Governor Rendell said he’ll review a proposal by the auditor general to impose a moratorium on new charter and cyber charter schools in Pennsylvania.

The auditor general said there should be no more charter or cyber-charter schools until the legislature addressed what he believes is an inequitable formula for funding those schools.

Governor Rendell said he’ll take any recommendation from auditor general Jack Wagner seriously, but hinted that he’d be disinclined to support a flat-out moratorium:

“There’s no doubt that some charter schools have been a disaster, have not worked, have cost the district money. But some have produced better results for our students within the framework of the public school system. And I don’t think that’s something we can turn our back on.”

The auditor general said based on state law, school districts paid different tuition rates for students attending the same charter school.

Reported by KYW Newsradio’s Tony Romeo

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