Children Find Body In Feltonville

Police are investigating the discovery of a man’s body in a Philadelphia park Saturday.

Authorities say a group of children found the body near Whitaker Avenue and Louden Street in Feltonville.

Police say it appears the man had been shot several times.

His identity has not been released.

The incident remains under investigation.

  • wilson

    Really???? These are the comments being left behind? A Young Man has DIED – someone’s SON and this is what you’re talking about? This is a “blip” story when it should be a “headline”. What is happening? Do they have any clues as to who did it and is their arrest underway? Come on people!

  • proofreadingisimportant especially when you're a reporter

    All that I can think of is that they meant to say “group” of children. You shouldn’t be the one who feels stupid. It’s a shame that such a significant typo took the focus off of this story.

    It really is a shame that a “GROUP” of shildren had to witness such a horrifying discovery.

    • ZZBAR

      Shame that a “GROUP” of “shildren” had to witness. I feel stupid right now, but what are “shildren”?

  • June

    What is a “ground of children?” I feel stupid right now, because I don’t know.

    How awful that children had to see this, they’ll be traumatized for life now. I can’t imagine finding a dead body as a child.

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