HARRISBURG (CBS) – The Pennsylvania House is poised to vote on a bill that would expand the legal protections for people who use deadly force when confronting an intruder to their homes or vehicles.

In setting up a vote on expansion of the so-called “Castle Doctrine,” the House on Monday overwhelmingly voted in favor of a parliamentary procedure that thwarted an effort to amend the bill with gun-control provisions, including a measure that would prohibit someone from carrying a gun with an out-of-state permit, if that person has been denied a permit in Pennsylvania.

Republican Sam Smith, the House minority leader, says supporters of the Castle Doctrine wanted a clear vote on the issue:

“The Castle Doctrine idea isn’t really a pro-gun bill, it’s a bill that has to do with people feeling secure and safe in their homes, regardless of how they defend themselves. And many of the amendments on both sides of the aisle got into a separate subject matter.”

If the House passes the bill,  it is unclear whether it will get a vote before the Senate’s legislative session ends next week.

Reported By Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio

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