, but we are seeing a change,” said recruiting specialist Jennifer McFadden, with PROTOCALL Staffing.

McFadden said job hunting can be a numbers game. Get out enough resumes, and you will likely find a job. But it takes time and patience.

“Get your resume out there,” said McFadden. “Keep pounding the pavement. The jobs are starting to open. Just make sure your resume is professional and prepared.”

Many of the students at the Rutgers-Camden job fair on Wednesday have already graduated, but they are still looking for work. Allyson Hafner is thankful for the work she has.

“I am very grateful that I do have a part-time job right now since a lot of people can’t even get that sometimes,” said Hafner.

As retailers look for a holiday sales boost, everyone in the job hunt hopes for a boost in holiday hiring.

Reported By: CBS 3’s Oren Liebermann

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