Police Seek ‘Possibly Pregnant’ Suspect In Deadly Attack Outside Temple ER

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Homicide detectives say they’re looking for a woman who robbed a 60-year-old man near Temple University Hospital Monday night. The victim later died.

Investigators say the man was attacked as he was walking along the 1300 block of Tioga Street.

Surveillance video shows a woman, who appeared to be pregnant, or with a protruding belly, approach the man, knock him down and steal his wallet.

The victim was later taken to Temple’s Emergency Room where he was pronounced dead about an hour later. There was no word yet on the cause of death, but chief inspector Scott Small says the man may have hit his head after to the falling to the ground.

Investigators say they have gotten a good look at the suspect. She’s described as a dark-skinned woman wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and pants and she may be pregnant. The suspect was not alone. She was accompanied by a man, but he did not get involved in the attack.

Reported By Paul Kurtz, KYW Newsradio and Dray Clark, CBS 3

  • http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2010/10/07/murder-outside-temple-hospital-wasnt-say-philly-police/ “Murder” Outside Temple Hospital Wasn’t, Say Philly Police « CBS Philly – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of Philadelphia

    […] Police initally believed a pregant woman had robbed a 60-year-old man, who died soon thereafter when his head hit the pavement (see previous story). […]

  • rascalflattsgirl

    A true idiot!!!! Blame the President for all of our woes…. So you must really hate Bush!

  • jane doe

    I think some one like this should go straight to jail…an the person with the democrat comment is der da der like serious an old man if you need money get a life starting with a job I hope she isn’t pregnant what kind of life will that child have one he/she has to steal to make it thru. I hope it eats at her everyday an she gets cought. That poor old man was some ones child father grandfather an husband. That is terible I’m going on 19 an I have never stold a day in my life I have had a job sence 13 weather it was lawn care or cleaning toilets I learned to earn what I have….this lady is a straight up scrubbbbb

  • Bob BoDean

    Probably an Obama supporter and a true democrat. All she was doing was redistributing the wealth. Just like the democrats preach.

    • sissy

      Why do you show your ignorance by bringing Obama up every time there is a negative news story. Some of you need to grow up.




    • Zulma

      Hello Mr. Hoover: After reading your statement I felt compelled to inform you that my accusation is FACT. I was the person/employee arrested by Temple Police while defending my self from a Drug user and his wife; my daughter watched in horror while these people beat on me. When Sgt. Torres came out of our Head Quarters Mr. Juan Seda was pulling on my hair instead of Sgt. Torres Arresting him for clearly assaulting me he just began to have a conversation with him. Sgt. Torres than LIED to the Department Head that he had given me a Direct Order to Stand Down which he NEVER gave such order. What Temple Police than did was to Terminate me and also one of my Best Friend whom came to the location to check on my well being. After almost 1 yr of his Termination he was able to Win his Hearing with back pay. Temple Police Dept. will only assign 4 Police Officer during the week and 3 Police Officers on weekends and on Evening Shifts. All this is done while the so called UNION allows Management to whatever they want. When a Union Member goes to the Union their reply is “MANAGEMENT HAS THE RIGHT”. What is the point of paying Union Dues if the Union is selling Union Members out to Management. I even went a far as contacting the President of the University with this matter and Mrs. P. Weaver never replied nor made any contact with me. My only hope is that the News Media does contact me so that I may given them all the proof they need to verify how CORRUPT TEMPLE POLICE DEPARTMENT IS.

  • Zulma

    This Story is sad, but now Temple Police Dept. will expect their 4 police officer to start making Illegal Ped Stops. What the Media doesn’t know is how Temple Police Dept. only has 4 Police Officers # 1 (Vehicle 274 #2 – Zone 13 (which is on foot patrol) #3 Zone 15 (Which he is stationed at the ER and #4 Zone 16. How can Medical Staff believe they are Safe if Temple Police has continued to hide this fact. Temple Police Head of the Dept. has connections with the media and everything is kept a secret. Temple Police is a corrupt Department who the News Media need to investigate and find that this message is stating in a fact. They can Arrest one of their own for defending themselves while being assaulted by two people, and Fired that employee while the other person whom was also an employee was never fired from his job.

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